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StudioBinder’s AV script feature has everything a creative needs to plan and collaborate. Whether you’re making a music video or documentary, pitching a commercial, writing a video essay, or developing a marketing campaign, the right AV script software will set your work apart. 

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av script segments

AV Script Structure

Break your script into segments

Keep your script organized. Segments are a great way to divide major sections; banners can give more context or details, and rows can be added or rearranged as needed. 

av script track word count

TIming & Length

Track word count & runtime

Videos, commercials, trailers — these all have strict time constraints that can be hard to estimate. Track your word counts and runtimes to get precise lengths down to the second.

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Add Images

Enhance the visuals

Enhance your AV descriptions with images. Pull images or storyboards from your project library, or use your webcam to snap quick references and edit all of them with a full suite of tools.

av script color track status

AV Script Colors

Track status with colors

For quick and visual feedback, each line in your script can be marked with a color to indicate its status (approved, rewrite, hold, etc.) or to denote anything your specific project needs. 

Layout Customization

Customize as you go

The script layout can be as comprehensive or simplified as you want. Your editor might want all the technical details, but you can hide those columns so your VO artist can focus on the text. Make the layout work for you.

av script customization layout
av script share layout

AV Script Collaboration

Share & collaborate

AV scripting is a team effort! Share your script with anyone using a “view-only” link or have collaborators give you feedback. Comments are tied to individual rows and can be marked as completed when done. 


Save your work as a template

After you've completed your hard work, create a template to reuse on future projects. You can also duplicate your scripts into different versions without losing or rewriting previous work.

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Explore Features

More AV script features

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Import Scripts

Import existing scripts in file types such as Final Draft, Fountain, PDF, etc.

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Title Page

Generate a title page for your script that exports with your PDFs.

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Autosave Settings

Select the frequency of autosaves between 20 seconds and 10 minutes.

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A notepad and checklist for all your inspirations, ideas, and reminders.

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Generate PDF

Export PDFs with custom settings like layout, color, scenes, and more.

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Export SBX

Create a SBX file for additional backup and security.

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Header & Footer

Add a custom header and/or footer to your exported script PDF.

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Add watermarks to your exported script PDF for extra security.

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Renumber Scenes

For a clean slate after a number of revisions, reset scene numbers.

AV Script Demo

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Take a tour of StudioBinder’s AV scriptwriting software. Explore a sample AV script below.


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