How to Schedule a Musical Header

How to Schedule a Musical: Breaking Down La La Land

Musicals are a special breed of filmmaking that requires a LOT of preparation and planning to pull off. There is singing, and dancing, and music. And it all has to be presented in the script in a particular way. In this post we’ll look at some of the special considerations that go into making a musical using La La Land as our guide. (more…)

How to Breakdown Shoot Locations

How to Find and Schedule “Hidden” Shoot Locations in a Script

You’ve got a script. You’re getting ready to shoot. Before you go into production, you’ll need to figure out how to break down your script. (more…)

VFX Composite - How to Use a Green Screen - Blade Runner 2049 - Header - StudioBinder

VFX: How to Use a Green Screen Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

"Ahorse walks into a gym" is not the opening of a bad joke. Not for me. See, for me it was the reality I faced in scheduling a complicated VFX composite shot. We had to get a horse on a treadmill in a crowded health club. Just another day for an AD. What is VFX like on a practical level? How do you create cool video effects? I’ll show you how to use VFX, how to use a green screen, and how to plan a composite shot on a deadline. Whether you need a horse on a treadmill for an ...

How to Make a Shooting Schedule with Free Film Production Scheduling Software - Header

How to Make a Better Shooting Schedule with a Stripboard

Your production shooting schedule is a living document.Developed by the 1st Assistant Director and producer during pre-production, the shooting schedule must accommodate changes in the shooting script, talent, locations, gear, as soon as they pop up. (more…)

What is a Gantt Chart Calendar - Gantt Chart Example and Definition - Header - StudioBinder

What is a Gantt Chart? Your Project Management Solution

If you’ve ever used production calendars, you probably have used a Gantt chart. But if you’re sitting there wondering what is a Gantt chart, you’re in the right place. They’re super easy to use tools, that can save you a million headaches when prepping, managing, and even finishing a video project. Let’s see define it and see what it helps the production process so much. (more…)

5 Best Practices for Sending Call Sheets - Feature - StudioBinder

5 Best Practices for Prepping and Sending Out Call Sheets

Whether you're a 1st AD or in the production unit, these best practices could help prevent common mistakes that occur as you start sending call sheets to talent & crew. (more…)

Step By Step Guide to Production Reports - Header

The Ultimate Guide to Production Reports

Nobody likes doing paperwork, but sometimes it’s just part of your job. On a film shoot, production reports are how the production office communicates with each department, and vice-versa. Fortunately, StudioBinder makes creating reports easy so you have more time to rest and recharge before the next shooting day.  (more…)

Video Production Planning Software - Project Management - StudioBinder

Video Production Process Explained: How to Make a Corporate Video

You’re ready to produce your corporate video. The deadline is approaching and it’s time to plan your shoot. A pen, notepad, and keen memory won’t cut it. You’re a professional — that means you need the best tools to manage the video production process. (more…)

15 Pro Tips to Create a Better Production Schedule - Featured Image - StudioBinder

15 Pro Tips to Create a More Encouraging Production Schedule

Let's face it, shooting schedules can be super complicated. Who’s available when? How do we shoot the most expensive elements? It’s easy to forget that a production schedule is as much a psychological tool as it is a logistical one. Here's how to make a schedule for your shoot that will increase the productivity and positivity of your team. (more…)

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The Ultimate Guide to Call Sheets (with FREE Call Sheet Template)

Awell-made call sheet is the difference between a successful shoot and production hell. And the quality of film production call sheet comes down to the quality of the call sheet template. Mistakes can easily snowball and lead to major confusion, and eventual delays.  Fear not.  In this all-inclusive callsheet guide, we’ll not only provide a callsheet template, but we'll arm you with time-tested call sheet best practices so you can avoid making so many frustratingly common mistakes. By the end of the post, you’ll be ready to create professional callsheets with ease. Let's get started. (more…)

Filming Locations Los Angeles - Film Locations for Rent - Header

8 Residential Filming Locations for Your Budget in LA

If you’re an independent filmmaker or content creator, you may be looking for cheap filming locations in Los Angeles that still look good. It may be important for your movie location to be in the thirty mile zone. Fact is there are many great property owners who know the needs of filmmakers on a budget. In this post, we’ll take you through some of those residential film locations for rent, and explain why they’re so useful to filmmakers. (more…)

7 Pro Tips for Managing Crew Parking When Filming on Location - Featured

7 Pro Tips for Managing Crew Parking When Filming on Location

Parking can become a major hurdle when filming on location, especially with large crews and limited spaces. (more…)


How to Create Script Sides for Film & TV [with Examples]

You, a production professional, know how to make script sides.The 2nd AD tells you, “Make script sides and distro when they’re done.” What are sides? How do you make them? What does distro mean? (more…)

The Revenant Shooting Schedule - Header - StudioBinder

The Revenant Movie: A Shooting Schedule Nightmare

I think we can all agree that making a movie is hard work. Throw a few bumps in the road and it can get hectic. That’s where having a flexible shooting schedule comes in handy. Today we’re going to go over one of the most insane movie productions ever, The Revenant, and show you how a flexible shooting schedule can help you tame even the wildest production! (more…)

How to Make a Call Sheet Online with Call Sheet Software - Header Image- StudioBinder

How to Make a Call Sheet Online with StudioBinder’s Call Sheet Software

Creating call sheets is time consuming, complicated and necessary. But what if you had an easy to use call sheet template that you could apply to all your projects? What StudioBinder offers is a simple and clear way to create, send and track a call sheet template online. In this post, I’m going to show you how to make a call sheet in a fraction of the time. (more…)

Film, Photo & Video Production Calendar Timeline - Header Photo - StudioBinder

How to Create an Online Film, Photo & Video Production Timeline [Free Template]

Pablo Picasso once said, “Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.” In the production world, every component depends on a clear, well-organized timeline. With the dawn of the online timeline creator, crew members can now easily structure and navigate the complex elements of a project. (more…)

Free Gantt Chart Excel Template - Calendar Cover Image - StudioBinder

Mastering Your Production Calendar [Free Gantt Chart Excel Template]

We all know that production is messy. Put a bunch of people in a room and you’re lucky if you can organize what to get for lunch. That’s where our Gantt chart Excel template comes in. (more…)

9 Keys to Planning Travel on International Production

9 Keys to Planning Travel on an International Production

A uthor John Steinbeck once said, “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” Managing travel for an international film production adds challenges to an already challenging process. There's a minutiae of critical detail that needs to be considered in order for everything to run smoothly. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, here are 9 international production travel hacks for taking your crew abroad. (more…)

Photo, Video and Film Production Calendar Template and Software - Cover Photo - StudioBinder

How Video Producers Use Film Production Calendar Templates and Software

Whether it’s a corporate video, a fashion photoshoot, or a big budget adventure film, all productions are always fighting for resources. Not just money, but time. This is where film production calendar templates and software can save the day. (more…)

Create a Free Online Gantt Chart | StudioBinder’s Gantt Chart Software

Winston Churchill once said, “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” With our free online Gantt chart and Gantt chart software, you can let your advance worrying become planning. Just like the Prime Minister would have wanted. (more…)

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