Filmmaking Techniques Course: How to Elevate Your Film in 5 Videos


Essential Filmmaking Techniques for Directors & Writers

A visual medium requires visual methods. Master the art of visual storytelling with our FREE video series on directing and filmmaking techniques.


In this five-episode series we'll show you how you can emulate the best filmmakers by using specific visual elements and filmmaking techniques to tell your stories. 

Free Templates

Not only do we break down filmmaking techniques in current classics and celebrated masterpieces, but we've created free templates for you to use on your own. 

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Series overview

Filmmaking Techniques Master Class

Time-tested, visual storytelling strategies for directors.

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned director, crafting a screenplay, or just looking to increase your videos' social engagement, telling a visually arresting story is tantamount in our digital world. 

Most people watch videos on social media with the sound off, and films have become stagnant with an over-reliance on dialogue and talking heads for exposition. Using the way a production looks to communicate its narrative has become a necessity.

In this series, we'll show you how to break from the mold and tell your story visually by using these time-tested filmmaking techniques.

Regardless of whether you're trying to stop the scroll with stunning visuals or make a splash in the festival circuit, these methods will make your production stand apart and pull the audience in.

Intro to Filmmaking Techniques

Episode Guide


  • Freebie: "Film Tone" Worksheet

Shooting a comedy? A drama? An ironic dramedy? We'll show you how to set the right mood by controlling three basic elements of filmmaking.


  • Freebie: "Production Design" Worksheet

Going to a Magical Kingdom? Exploring a Lost Civilization? Stuck in the real world? Learn how to make your sets pop some production design!


Actor Blocking: How to Block Talent for Maximum Effect

  • Freebie: "Film Blocking" Worksheet

Knowing where to place actors in the scene plays an important factor in your film. Master the art behind film blocking in episode 3 of our filmmaking techniques series.

Release Date: July 23

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FILMMAKING TECHNIQUES: Ep 5 (coming soon!)

Camera Movement: How to Direct the Camera with Purpose

  • Freebie: "Camera Movement" Worksheet

Directing the camera is critical when you're planning out the shots that you'll need. Understand the theory and art behind effective camera movements in your project.

Release Date: July 30

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FILMMAKING TECHNIQUES: Ep 6 (coming soon!)

Film Color: How to Elicit Emotion Through Color

  • Freebie: "Film Color" Worksheet

Using film color effectively can elicit a reaction from your audience, but there's more to learn than just warm and cool colors. Take a deep dive with us as we explore the colors you can use.

Release Date: August 6

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