How to Introduce Characters in a Screenplay - Featured Image

How to Introduce Characters in a Screenplay: Character Descriptions Tips

Understanding how to introduce characters in a screenplay takes more than properly formatting character ...

Public Domain Books

How to Find Award-Worthy Script Ideas from The Public Domain

Most Hollywood films and television shows are based off “Intellectual Property,” or “I.P.” Free ...

Creative Writing Prompts - Featured - StudioBinder

82 Creative Writing Prompts and Writing Exercises for Screenwriters

Creative writing prompts are powerful tools that aid you to become a consistent writer. ...

Teleplay vs Screenplay vs Script - Featured - StudioBinder

Teleplay vs Screenplay vs Script: Hacking the Hollywood Lingo

What is the difference between a teleplay, script, and screenplay?  Although some people think ...

Write Exposition Header

12 Secrets to Great Exposition in Screenwriting (w/ Examples)

Exposition in film or screenwriting is one of the most difficult aspects to master. ...

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