What is Practical Lighting in Film? Tips and Techniques Explained

There are various elements that contribute to a cinematic shot. Depth, naturalism, and dynamic lighting styles can all result in stunning cinematography. A simple and direct way to introduce all three into a shot is by using practical lighting. Practical lighting

January 24, 2021


Best 90s Movies of All Time — An Awesome 90s Movies List - Featured

Best 90s Movies of All Time — An Awesome 90s Movies List

90s movies may forever be my favorite movies. For whatever reason, whether comedy, drama, or horror, I feel this overwhelming

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Amaran 100D - Featured Image

100D — The Amaran LED Video Light Really Shines: Review

Hey YouTubers, Aputure is gunning for your money and in my humble opinion, you should give it to them. Aputure

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What is the Vertigo Effect The Hitchcock Zoom Explained - Featured C

What is the Vertigo Effect? The Hitchcock Zoom Explained

It is not uncommon for directors to take inspiration from previous great directors in history. Various techniques and styles are

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What Happened to Every Frame a Painting — A Eulogy -Featured

What Happened to Every Frame a Painting? — A Eulogy

In April 2014, a YouTube channel named Every Frame a Painting was created and it changed the course of film

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Soft Focus Photography - How to Master that Soft Focus Look - Featured

Soft Focus Photography & How to Master that Soft Focus Look

While we may be familiar with soft focus shots as images with intentional blur or glamour shots in portraits, understanding

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Portrait Photography Tips - Featured Image

Portrait Photography Tips & Techniques For Every Photographer

Portraiture is older than photography itself. Capturing the essence of a human being was originally achieved through the medium of

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