Storyboard That vs. StudioBinder Storyboard Creator

A powerful alternative to Storyboard That, StudioBinder’s storyboard creator is the best new film storyboarding software in the industry. Read our review on the Storyboard That storyboard maker below.

1. Ease of use


Tired of spending hours setting up restrictive templates and dragging cartoonish clipart into your storyboard maker? Maybe it’s time to choose a streamlined storyboard app that’s custom-built for video.  

Save time and capture your vision with StudioBinder’s leading storyboarding software. Easily upload eye-catching images and advance to your next production steps -- all inside one production tool.

Storyboard That is among many online storyboarding software options.  It was designed as a catch-all storyboard maker for educators, businesses and video.

But it’s really just a clunky storyboard website with superfluous, slow-loading features that detract from industry-standard storyboard tools for video, like StudioBinder. Storyboards for video just have to be clear. Thankfully, modern storyboarding softwares like StudioBinder put the focus on story.


You don’t need to be Da Vinci to know how to make a storyboard.  Clarity and simplicity should inform how to storyboard a video.  Not noise and gaudy imagery.

Storyboard That anchors down your vision with cheesy images.  Look at their many storyboard examples and you’ll see cartoon images and frames that aren’t cinema aspect ratios.

With StudioBinder’s storyboard maker, focus on the shot details that are important.  

Storyboard demo
See it in action

Take a tour of StudioBinder's shot list software. Explore a sample shot list below.

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A STREAMLINED STORYBOARD CREATOR To add & Rearrange shots as you go

Learning how to storyboard a video in Storyboard That is difficult.  There are many drop-downs, actions and restrictive cell templates to choose from.

StudioBinder’s storyboarding software employs a sleek, modern UI for easier learning and faster ramp up. With minimal training, move right into setting up your shots and images. Click one button to add a shot.

Upload your sketches or images, add details, and save. Use “Save & Add Another” to create shots rapidly. Forget separate click actions to copy and rearrange cells. 

Just duplicate shots, or drag-and-drop them on the fly, like this:

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Storyboard That Alternative - StudioBinder Storyboard Creator - Film Project Management Software
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"StudioBinder is an invaluable tool for our production workflow. The sleek design and smart features like call sheet tracking bring organization, efficiency & automation to our shoots, & increases our productivity."

Trevor Fernando, Buzzfeed

2. More collaborative

Create a Storyboard WITH Your COllaborators

StudioBinder’s storyboard maker and production toolsets are cloud-based. That means fast and easy collaboration. Invite unlimited reviewers and collaborators to review and add comments, tasks, and files. Zero desktop software is needed to install.  It’s so easy to get started, and access from anywhere, anytime.

Unlike web-based storyboard makers like Storyboard That, StudioBinder is a cloud-based solution. That means faster loading times and better collaboration.

It just works, and everyone stays in sync.

The best storyboard examples weren’t made alone.  A second pair of eyes is key in any art form. StudioBinder bridges the divide between storyboard tools and film project management.

Assign mission critical to-do tasks or solicit approvals from collaborators and team members on the quick.

“StudioBinder's storyboarding software has improved my workflow with its intuitive interface. After my sketches are complete, I just upload them and can easily share them with my director."

Elliott Thompson, Storyboard Artist

3. All-in-one film production software

storyboarding Software Connected TO YOUR PRODUCTION TOOLS

Storyboard That separates its storyboard maker from your other production tasks. What is a storyboard good for if it’s not easily shareable? StudioBinder’s storyboarding software is a custom solution for video that is fully Integrated.  This means you complete various production phases in one product. Upload industry-standard scripts in seconds and create your storyboard structure, before you draw a single frame.

Your imported script will inform all production tasks, from:

...scene breakdowns...

… to shot lists... production calendars and scheduling...

… to call sheets.

Every step of the way, you engage with your production team to reach the same goal. Share progress. Create task lists. Add deadlines. Provide feedback and comments. Cut out the lengthy email and text chains to reach your goals faster.

4. Better value

StudioBinder bundleS YOUR TOOLS TO save money

Considering video requirements, you can’t create a free storyboard in Storyboard That.  You max out at six frames (which have a large watermark over them).

StudioBinder offers a “free forever” plan so you can test drive most of its functionality.  So create a free storyboard with as many shots as you want, sans watermark.

Like what you see?  An upgrade is just a few clicks away, and unlock its full functionality.

Time is money.  Having all of your tools in one place will save lots of it.

Pay monthly. Upgrade or downgrade as you like.

Save more by going annual.

StudioBinder offers an annual pricing plan in case you’d like to pay once every 12 months.

Pay for the whole year and get a discounted rate!

How about another perk for going annual?

Like any company, our pricing may change as StudioBinder’s feature set evolves.  But when you purchase an annual plan, you’ll be locking in your current discounted rate for next 12 months.

5. Performance


Starting your storyboard in the Storyboard That storyboard creator is a slow process. In addition to loading time, you have to choose how many cells you need, and adjust your layouts manually. StudioBinder’s storyboard app is a custom solution built using the same technologies used by Google.

As a result, pages and features load fast; near instantaneously. So as soon as you’re in the storyboard software, on mac or PC, you can rapidly add your shots and images.

The time savings from faster performance quickly adds up to hours a week, days a month.

Casting Websites-browser bar-StudioBinder
Storyboard That Creator Alternative - StudioBinder Storyboard Maker - Film Project Management Software - Print View

Printing and saving a storyboard PDF or image in Storyboard That is difficult.  Too many manual inputs to finalize, workflow drop-downs, and clicks. And then it’s a separate task to share your storyboard PDF or image file.

StudioBinder offers a Print View to fully customize your display settings including scenes, columns, aspect ratios and layouts. Leave manual layout tweaks behind -- do it all in the Print View itself.

Then print and share in mere clicks.  

The bottomline

The Storyboarding Alternative To STORYBOARD That

The short version? StudioBinder’s storyboard app is better for studios, video agencies and production companies looking for a more collaborative, all-in-one solution.  Storyboard That is better if you want a more siloed web-based solution.

StudioBinder is best if...

Ramp up time, elegant design, and ease-of-use is a priority.

Collaboration with your team, crew & clients is important.

You’re looking for “A-to-Z” film production project management software.

You want to create a free storyboard optimized for a video shoot.

Storyboard That's storyboarding software may be better when...

You prefer inefficient click actions, stock clip art and distracting graphics over simplicity and efficiency.

A single-user web UI is more important than a collaborative cloud solution.

You want to separate your storyboard tools from your wider production workflow.

Frequently asked questions

Does StudioBinder Integrate with any other products?

Yes! StudioBinder allows you to import scripts in Final Draft or Fountain formats.

IS there a software install?

No, StudioBinder is a modern, fully cloud-based solution! This allows you to access your data from anywhere and invite team members without installing cumbersome desktop software.

How does your pricing work?

StudioBinder’s pricing is based on features and how many team members you invite.  We offer monthly and (discounted) annual plans. Unless you have a Storyboard That coupon code, it’s hard to beat.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not at this point as heavy typing is not ideal for mobile devices. However many of our shared pages are mobile-responsive for viewing convenience, which means recipients of call sheets and certain shared pages will see a page that displays nicely on mobile devices.

Does StudioBinder have localization?

Yes! StudioBinder automatically detects user IPs and supports celsius, 24-hour clocks, and international phone numbers.

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