Best Alternative to Gorilla Film Production Scheduling Software

StudioBinder is the leading film production software in the industry, and a powerful alternative to Gorilla Film Production Scheduling Software (made by Jungle Software). Read our Gorilla Software review below.

StudioBinder Film Scheduling Software - Stripboarding vs Movie Magic Scheduling

different approaches

Gorilla Software is isolated data entry. StudioBinder is mission control.

The Gorilla 6 Film Production Scheduling Software is a desktop film production solution made by Jungle Software. It provides filmmakers with tools to generate production documents.

Every line of data, no matter how redundant, must be manually entered into breakdown sheets and stored offline — there is no cloud access. This means versioned PDFs are generated and manually distributed.

StudioBinder offers comparable features to Gorilla Scheduling 6 but since it is a modern, cloud-based solution, it's possible to share and collaborate on stripboards, breakdowns and reports, anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, StudioBinder is a Gorilla Software alternative with a more complete offering, extending to shot listing, storyboarding, call sheets, calendars, and more. 

Bottom Line:

Gorilla Scheduling film software is good for isolated data entry.

StudioBinder is a collaborative A-to-Z solution for production teams.

Feature by Feature

Software Features


Gorilla Scheduling Software

Import Scripts (FDX, PDFs, etc)

Script Breakdowns

Stripboard Scheduling

Reports (DOOD, etc)

Contact Management

Call Sheets (Create, Send & Track)

Shot Listing



Script Sides

Production Calendar

Secure File Sharing

Tasks & Collaboration

User Experience

StudioBinder is more robust & intuitive

StudioBinder is known for its modern, intuitive design. Everything is exactly where you'd expect it to be.

No special training is required to begin.

You get a lot of video production management features that Jungle Software's film production scheduling software simply does not provide

Fewer licenses. Quicker results.

Better experience.

StudioBinder Film Production Scheduling Software - Team Collaboration

Gorilla Scheduling Software Alternative

Film scheduling for teams

StudioBinder and the Gorilla Scheduling both offer a "Stripboard" shooting schedule builder. However, the Gorilla film production scheduling software is notoriously difficult to learn and navigate. Furthermore, none of Jungle Software's solutions (including Gorilla 6) are focused on cloud-based collaboration, and require desktop licenses for every user.

StudioBinder's film scheduling is simply easier and better for teams. It accepts Final Draft files, PDFs, Fountain formats and more. Each scene is auto-populated upon import and requires no redundant data entry.

Better Collaboration

Jungle Software's film scheduling software is offline and isolated whereas StudioBinder can be securely shared and accessed from anywhere online.

Share stripboards, get feedback and comments from your team, create tasks and mark them as completed. This alone is a major differentiator since it allows you to collaborate with a wider array of production staff to create more thorough schedules.

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Create Shooting Schedules in StudioBinder

Feature by Feature

Scheduling Features


Gorilla Scheduling Software

Script Import

Banners & DayBreaks

Estimated Times




Screenplay Sync