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How Can You Kickstart Your Social Media Advertising?

Ithink we can agree that the ads are oftentimes the most exciting and emotional posts on social media. Good content is good content, plain and simple. As new media platforms have taken up a huge percentage of our collective cultural experience, social media advertising has become a legitimate, prominent, and cost-effective way to reach consumers.  But getting started in social media advertising can be daunting for any business or creative agency that comes late to the game. But the basics are simple and the varied types of social media advertising are some of the best ways for brands to engage ...

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Social Media and Digital Communications for Successful Short Films

Navigating our uber-connected, tech-driven world can be overwhelming for filmmakers. Making a successful short film is exhausting enough. But keeping your crew -- and followers -- up to date, minute by minute, might feel like one step too many. All of the mediums might overwhelm you, but deep down you know you using them will help your film. But, you don’t need to be on every single social media platform in order to capitalize. You just need to choose your methods wisely, and set them up for maximum efficiency. In today’s post, I’ll show you what you need to stay ...

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Small Business Advertising Ideas from LeBron James Commercials

Small business advertising ideas can be hard to come by. On the one hand, you need to reach out to a local community and connect with them. But your budget might be tight and your time...even tighter. But luckily, there are ways that allow you to accomplish what you want, regardless of time and budget. Today, let’s take a look at how one of the most well-known (and well-marketed) celebrities in the world, uses certain techniques to create winning advertising. Apply these strategies and your next ad campaign could be a real slam dunk. (more…)

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How to Post Videos on Twitter [5 Essential Tips]

By now, everyone knows that it's critical for every brand to have a social media presence. Learning to post videos to Twitter is essential for successful media presence. (more…)

Learning from the Best Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of 2020

The best advertising and marketing campaigns seem to come out of nowhere, don't they? (more…)

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How and Why To Make Facebook Video Ads That Work

W ith more than one billion people actively using Facebook, it's hard to justify not using Facebook video ads as a platform to reach consumers and expand brand awareness. Using Facebook video ads increases the value of your marketing by scores. But how often do you scroll through Facebook and immediately move on when a video ad pops up? Probably all of the time. So how do you make Facebook video ads that work? Let’s jump in (more…)