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Camera Lenses Explained: Vol. 1 (FREE Ebook)

A comprehensive and accessible guide for photographers and cinematographers looking to master camera lenses.

The Different Camera Lenses

Understanding the types of camera lenses is your first step towards the perfect image

Camera lenses have a massive impact on the overall presentation of the image. From the lighting, composition and depth of field, different camera lenses all bring unique storytelling value to your work. 

With this guide to the different types of camera lenses, you’ll be able to choose the right lens for the shot every single time.

You'll Learn:

  • The difference between prime and zoom lenses
  • How specialty lenses like macro and tilt shift function
  • The visual characteristics of anamorphic vs. spherical lenses
  • What different camera lenses work best for specific scenes and shots


Anamorphic vs. Spherical

Telephoto Lenses

Prime vs. Zoom

Macro Lenses

Fisheye Lenses

Split Diopter Lenses

Wide Angle Lenses

Tilt Shift Lenses

Standard Lenses

and more!

Different Camera Lenses

Types of Camera Lenses

Prime or zoom? Anamorphic or spherical? Differentiating the various types of camera lenses starts here.

Within these categories, we’ll explore their many focal length options. From the shortest and widest lenses like fisheye lenses to the longest and narrowest like telephoto.

Each of these lenses has different visual characteristics that make them ideal for certain situations. We’ll investigate these options with examples from films that have a firm grasp on visual storytelling.

Camera Lenses Explained Ebook - Common Focal Lengths

Camera Lenses Explained

Understanding visual characteristics

Depth of field, field of view, focal length — every type of camera lens has their own “personalities” when it comes to capturing an image. 

There is no perfect lens that does it all, which means that using a combination of camera lenses in a single scene might be necessary. Knowing the pros and cons of each is vital.

Certain lenses, like a standard lens, will keep your storytelling grounded while others, like a tilt shift, can push an image out of “realism” completely. It all depends on what your goal for the shot is.

Various Types of Camera Lenses Ebook - Wide Angle Lens vs Telephoto Lens

Camera Lenses Explained

Seeing is believing

Much of these visual characteristics can only truly be understood by seeing the end results.

What does a telephoto image look like? How noticeable is the distortion on the edges of an anamorphic image? What does a Deakinzer add that a normal tilt shift lens doesn’t? Rather than explain it, we’ll just show you.

We’ve collected images from film and still photography to show you exactly what each camera lens brings to the table. As you approach the storyboard for your next project, this guide will be an essential resource.

Camera Lenses Explained Ebook - Minority Report Floorplan

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