What is Catharsis — Definition & Examples for Storytellers

When was the last time you shed a tear while watching a film? Can you recall the specific scene? Many describe this as a “good cry.” How can a cry be good? Many people have pent up emotions from various

July 7, 2024
What is Catharsis — Definition & Examples for Storytellers


The Walk and Talk in Film & TV — Writing & Shooting Tips

The Walk and Talk in Film & TV — Writing & Shooting Tips

Humans are multitaskers. We can listen to the news while doing dishes; we can pat our heads and rub our

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What is Script Writing - Screenwriting Software - Featured - StudioBinder

What is Script Writing — The Basics to Help Get You Started

Writing a screenplay can be daunting, and there is a ton to consider. However, before you even think about what

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Ethos Pathos & Logos Persuasive Advertising Techniques of Featured

Ethos, Pathos & Logos — Definition and Examples of Persuasive Advertising Techniques

  Advertising EssentialsOpen menu What is Pathos What is Logos What is Telos What is Kairos What is Ethos Ethos,

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Free Screenwriting Software Featured Image StudioBinder

How to Write a Screenplay — Step-by-Step Process

Writing a screenplay can be hard. The blank white page dotted with a blinking cursor can be daunting. There’s no

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How to use an av script template social media studiobinder

Ultimate AV Script Template to Write Better Ads [FREE AV Script Template]

Writing an Audio/Visual (AV) script template can be a nerve-racking undertaking. Your message may be simple, but getting it down

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What is Dramatic Irony - The Silence of the Lambs - StudioBinder

What is Dramatic Irony? Definition and Examples

Dramatic IronyOpen menu Types of Irony What is Tragic Irony Stages of Dramatic Irony Verbal IronyOpen menu Sarcasm Understatement Overstatement

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