Save Time by Duplicating Projects & Call Sheets


If your project or call sheet details don’t change often, you’ll love this. You can now duplicate Projects and Call Sheets…with just 2 clicks.


Duplicating Projects

Useful when working with the same cast/crew often.

Duplicating a project is handy if you shoot different projects regularly with the same cast/crew and don’t want to go through the process of manually adding the same people from scratch.

(Just note that we don’t copy old call sheets; just your contacts)

How to Duplicate a Project

Head over to your Projects page, hover over an existing project, and click on the “Duplicate Project” icon. A pop-up will provide you with options to rename the project, upload a new image, and toggle whether you want to notify your cast & crew.

Click “Duplicate” and that’s it!

Duplicate Project Studio Binder

Duplicating Call Sheets

Useful when your call sheet details don’t change much day-to-day.

If you’re shooting in the same location (say a sound stage for example), and your call sheet details stay relatively the same, then duplicating a call sheet can save you the time of creating a new call sheet from scratch every day.

Duplicate Call Sheet Easy Studio Binder

How to Duplicate a Call Sheet

Duplicating a call sheet is just as simple as duplicating a project.

Just go to your Call Sheets page, click the 3 dots on the righthand side of the grid, and select “Duplicate Call Sheet.” We’ll create a draft for you so you can edit any details (if you want to), and send at will. :)


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