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Video Film and TV Production Management Software – Film Crew List Directory – StudioBinder1-min

All your production contacts in one place

StudioBinder's film, TV and video production management software organizes all of your production contacts in one easy-to-use interface — cast, crew, clients, executives, production company details, and more. Robust search makes it easy to surface production crew you need.

Film and TV Production Management Software – Film Crew Assignment – StudioBinder Film making software-min

Categorize contacts into film crew lists

For better film crew management, organize production contacts into custom lists. Make film crew lists of potential hires, cast auditions, or favorite production crew by department. Bulk assign entire lists to projects with 2 clicks.

Video Film and TV Production Management Software – Film Crew Roles – StudioBinder1-min

Quickly assign cast and crew to projects

Assign production contacts to a project's dedicated film crew list one-at-a time or bulk assign from an existing project, all at once. This is film making software that actually saves time.

Film crew management for the savvy unit production manager.



Store unlimited production contacts and assign to projects as needed.



Organize contacts into crew lists and effieicntly assign them new projects.



Print contact sheets or save as PDF files. Easily filter by role types.

Video Film and TV Production Management Software – Film Crew Roles – StudioBinder1

Smart role management

Search and filter contacts by standard film production roles and skill-sets for quicker discovery. Sometimes film roles change project to project, so it's possible to overwrite crew roles at a project level without altering their default roles.

Video Film and TV Production Management Software – Mobile Film Crew List on Phone – StudioBinder1-min

Call, text or email contacts from your phone

Need to get in touch with cast or production crew when you're on set? No need to sift through printous or complicated video production software. We optimize every call sheet's film crew list to display perfectly on phone so it's easy to email, phone or text anyone with a tap of the screen.

Video Film and TV Production Management Software – Print and Export Film Crew List – StudioBinder1-min

Print Contact Sheets for Offline Access

StudioBinder's video production software makes it easy to print film crew lists as elegant contact sheets or PDFs for offline access and sharing.


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