10 Most Unique Filming Locations in LA - Featured Image

The 10 Most Unique Movie Filming Locations in Los Angeles

Сhoosing the right location for your shoot can make or break your film and have a meaningful impact on the tone of the finished work. Unfortunately, finding the right location within your budget can be a real challenge in Los Angeles. We took a look at their locations in Los Angeles and found the 10 most unique locations that you can rent right now. Hint: You might recognize #1 from a popular superhero movie. (more…)

How to Manage Shooting Locations in Studiobinder - Featured

How to Manage Shooting Locations in StudioBinder

INT. BATHROOM, EXT. SANTA MONICA PIER, EXT. NEW YORK STREET. What do all of these have in common? Well, first ...

What is a Best Boy in Film Job Description and Duties Explained - Featured

What is a Best Boy in Film? Job Description and Duties Explained

How many times have you watched a movie’s end credits and asked “What’s a Best Boy?” Among the many credited film crew members on a production, the Best Boy title might be one of the most curious, simply because the title indicates so little. You probably have questions like “What is a Best Boy?” and “What does a Best Boy do?” And luckily, we have answers. (more…)

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Kairos Definition and Meaning: Kairos Rhetoric Explained

HomeEthosPathoslogosTelosKairos Want to make more persuasive videos? Whether you’re producing a commercial, launching a campaign, or developing content strategy, you need to know how to win over your audience. How? It all comes down to timing. One of today’s most relevant "advanced techniques" is the concept of kairos, or acting at the opportune moment. In this post, we’ll give you a kairos definition, useful kairos examples, and a firm grasp of lofty concepts. Get ready to hone your timing to make stronger advertising videos. (more…)

What is a Gaffer - Definition and Job Description Explained - Featured

What is a Gaffer? Definition and Job Description Explained

A lot of job titles on a film set come from other industries or traditions, and Gaffer is one of them. The Gaffer is an indispensable part of any production but what is a Gaffer? In this post we’re going to break it all down for you. We’ll talk about where the name comes from, what a Gaffer actually does on set, and how you can take on the role yourself. (more…)

How to Make a Storyboard for Film and Video - StudioBinder

What are Story Days and How They Work in a Script Breakdown

Time equals change, and unless your entire script takes place over a single day or in some alternate universe where time doesn’t exist, you’re going to have multiple days, months, or even years to account for. Storylines are not always written in chronological order, and rarely are they shot in order. So how are you supposed to keep track of all of this? Story days. By marking story days throughout the script, you have a quick reference of when you are in the story. Follow along as we go step-by-step on how to mark story days in your script. (more…)

Highest Grossing Movies of All Time - What Makes a Blockbuster - Featured

Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time: What Makes a Blockbuster?

When audiences saw James Cameron’s Titanic for the first time in 1997, they were awed by a scale of filmmaking that the world had rarely, if at all, seen before. More recently, blockbuster movies are almost expected to match this type of scale — some have exceeded it. So, what are the highest-grossing movies of all time? Although this list does not adjust for inflation, it is apparent that franchise movies have reached an all-time peak (one-third of this list comes from the MCU). That being said, we will be updating the list every time there is a position change ...

What is a Line Producer - Line Producer Job Duties and Salary - Ultimate Guide - StudioBinder

What is a Line Producer: Ultimate Guide to Duties, Salary and More

What is a line producer? What do they do? Great question. And not uncommon, even for people well-versed in film. The role of the line producer, like many inner-workings of the entertainment industry, is shrouded in secrecy. We’ve got the “ins,” we’ve done the research, and right now we’re going to give you the ultimate answer to the question, “What does a line producer do?” We’ll also discuss line producer salary, how to become a line producer and everything you’ll need to get the job done. (more…)

How to Make a Web Series in 4 Steps - Featured

How to Make a Web Series: A Filmmaker’s Guide in 4 Steps

Broad City. Burning Love. Childrens Hospital. Before these shows made it onto TV, they began as web series. Making your own series to publish online is a great way to get your voice out there. You can make precisely the show you want without network interference, and you may even end up getting more work out of it. It’s no wonder why so many filmmakers want to learn how to make a web series. In this blog, we’ll break down the four major steps to make your own web series. Of course, each step is easier said than done. It ...

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How to Brainstorm an Idea in StudioBinder

Every story ever created started with one thing: an idea. Now, how that idea is developed and brought to life changes from person to person because everyone’s “process” is different. So, why am I telling you this? Well, the hope is that by showing you one of my processes and how StudioBinder’s project features fit into that process, you can then in turn customize your project to fit your process. Come along as I develop an idea for a script using project features. (more…)

What Is a Showrunner - A Deep Dive Into Writers’ Rooms - Featured

What is a Showrunner? What it Means to Literally Run the Show

Television shows have a lot of moving parts — almost every show employs numerous writers and directors. So, how do you make sure everything functions as it should while guaranteeing the overall creative vision of the series? This is the job of a showrunner — a position more like the conductor of an orchestra. We’ll break down the basic responsibilities of the role as well as what it takes to eventually become one. What is a showrunner? Let's go behind the scenes of today's biggest television and streaming shows to find the answer. (more…)

Best Filmmaking Software and Tools - Featured

82 Best Filmmaking Software and Tools (Updated 2020)

Sure, you’ve got gumption, a can-do attitude, and thick skin. But do you have the right tools to maximize your productivity? Here’s a rundown of our favorite, must-have filmmaking software, apps and gadgets for working filmmakers and producers. (more…)

How to Create a One-Liner Schedule for Any Production - Featured - StudioBinder

How to Create a One Line Schedule for Any Production

If you’ve ever been an AD on a production you know how massive a shooting schedule can become, especially on a feature. So much so, that when printing one out, you should probably add a line to your budget for paper and ink. That’s where our dear friend the one-liner comes in. Follow along for a step-by-step on how to create a one line schedule that can save you time and money on your next production. (more…)

Production Assistant Duties Handbook - Featured

Production Assistant Job Description & Duties: A Producer’s Guide

Production assistants are integral to a shoot whether it’s for a film, TV show, music video, or commercial, but it's hard to learn an entry-level job when you can't get your foot in the door. You may be looking to book your first PA gig, or you’ve already had a few production assistant jobs but you haven’t been able to get steady production work. In this post, we've created a handbook with the production assistant job description and duties, and we'll take you through everything a PA needs to know during their time on set, in the office, and in ...

Screenwriter Salary - How to Sell a Screenplay - StudioBinder

Screenwriter Salary: How Much Do Screenwriters Really Make in 2020

You've heard stories about studios paying millions of dollars for scripts. Probably prompting the deserved question, “How much do screenwriters make?” Today, we're going to take a look at the events that got the spec market to where it is today. But we've got the insider's perspective, and we've done the research. You’ll leave this article with confidence, ready to give yourself the best chance possible before you submit a script to Netflix, Paramount, or HBO. (more…)

Film Terms — The Definitive Glossary of Film Terminology - Featured

Ultimate Guide to Film Terms: The Definitive Glossary of Film Terminology

Browse Terms  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z Whether you’re working on your first or 100th film, there is always something new to learn. When you need to update your film terminology, this resource will be your best friend. We’ve included as many film terms as humanly possible all on one page, so let’s get into it. (more…)

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How to Pitch a TV Show Like a Pro [Free Pitch Template]

If you want to know how to pitch a TV show, the first thing you need to know is how to develop TV show ideas. The common assumption is that the pitch process is all about “selling it in the room.” It’s not. In the words of Sun Tzu, “every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.” You have to sell it long before you walk into that room.  Sell it first in your mind and in your preparation process. This post will ensure that you know how to pitch a TV show. (more…)

What Does an Executive Producer Do - Header

What Does an Executive Producer Do? Defining it and Prepping for it

Maybe you work in the industry, or you want to, but you’re not entirely sure how it all works. The terms “executive producer” and “producer” confuse you. You think you know, but you’re not as comfortable with who does what as you’d like to be. No worries! This post answers the question what does an executive producer do? We’ll go over the fundamentals so you can gain some confidence, and aspire to something other than some assistant on a one-time production gig.Let’s jump in. (more…)

What is Bollywood - Featured

What is Bollywood — Top Examples from India’s Movie Industry

There is no film industry in the world that is more prolific than that of the Indian cinema. Each year, upwards of a thousand films are released in India. Unlike Hollywood, Indian cinema encompasses different languages from a swath of regions, the largest of which is those of the Hindi-language from what we now refer to as “Bollywood.” But what is Bollywood? Is it just the Hindi-language sector of India’s movie industry, or is it something more? We’re going to look at the world of Indian cinema with a special focus on Bollywood, first by defining the industry, then by ...

What Does a TV Producer Do_ TV Producer Job Duties

What Does a TV Producer Do? A Brief Overview

While film producers and tv producers are very similar, there are some key differences. If you want to work in TV, you should know what they are. This article gives a brief overview this producer and answers “what does a tv producer do.” Let’s get started. (more…)