hen you start working on a film project, it won’t be long before talent and crew details are exchanged. You’ll want to store this information in a film crew list template so it’ll be easy to search and share this information with your team.

Production contact lists tend to be pretty simple (name, role, email, phone). But what about all the other details you’ll need to commonly keep track of for cast and crew (i.e. day rates, paperwork status, agent contact info, wardrobe sizes, etc.)? How about vendors, props, or rentals?

Whether you’re looking for a simple production contact list template, or a more in-depth booking sheet to track the finer details — we’ve got you covered. Our booking sheet comes with the following sheets:

  • Film Crew List Template (including list of film crew positions)
  • Cast List Template
  • Vendors List Template
  • Props
  • Expendables
  • Rentals

For a deeper knowledge of crew positions and roles, learn who does what on a camera crew.

1. Film Crew List template sheet 

Managing details with the Film Crew List template sheet

Film Crew List Template - StudioBinder

Managing details with the Film Crew List template sheet

The Crew tab is where you track all your potential and booked crew members. In our booking sheet, we’ve included a list of film crew positions most commonly used on productions, broken up by departments. The columns indicate useful details to collect for each entry.

Feel free to modify the project contact list template as needed. Here are some additional columns you could add:

  • Credited names
  • Allergies
  • Special requests
  • Emergency contacts


You can't manage your film crew list without carefully chosen labels. In StudioBinder's call sheet builder , input your cast and crew information only once. Depending on the role you assign, StudioBinder will automatically bucket your contacts into production departments.

Easily add custom labels like "Camera Team," "Favorites," or "Do Not Hire." Autogenerate call sheets without having to search for and re-enter contact information.

Contact list - Add to Favorites - StudioBinder

Project contact list - Add to Favorites - StudioBinder

2. Cast List Template

Managing the Cast List

Cast List Template - StudioBinder

Managing the Cast List Template

Moving on from the film crew list, the Cast List tab holds all the information related to actors, models or hosts. Again, feel free to add additional columns that fit your production needs. Here are some column ideas for talent:

  • Agent information
  • Wardrobe measurements
  • Preferred credited name
  • Preferred airport
  • IMDB links
  • Number of rehearsal days


As a ‘do it now’ business, it’s always best to get as much info as you can while you have cast or crew member’s attention (i.e. on the phone / in-person). It can sometimes be tough to get in touch again, and it’s preferable for them to be asked for details all at once versus being pinged over and over again.

3. Vendor details in one place

Add vendor columns to booking sheets

Vendor List Template - StudioBinder

Add vendor columns to booking sheets

If you work on multiple projects with different production companies or on COD accounts, sifting through paperwork for details can quickly become a time sink. Here are some additional vendor columns you may want to add to your booking sheet:

  • Rental details
  • After hours details
  • Emergency contact
  • Number of days equipment is needed
  • Map-links (for quick copy-pasting into emails / text messages)


Did you know that you can cut-and-paste directly from Google Sheets into the body of your email? It retains all the formatting, and looks great! You’ll find yourself wanting to do this when emailing details for vendor pickups for runners, sizing for talent, location scouts, and many other use cases.

4. Identify key props

Identify key props for scenes and how to source it

Film Prop List Inventory - StudioBinder

Marking the Script  and breakdown

This sheet identifies key props in scenes. We included a dropdown to identify where the props can be sourced from (i.e. borrow, purchase, rent, or create). A good time to populate this sheet is when you begin marking the script and creating the script breakdown.

Additionally, you can share this sheet with your prop master or production designer to populate it further. You can also share it with a 1st AD to input the props into their call sheet template or call sheet software like StudioBinder.

5. SHOPping list for runners

Listing expendables and crafty in one place

Expendables List Template - StudioBinder

Expendables List Template

Expendables are items that the production unit should consider bringing to set or basecamp. They range from tables, chairs, trash cans, coolers to crafty snacks. To give you a head start, we have included some of the most common expendables and quantities in this one template . Feel free to modify it as needed.

This sheet (particularly the ‘crafty’ section) can be printed to become a shopping list for runners.

Expendables and Crafty List - StudioBinder

Shopping list template for runners

6. The Rental Sheet

List out rentals by department and where/how to acquire them

Rental and Vendors List Template - StudioBinder

The Rental Sheet Template

Much like the Props and Expendables sheets, the Rentals sheet outlines the gear that should be rented for each department. Sometimes it may be more cost-effective to purchase or borrow equipment rather than rent it so we included a dropdown to identify how the item will be sourced. Some columns you may want to add:

  • Pricing
  • Vendors
  • Pickup and drop-off dates
  • Who will pick it up

7. Private information

Be careful what you share with whom

Every project is unique, but distributing private information such as home addresses, payment details, social security, Tax IDs, and other information should only be done on a need-to-know basis. This information can be leaked easily if it falls into the wrong hands.

 Always make sure that you have approval to distribute personal details from the Producer, LP, PM before doing so. Although StudioBinder auto-populates call sheets, you can easily leave off sensitive information at the click of a button.

8. StudioBinder FILm Management software

Save time by using StudioBinder

Free film management software like StudioBinder makes it easier to not only manage cast and crew contacts, but also transition into creating and sending call sheets to them.

Photo and video production management software - StudioBinder

Avoid reentering the same information, as StudioBinder automatically fills in the gaps on call sheets and shooting schedules. Track the status of your call sheets, and when someone's missing, easily find their call sheet status and contact information in one place.

Online Call Sheet Distribution Distro Sheet - Create Send and Track Call Sheets with StudioBinder

Project Contact List in StudioBinder Film/Video Production Management Software

Start Creating Your Film Crew List Now

Take your production to the next level

Looking for a film crew list template? We have two options for you! Either download the Film Crew List Template and Booking Sheet, or take your production to the next level by creating a professional crew list rolodex online using StudioBinder.

StudioBinder safely stores your film crew lists, allowing you to spin off call sheets at the click of a button. Create custom lists, sort by department, only enter data once, and we'll take care of the rest.

You can download a free project contact list template or use StudioBinder's contact management platform by clicking on the button below.

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