The Best Alternative to Shot Lister Pro

Looking for a Shot Lister Pro alternative? StudioBinder provides a film production project management solution for agencies, indies, and studios. Read the full Shot Lister Pro review and comparison below.

Shot Lister Pro App versus StudioBinder Free Shot List Software for Filmmakers

Different Approaches

Shot Lister Pro is shot lists. StudioBinder is mission control.

Shot Lister Pro is a shot list creator that allows users to create shot lists and a daily shot schedule to share with their crew on a mobile platform.

It’s a text-based tool that puts your spreadsheet in everyone’s hand.

Shot Lister Pro’s shot list software has similarities to ours, but it does not provide the same A-to-Z functionality that links your tasks, calendars, contact messaging, and other project management to improve collaboration across teams.   

This modern approach is what defines us here at StudioBinder.

This is all to say:

Shot Lister Pro is shot listing software.

StudioBinder is mission control for production teams.

StudioBinder Film Production Scheduling Software - Team Collaboration


StudioBinder is more intuitive

StudioBinder is known for its modern, intuitive design.

Everything is where you'd expect it to be. No special training is required to get started.

You’ll get more shot listing features than Shot Lister Pro along with essential video production management tools that sync with your shot lists. 

Fewer clicks. Quicker results.

Better experience.


Lasting Collaboration

Shot Lister Pro has some collaborative features, but the true value of a shot lister pro is being able to put your shot list in your crew’s hands.

It’s a nice feature, but their online collaborative experience and features are still limited when compared to StudioBinder.

We give you the tools to view, comment, and approve shot lists and storyboards with image upload capabilities, all of which are saved securely on the cloud.

You can create view-only share links, leave comments, tasks, and even invite collaborators. You get the same collaborative advantage provided to you by Shot Lister Pro, but with more features and images for extra clarity.


Greater Functionality

Shot Lister Pro gives you the ability to change shot specs and link shots to each other so that you can build an effective schedule for your days on set.

We take it a step further by helping you create camera setups, group shots, schedule them out on the day, and even add estimated prep and shoot times. You can now build your shots, shot by shot, without any additional effort.

Your daily shooting schedule is also part of a larger scene based shooting schedule for your entire production, both linked to your production calendar. 

StudioBinder is a professional tool for digital agencies, filmmakers, and content creators who want their shot lists & storyboards to reflect their vision.

Shot Listing SOFTWARE

Better User Experience

Shot Lister Pro has a nice interface, but they leave a lot of valuable visualization tools out of their software. Images are not part of the equation, which means you can’t change your aspect ratio, nor can you change to shot lists.  

StudioBinder lets you quickly change your shot list into a shot lists, and use the presentation mode to create a slideshow to send to clients or review your shots on an image to image basis. Our shot list feature allows you to import and view scripts, and then preview that script while you visualize your scenes. 

StudioBinder’s interface is clean and intuitive, and our software is cloud-based, which means you can securely access your screenplay and other features anywhere in the world. Best part is that you can quickly share your vision with clients, producers, and your team.

Shot Listing Software

Pre-Production Tools

Shot lists are just one piece in a complicated puzzle. Our shot lists & storyboards are connected to every other feature in StudioBinder like scripts, breakdowns, production reports, shooting schedules, contact lists, calendars, and more.

StudioBinder shot lists are auto-integrated with each and every one of these features which means you’ll only have to input data once.

Feature by Feature

Shot List Features


Shot Lister Pro

Shot List Creator

Frame Description

Custom Numbering

Custom Specs

Group Shots

Camera Setups

Share Shot List

Upload Images

Image Presentation Mode

Storyboard Mode

Variable Aspect Ratios

Shot List Comments

Shot List Tasks

Import & View Script

Pre-Production Tools

Interface Comparison

Shot Lister Pro vs StudioBinder - Free Shot List Software Presentation Mode
StudioBinder Free Shot List Software and Creator - Storyboard Template - Presentation Slideshow Mode
Shot Lister Pro versus StudioBinder - Free Shot List Software Dashboard
StudioBinder Free Shot List Software - How to Make a Shot List - New Shot List

Interactive Demo

Wonder Woman Shot List Example in StudioBinder

Call Sheet Creator

Industry standard call sheets, only with StudioBinder

Shot Lister Pro does not have a call sheet feature. 

StudioBinder auto-populates call sheets with data from other pages, and you can include personalized notes and file attachments like maps in every email. Our call sheets are integrated with Google Places and DarkSky Weather APIs to automatically include Google Maplinks and up-to-date weather changes.

StudioBinder sends call sheets as emails, PDFs and text messages with one-click. Every recipient receives a personalized email digest with the information that pertains to them like call time, parking details, map links to the location, and a "Confirm" button to RSVP so that no one is left behind on your production. 

StudioBinder tracks the delivery status, view counts, and RSVPs of every call sheet that is sent to a specific recipient. Notice someone didn't open their call sheet? No problem, you know exactly why, and can swiftly resolve and resend.

Interactive Demo

"Feature Film" Call Sheet Template

"Photoshoot" Call Sheet Template

Track Delivery Status

Don't Stay in the Dark.
Track Your Call Sheet Delivery.

Call Sheet Confirmation and Distro Sheet - Track Call Sheet Distribution with StudioBinder

The call sheet solution saves our team a lot of time. We had issues with freelancers using different operating systems with our previously used templates. This makes everything easy for the crew."

Amy Skerkoski, Production Lead at Spotify

Screenwriting software

Free screenwriting software, only with StudioBinder

Shot Lister Pro does not offer FREE screenwriting software like StudioBinder.

Our screenwriting software is completely free to anyone, and there are zero limitations on page count or number of scripts, and your screenplays will never have a disruptive watermark to act as a blot on your screenplay.

Create view-only share links, or add comments and task lists for the ultimate collaborative screenwriting experience. You'll have professionally formatted screenplays on a clean and intuitive interface without spending a dime.

Create multiple versions to keep track of your progress and revert back to any version whenever you like. Then use the rest of StudioBinder's highly integrated production tools to build your production with your team. 

Interactive Demo

Touring Man Screenplay in StudioBinder

Script Breakdowns

Script Breakdowns, only with StudioBinder

Shot Lister Pro does not have a script breakdown feature.

StudioBinder script breakdowns are the quickest and most accurate way to identify all the requirements for your projects. Import any script file type and then breakdown your script with options to tag all mentions, merge elements, or create variants for greater detail when labeling elements. 

Our interface is easy to read and navigate. You're able to embed images, videos, or scene notes to each individual scene. Add comments and tasks.

StudioBinder script breakdowns are highly predictive which means you can avoid unnecessary redundancies. Every piece of data you input into your script breakdown will auto-populate across the rest of your features, and stellar production reports are generated with various view and filter options so that you can see what you need for the day... or the entire shoot.  

Interactive Demo


Film Scheduling, only with StudioBinder

Shot Lister Pro does not have a scheduling feature.

StudioBinder shooting schedules allow you to reorder strips based on multiple criteria like time, setting, and cast. You can assign a physical location, add daybreaks manually or based on a set of customizable criteria. Add note banners, camera and lighting setup banners, and renumber scenes.

​Our stripboards have a script preview window which allow you to read the corresponding scene for each strip, and you can alter your script directly from your stripboard if necessary. Every addition or change you make will populate across all of your other StudioBinder features. 

Our shooting schedule feature are made up of easy to understand, industry standard color strips for each scene. Comments and tasks are a breeze to read and you can quickly analyze your schedule with cast numbers, page counts, or change the specifications to your preferred view type. 

Interactive Demo


Production Calendar, only with StudioBinder

Shot Lister Pro does not have a production calendar feature. 

StudioBinder production calendars provide a workflow tab to track and sort all of your events. We also give you the option to assign dependencies that inform each task's order of operations. 

You can quickly create templates, change the layout of your page, and build a Gantt chart for your entire production company. Leave comments, create tasks, attach media files, or assign team members to your events

Interactive Demo

Touring Man Production Calendar | Made in StudioBinder

Contact Management

Contacts, only with StudioBinder

Shot Lister Pro has no a contact management feature. This means you'll need a separate application to organize contacts like talent, crew, clients, extras, etc.

StudioBinder provides a master contact book where details are stored securely. Easily reassign existing contacts to new projects with just a few clicks.

Also, StudioBinder's integrated messaging system helps you send styled production updates that feature your production or company letterhead. 

File Management

File sharing, only on StudioBinder

StudioBinder offers a robust media library and file storage feature.

Securely upload and preview deal memos, financial documents, permits, invoices, headshots, etc. View, crop, and rotate files all within StudioBinder.

You can also invite your team to shared folders, where they can add and edit files together. Use comments to gather feedback right next to specific files.

A major part of production is document and media management.

Something you only get with StudioBinder.

Tasks and Calendars

Collaborate in context.

StudioBinder and Shot Lister Pro both have collaborative features...

However, only StudioBinder provides a sidebar on every page to create tasks in context.

We think it's more valuable for team members to see (and check off ) tasks while on the relevant page (e.g. call sheet, stripboard, breakdown, etc.).

StudioBinder aggregates all of the open tasks in a unified, kanban-style task board (similar to Trello or Asana) where every customizable column represents the stage or status of the card.

StudioBinder Free Collaboration Tools

Monthly & Annual Plans

Flexible Pricing

StudioBinder's screenwriting software is completely free, and for the rest of our features we offer an annual pricing plan in case you’d like to pay once every twelve months. Pay for the whole year and get a discounted rate.

How about another perk for going annual?

Like any company, our pricing may change as StudioBinder’s feature set evolves and improves. When you purchase an annual plan, you’ll be locking in your current discounted rate for the next 12 months.

the Bottomline

Why is StudioBinder better than Shot Lister Pro?

The short version?

StudioBinder is better for filmmakers who want to build professional shot lists that understand the filmmakers approach, and give the tools for you and your team to collaborate along the way. 

You’ll have status tracking. Stress free call sheets, better task workflows, project management, total integration, all built to emphasize your team’s creativity.


StudioBinder is best if…

  • You want shot lists and storyboards that give you the greatest amount of clarity toward your visual goals. 
  • You want long lasting collaborative features like tasks and calendars
  • You need a holistic production planning experience

Shot Lister Pro may be a better choice when…

  • You want only storyboarding software
  • You don't want to  access your account from anywhere
  • You need a vast library of clip art to help you visualize your ideas


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