Davinci Resolve 16 — Prices, Features, and How it Compares - Featured

Davinci Resolve 16 — Prices, Features, and How it Compares

Whether looking to edit your first video or thinking about switching, something prompted you to stumble upon Davinci Resolve 16, and what a stumble it was. We’ll get into the ins-and-outs, the ups-and-downs, the whys-and-why-nots, talk about Adobe Premiere Pro, all that. First, take a moment, pat yourself on the back. As of clicking this think… you just saved a lot of money. Let’s find out why. (more…)

What is Rotoscope Animation Definition, Process and Examples for Animators - Featured

What is Rotoscope Animation? The Process Explained

There’s more than one way to animate a film. And one of the most innovative, albeit time-consuming, ways to bring a movie to life is through rotoscoping. But what is rotoscope animation? While it’s typically associated with modern works like the 2006 film A Scanner Darkly and the recent Amazon Prime series Undone, the technique has roots dating back decades. Let’s take a look at some movies that use rotoscoping to see how it can be utilized for future filmmakers. (more…)

Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers - Featured

25 Best Movie Soundtracks That Changed the Game

Music plays an integral role in how a movie communicates tone. When thinking about a movie, we often recall back to a moment when the soundtrack swelled at the perfect moment, how it transported us to other worlds, or interweaved popular culture into the narrative. We can learn a lot from how filmmakers use music in their films, so without further ado, here’s our list of the best movie soundtracks of all time. Note on criteria: No orchestral scores appear on this list. Although we’re huge fans of composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Joe Hisaishi, and Ennio Morricone, we ...

Best Laptops for Video Editing A Buying Guide for 2020 - Featured

Best Laptops for Video Editing: A Buying Guide for 2020

The right laptop can make your job as a video editor so much easier. But finding the right machine for your workflow can be exhausting — and expensive. Don’t worry, we’ve done our research on 2020 laptops, across price ranges, operating systems, and designs. Before we jump into our best laptop for video editing, let’s review why certain machines are better than others for this kind of task. (more…)

What is CGI - Featured Image

What is CGI? How CGI Works in Movies and Animation

Cinema has evolved greatly since its inception, especially in the area of visual effects (VFX). In the last few decades, computer generated imagery (CGI) has dominated many movies, from dramas to animated films and major blockbusters. While revolutionary, the use of CGI effects has come under much scrutiny in recent years. But what is CGI and where did its bad reputation come from? Let's look at how filmmakers and animators have been secretly injecting your favorite movies without you even noticing. (more…)

What is Pan and Scan Full Frame vs Widescreen Explained - Featured

What is Pan and Scan? Full Frame vs. Widescreen Explained

Do you remember what pan and scan is? Did you ever rent or own movies on VHS tape, or even ...

Filmmakers Guide To Sound Effects - Featured Image

Movie Sound — A Filmmaker’s Guide to Sound Effect Techniques

Historically, sound effects were used as comic relief or to signify an action happening off-screen. But as cinematography has evolved, so too has sound design. Sound design has become a powerful tool and if you’re a filmmaker looking to increase the production value of your projects, these sound effect techniques can help get you there. This article will break down popular uses of sound effects and where you can find these film sound effects for your next project. (more…)

Best Stock Music Sites for Video Creators - Featured Image - StudioBinder

18 Best Stock Music Websites of 2020 For Video Creators

Scoring your videos is no easy task when you’re on a budget. You want music that invigorates your vision without costing an arm and a leg. Luckily, the best stock music websites offer high quality material that’s only a click away. To save the expensive, back-and-forth process of working with a composer, you can simply pick and choose your tracks. In today’s post we’ll show you the best stock music websites we could find, and why we chose them. With the right parameters set out for your project, you can evoke the style of the best composers without having to ...

Match Cuts - Creative Types of Cuts - Planning, Shooting and Cutting on Action like a Pro - StudioBinder

Match Cuts & Creative Transitions with Examples – Editing Techniques

Everyone loves to see a great scene transition, but how do you connect scenes on a deeper level? Consider using a match cut. Using similar colors, shapes, actions or even dialogue, match cuts add that extra level of meaning to create a more cohesive and seamless narrative. In today’s post, we’re going to break down match cuts so that you not only understand how they work but also why they are so much more effective than a normal scene transition. (more…)

Best Movie Scores of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers - Featured

23 Best Movie Scores of All Time — Filmmaker Playlist

What makes a great music score? Does it need to dominate the soundtrack or can go unnoticed in the background? Should a contemporary movie always use modern music or is it blasphemy for a period piece to include pop songs? Whether you have answers to these questions or not, there's no denying the power of music in how we experience movies. These are the best movie scores of all time — some you will spot a mile away, others will raise some eyebrows, but all will get you thinking about what music you'll use in your next project. (more…)

What is the Shepard Tone - Featured

What is The Shepard Tone? The Audio Illusion Explained with Examples

Never-ending. Eternal. Infinite. People speak in hyperbole quite often but, in real life, everything does come to an end. Everything, that is, except The Shepard Tone, which may be the one thing that truly doesn’t stop. This audio illusion is more than just a novelty, however, and filmmakers like Christopher Nolan have embraced it in their work. From sound effects to the musical score, nothing ramps up tension quite like the Shepard Tone. We'll explain how this illusion works and with some examples of this fascinating trick of the ear. (more…)

What is Sound Design for Film - Sound Design Definition and Examples - Quentin Tarantino Violence Video Essay

What is Sound Design for Film? Definition and Examples

It is impossible to overstate how important a role audio plays in the film viewing experience. While it’s perfectly natural to be drawn to the visual side of filmmaking, those striking visuals don’t hold the same weight without strong cinematic sound design to back them up. Whereas a painting is purely visual and a song can be purely aural, cinema combines sight and sound for a unified experience where one bolsters and elevates the other. Read on to learn about the role of the sound designer and other sound design jobs, the fundamentals of sound design, and to check out some ...

What is Diegetic Sound - Featured - StudioBinder

What is Diegetic Sound? Diegetic Definition and Examples

Being a filmmaker, it’s essential to know what diegetic sound is and how to use it. In this article, we’re going to define diegetic sound in a short and simple way. Then we’re going to look at key examples from film to show you how experts incorporate diegetic sound into their works. (more…)

Sound Mixing vs Sound Editing - Featured - StudioBinder

Sound Editing vs Sound Mixing — What’s the Difference?

Storytelling may start with an idea and a script. Along the way, it may garner tons of attention and praise for its directing and star-studded cast. But what can sound do for a story? Sound design involves much more than level dialogue and explosions. It’s highly technical, but requires an enormous amount of creativity. If done well, it can tell a truly powerful story. For the typical movie-goer, sound editing vs sound mixing can sometimes be confused with each other, but they are different. The two serve completely different purposes, and both are necessary for a truly cinematic experience. (more…)

What is a Jump Cut 4 Ways to Use Jump Cuts in Film - Featured

What is a Jump Cut? 5 Ways to Use Jump Cuts in Film

The cinematographer, editor, and director work together to create a seamless experience within watching a film. There are certain cuts that can jar an audience out of this experience and make them aware they are watching a movie. One of these cuts is referred to as a jump cut. While many advise against using jump cuts in film, there are ways you can implement them effectively to tell the best story possible. (more…)

What is Non-Diegetic Sound Definition and Examples - Featured

What is Non-Diegetic Sound? Definition and Examples

Using non-diegetic sound is a great way for filmmakers to support the worlds that they build. You may have heard this fancy term before but what is non-diegetic sound? The answer is much less complicated than you think. In this article, we’re going to define what non-diegetic sound is. Then, we’ll look at examples from cinema history that show us how to properly and creatively use it. (more…)

Best Quentin Tarantino Songs Used in His Movies - Quentin Tarantino Video Essay

The Best Quentin Tarantino Songs Used in His Movies

There are three things in this life you can be certain of — death, taxes, and awesome Quentin Tarantino soundtracks. Tarantino is the master of the needle drop and knows how to place an existing song perfectly within a scene. It’s tough to narrow down the best Quentin Tarantino songs in his filmography, but that’s precisely what we did so that you can learn how to incorporate needle drops into your own work. (more…)

Youtube Royalty Free Music - Audio Library - Header - StudioBinder

Guide to the YouTube Audio Library & Royalty-Free Music for Videos

We’ve all been there. You want free music or free stock audio for a project, but don’t know where to look. One of the best sources for YouTube royalty-free music is the YouTube Audio Library. That’s right, it’s an extensive collection of free music for YouTube, by YouTube, on YouTube. So how do you crack into it? (more…)

Film Terms — The Definitive Glossary of Film Terminology - Featured

Ultimate Guide to Film Terms: The Definitive Glossary of Film Terminology

Browse Terms  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z Whether you’re working on your first or 100th film, there is always something new to learn. When you need to update your film terminology, this resource will be your best friend. We’ve included as many film terms as humanly possible all on one page, so let’s get into it. (more…)

The Best Video Editing Apps for Filmmakers - Adobe Premiere Rush - Featured - StudioBinder

Best Video Editing Apps in 2020: Video Makers for iOS & Android

You’re looking for the best video editing apps for Android, iPhones, and iPads, but you’re not sure which are the best. Maybe you want to find the best free video editor apps, or perhaps you need a good video editor with music. This list of the best video maker apps will help you no matter your level of experience. By the end, you’ll know which are the best free video editors, which video editors come with music, and which video maker apps also teach you how to use the app to make clean video edits. (more…)