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How to Write and Direct Sex Scenes

Eating, drinking, sleeping, and sex are elements of human behavior we all share. The ...

Best Filmmaking and screenwriting books Header image studiobinder

10 Best Filmmaking Books to Read in 2020

Whether you’re new to filmmaking, or you’ve studied it for years, you may find ...


How to Copyright a Script and Protect Your Screenplay

You’ve finished the greatest story ever told. Now how do you protect your screenplay? ...

How to Become a Professional Writer - Header - StudioBinder

How to Become a Writer: Proven Ways to Launch Your Career

I f you’ve ever typed, “I want to become a writer where do I start?” ...

Script Notes - Back to the Future - Header - StudioBinder

How Script Notes Can Improve Your Screenplay [With Example]

It’s incredibly hard to make any movie, but a perfect movie? That’s nearly impossible ...

Plot Structure Tools - Header - StudioBinder

Plot Structure Tools to Help You Master the Art of Dramatic Writing

P lot structure is the most critical thing about a movie. Plot structure is what keeps ...

Master Screenwriting Tips and Strategies - The Coen Brothers - Header - StudioBinder

Top Screenwriting Tips and Strategies From the Coen Brothers

F ilmmaker Joel Coen has said, “If the material is challenging, it forces you to ...

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