Gorilla Scheduling Software vs StudioBinder


Gorilla Scheduling Software vs StudioBinder

A powerful alternative to Gorilla Software. Learn how StudioBinder is the best film production software in the industry.

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StudioBinder is easier than Gorilla Software.

Tired of having to struggle your way through clunky designs and convoluted menus? Why does a simple action require 9 clicks in Gorilla Scheduling?

With StudioBinder, the experience is streamlined, modern and intuitive. No training required.

You’ll also get more features than Gorilla Scheduling to better manage productions — contact management, stripboards, shooting schedules, breakdown sheets, call sheets, file sharing, all without having to navigate a maze of features you don’t need.

Actually saves time as you use it.

StudioBinder’s intuitive film producing software not only requires less training to get started. It also means you can get the job done faster and wrap earlier every day.

When film production software is complicated, it adds hours of wasted time to ramp up and use. Multiply that by multiple team members…that’s a lot of lost productivity.


“StudioBinder is an invaluable tool for our production workflow. The sleek design and smart features like call sheet tracking bring organization, efficiency and automation to our shoots, and greatly increases our productivity.”
Trevor Fernando, BuzzFeed


Faster to Get Started

Importing a script into Gorilla Software is a surprisngly slow process. It could take minutes to import a script and parse its data.

It shouldn’t.

This indicates serious performance concerns under the hood.

Importing and parsing a 200 scene Final Draft script into StudioBinder takes literally 1 second.

Don’t believe us? Watch our benchmark comparison video below:

Get more done, in less time.

Gorilla Software is built on the FileMaker platform, which was created in the 1980’s for non-engineers to build basic CRM and inventory apps.

StudioBinder is a custom solution built using the same technologies used by Google. As a result, pages and features load fast; near instantaneous.

Faster load times not only indicate better engineering. It saves the aggravation of waiting around, 200 times a day, for things to load.

It quickly adds up to minutes a day, hours a month. 

Is that a productive use of company time? Literally waiting around hours a month?

You’re paying for the wait time.


Get more done by working as a team, all in sync.

With StudioBinder, you can easily invite team members to help you manage your projects. It doesn’t matter if they’re in-house or remote, they can get started in seconds.

Unlike desktop film production software like Gorilla Scheduling, StudioBinder is a cloud solution.

This means zero software installation.

No 500mb+ downloads. No Java runtime updates.

No hardware or software incompatibilities.

Everything stays in sync. It just works.

Share pages with clients and collaborators.

Another benefit of cloud-based film production software: you can share isolated pages with collaborators for comments and feedback.

A “collaborator” can be a client, executive, crew member, anyone.

Share shooting schedules, breakdowns, prelim call sheets, contact details and more.

Because Gorilla Scheduling is requires software installs (and you have to purchase licenses for additional installs), it’s not possible to provide limited access to clients and crew who just need to see isolated pages.

We don’t think collaboration should be punished. Share pages with as many collaborators as you like, your price will stay the same.

Commenting with tasks

The comments your team members or collaborators post can easily be turned into to-do tasks – no more copying and pasting from various email chains or spreadsheets.

Feedback fluidly becomes actionable tasks that team members can complete.

StudioBinder Emblem

Interested? Get started for free.

Join 20,000 production companies and video agencies that are optimizing their production workflows.


Multiple solutions under one roof.

StudioBinder is a full suite solution that seamlessly transitions from:

…development contact management…

…to pre-production scheduling…

…to production call sheets…

…to post-production file sharing and document management.

Tightly integrated for efficiency.

Gorilla Scheduling is focused solely on the film scheduling, and requires additional Gorilla software installations. For example, if you want to transition from Gorilla Scheduling to their call sheet solution, Koala Call Sheets, you must buy a license, download and install the new software, and then play the export/import game.

Since StudioBinder is all-one-solution cloud solution, all of our functionality seamlessly weaves together.

For example, if you want to create a call sheet with the scenes in your shooting schedule, just go to your Stripboard page and click one button.

After that all the data will be automatically added to a new call sheet.  No fuss.


Gorilla Software is more expensive.

Paying up front for expensive scheduling software is a dated notion, especially if you find yourself unhappy with the solution.

StudioBinder offers a “free forever” plan so you can test drive most of its functionality.

Like what you see? It’s a few clicks to upgrade and unlock its full functionality.

Pay monthly. Upgrade or downgrade as you like.

Save more by going annual.

StudioBinder offers an annual pricing plan in case you’d like to pay once every 12 months.

Pay for the whole year and get a discounted rate!

How about another perk for going annual?

Like any company, our pricing may change as StudioBinder’s featureset evolves. When you purchase an annual plan, you’ll be locking in your current discounted rate for next 12 months.


Flexible pricing that doesn’t penalize you.

Does StudioBinder integrate with any other products?

Yes! StudioBinder allows you to import scripts from Final Draft.

Is there a software install?

No, StudioBinder is a modern, fully cloud-based solution! This allows you to access your data from anywhere and invite team members without installing cumbersome desktop software.

How does your pricing work?

StudioBinder’s pricing is based on features and how many team members you invite.  We offer monthly and (discounted) annual plans.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not at this point as heavy typing is not ideal on mobile devices. However many of our shared pages are mobile-responsive which means recipients of call sheets and certain shared pages will see a page that displays nicely on mobile devices.

Does StudioBinder have localization?

Yes! StudioBinder automatically detects user IPs and supports celsius, 24-hour clocks, and international phone numbers.


Why StudioBinder is the best Gorilla Software alternative.

The short version? StudioBinder is better for companies looking for a more collaborative, all-in-one solution. Gorilla Scheduling is better if you want a more siloed desktop solution.


StudioBinder is best if…

  • Collaboration with your team, crew & clients is important
  • Ramp up time, elegant design, and ease-of-use is a priority
  • You’re looking for “A-to-Z” film production software


Gorilla Software may be a better choice when…

  • You just want to install software on a desktop to be seen by 1 user
  • Offline usage is more important than a collaborative cloud solution
  • Change is scary.

Trusted by the Best

CBS Interactive Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
BuzzFeed Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
Lionsgate Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
We Are Famous Agency Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
Shopify Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
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Jupiter Entertainment Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
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ClearHead Agency Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
Swift Agency Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
Legendary Pictures Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
AwesomenessTV Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software

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Import scripts and reorder scenes to make a schedule. Add day breaks to mark shoot days. Spin-off call sheets when you're done.

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