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The Daily Production Report Explained with FREE Daily Production Report Template - StudioBinder - Featured

The Daily Production Report Explained (with FREE production report template)

The producer’s daily production report, often shortened to DPR or just PR, is one of the most important pieces of paperwork generated by production. It assesses progress, catches inefficiencies, and tracks each production daily expenses. If you’ve only worked on small indie productions, it’s possible that you’ve never seen a DPR. Get to know (and love) the process with our free production report template and step-by-step guide.

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How to Fill Out SAG Exhibit G - A Complete Step-by-Step Guide - StudioBinder - Featured

The ABC’s of SAG Exhibit G: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

So someone forwarded you a production time report (aka the “SAG Exhibit G”) to fill out for your production, and you have no idea where to start? Fear not! You have come to the right place. This quick and easy guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

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How to Secure Film Locations with Free Location Release Form Template - StudioBinder - Featured

How to Secure Film Locations (FREE Location Release Form)

Selecting and booking your shooting location can be a daunting challenge. Is a permit required? How do you get the owner’s permission? What does your location scout need from you? How do you handle insurance? Do you need a film location release?

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The 4 Essential Principles for Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

4 Essential Principles for Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

A great antagonist is much more than just a “villain” to challenge your main character. There are many delicate components to creating a great antagonist. From casting to compelling storylines to inspired acting choices. However, it all starts in the script, and is fleshed out in the director’s script analysis.

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How to Use Color in Film- Over 50 Examples of Movie Color Palettes-Featured

How to Use Color in Film: 50+ Examples of Movie Color Palettes

Considering cinema’s origin in black and white, it’s not surprising that many filmmakers have an obsession with color in films. From wardrobe choices and color gels to post-production filters and fonts, movie color schemes play a vital role in a director’s vision.

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Film Credits Order Hierarchies - with Free Film Credits Template - StudioBinder

Where Credit is Due. Film Credits Order Hierarchy (with Free Film Credits Template)

Congratulations! You’ve survived pre-production, production and most of post-production on your film. You’ve worked with dozens, maybe hundreds (or thousands) of people along the way. Now it’s time to give them the billing they deserve in your film’s end credits. In this post we’re going to review standard film credits order hierarchies, and share our “Feature and Short Film Credits Template” to get the job done even faster.

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Best Filmmaking Software and Tools - The Filmmakers Toolkit - Featured

31 Best Filmmaking Software & Tools of 2016

Sure, you’ve got gumption, a can-do attitude, and thick skin. But do you have the right tools to maximize your productivity? Here’s a rundown of our favorite, must-have apps and gadgets for working producers.

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