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7 Ingredients Behind The Best Company Culture Videos - Featured - StudioBinder

7 Ingredients Behind The Best Company Culture Videos

How do you make HR funny, dental plans interesting, and a business’ identity pop? In today’s modern workspace, company culture videos have quickly become a major way businesses, big and small, attract new talent.

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Introducing Storyboard Template Builder - Visualizing Your Project Just Got Easier - Featured - StudioBinder

Introducing Storyboard Builder: Visualize Your Project Easier

You can now create storyboards within StudioBinder’s Storyboard Builder. Label each storyboard to create shot lists at the same time, pick from an array of aspect ratios, view a slideshow to easily share with clients, and print to bring on set.

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How to Win Clients with a Great Spec Commercial Featuring Spec Ad Examples - StudioBinder - Featured

Win Clients with a Great Spec Commercial [with Spec Ad Examples]

Want to make a commercial for flaming hot cheetos starring Jim Carrey as The Mask? Maybe that’s just me. But if you’re trying to break into commercial directing, you’re going to need a great spec ad under your belt and in your reel.

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The Ultimate Guide to Casting Auditions (with FREE Casting Sheet Template) - Featured - StudioBinder

The Ultimate Guide to Auditions [FREE Casting Sheet Template]

The project’s been green lit. The script’s been finalized. I’m going to hold an open casting call! Not so fast. If you’re not careful, your open casting call can be disorganized and rushed, netting you less than amazing actors.

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Best Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcasts - Featured - StudioBinder

The 12 Best Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcasts of 2017

Nowadays, there are many kinds of media you can consume to get new information about your favorite topics, or just to enjoy pure entertainment. And that’s a great thing! Besides blogs or YouTube channels, podcasts have been gaining a lot of popularity during the last few years.

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