Ep3: Film Blocking

Filmmaking Techniques - Film Blocking Tutorial and Techniques - Featured - StudioBinder

Ep4: Camera Movement

Filmmaking Techniques - Camera Movement - Directing the Camera - Featured.- StudioBinder


Filmmaking techniques: Directing the camera

How directors and cinematographers work together to ensure camera movement is additive to the story.

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How and when to move the camera:

In our fourth episode on Filmmaking Techniques and visual storytelling, we look at another critical element to the story: directing the camera.

When you're setting up a scene, you have to decide how to take the audience into the action. The director and cinematographer will collaborate on these details. You want to shoot to give the editor options later, too.  

We break down the 9 camera movements that can inform your visual storytelling:




Pedestal Shot




Rack Focus

As you master these elements, you can combine them to stand out amongst other directors. Together, they function to further your visual storytelling and filmmaking techniques.  

What is your camera movement communicating?

Key Scene

Let's start at the beginning. When you're getting ready to dictate your camera movement, first you have to pick the scene. Not every scene is the same. Consider the emotions of the characters, of the audience, and then sit with the D.P. to brainstorm how to tackle adding subtext and intrigue.  

Point of Attention

You're not making home movies. You're creating projects for a massive audience. So how can you get AND keep their attention? This episode covers how you can direct the camera to elicit an emotional response from your viewers. We'll also cover ways to nudge your audience in the right direction so they know where to look on screen.

Shot Combination

Think you got it all in one shot? Think again. It's great to master one camera movement, but this filmmaking techniques series is about combining those movements to become better visual storytellers. We'll go over the dolly-zoom, pan-tilt, and much more. We have creative camera movement examples and strategies so you shoot smarter and faster. 

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