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StudioBinder Shot List Template and Storyboard Template - Shot List Software


Visualize your shot lists and storyboards

Easily swap from shotlists to storyboards view with a simple click. Customize  aspect ratios and add your own images. The way you approach pre-production has never been so thorough.

Now you can visualize your entire project before you even scout locations or finalize your shooting schedule.


Make it your own

A shot list is a strategic document that lists all the shots to be shot in a specific shoot day. It's a way for the director to clearly communicate the vision of the film, TV series, photography shoot or commercial with the DP and 1st AD.

Our revolutionized way of shotlisting and storyboarding allows you to customize your layout to perfectly fit your needs.

Filter columns, upload images, change aspect ratios, add notes, color-code each shot. It's your production, let's make it look that way. 


Speed + power = more time for what matters

Our shotlist and story board feature utilizes quick hotkeys to add, edit or duplicate new shots on the fly with a seamless user experience as you work scene-by-scene from your stripboard. 

No more losing notes with new pages. No more illegible scribbles in the margins.

Never miss a beat and spend more time on what really matters - creating


See it in action

Take a tour of StudioBinder's shot list software.
Explore a sample shotlist and story board below.

Shot List View

Storyboard View

"StudioBinder places many of the tools you would need when managing a video production into one central place without the need of creating multiple excel, PDF & doc files. Information can be quickly updated, distributed & viewed minimizing any miscommunications."

Editor, NewsShooter


Work better, together

Productions change at the speed of light. Don't let the process affect the outcome. Keep everyone on the same page, shooting the same project by sharing and collaborating shot lists and storyboards with crew members. 

Quickly update with the latest changes from script revisions or production meetings. 

Invite teammates and your DP to collaborate in-app to create or comment on the shot list together.  We've seamlessly integrated project management features so it's easier than ever to assign tasks, upload images, add comments, and get things done.


Easily chart and visualize progress

Stay ahead of your day by keeping track of completed shots on set, all within the app. Easily check off what you've done so you can visualize what you have left and what you need to do to make the day.

Click to add checkboxes to your shot list before you print. Or mark off shots after the shoot. Whatever your process is, missing shots on set won't be part of it anymore.


Plan for success, one scene at a time

If you import a script, we auto-generate shot lists for every scene. 

We let you preview the script, one scene at a time, while you plan out your shot list or storyboard. 

Don't walk off set wishing you could've gotten that dolly and don't kick yourself in post for not getting enough coverage. We give you all the tools you need to call wrap knowing you have all the footage you need. 


Customize aspect ratios

Gain more accurate insight into the shoot you're planning by choosing from an extensive list of aspect ratios and columns to make a storyboard that's tailored to your needs.

Whether you're shooting in anamorphic or a gritty, old-school, 4:3, you'll know what you're setting yourself up for before the first call sheet goes out.

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