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Best Lower Thirds In Premiere - StudioBinder Production Management Software - Exit intent

Elevate your video project with these free lower thirds templates. Easy to install, endlessly customizable and minimal.

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Free Film Production Shooting Schedule Template in Excel and Google Drive - Film Stripboard - Featured

Schedule your film using an easy-to-use stripboard-style template.

Create a FREE Film Production Crew Contact Sheet in StudioBinder - Cover Image - StudioBinder

Keep track of your film crew list and cast information, all in one place.

Download Script Breakdown Sheet Template - Featured - StudioBinder

Mark up the key elements of your screenplay with our free template.

Download Free Storyboard Template - StudioBinder-min

Download storyboard templates for your next production.

Download Location Scouting Checklist - Featured - StudioBinder

Be fully prepared on your next location scout with this location tech scout checklist.

Film Budgeting and Actualizing - StudioBinder

Stay on track with your film budget with our free template.

The Ultimate Pre Production Checklist with Free Download - Featured

Everything you need to do before the cameras start rolling.

The Ultimate Guide to Casting Auditions (with FREE Casting Sheet Template) - Featured - StudioBinder

Always have your talent sign this casting sheet at your audition.

Free Gantt Chart Template for Film, Video and Photo Productions - Social - StudioBinder

Visualize your production at a birds-eye level and plan your shoot more effectively.

The Essential Guide for Crafting Film Budgets (with FREE Film Budget Template) - Feature - StudioBinder

Plan out your production expenses with our free budgeting template.


How to Create a Better Call Sheet - The Definitive Call Sheet Guide and Call Sheet Template - StudioBinder

Confirm that your talent and crew receive their call time.

Download Fim Daily Production Report Template - StudioBinder

Track when your talent and crew clock-in, clock-out and a lot more.

The Only Shot List Template You Need - With Free Shot List Template Download - StudioBinder

Plan out all the shots you need for your next shoot with our free template.

Walkie Talkie Lingo Everyone On-Set Should Know - Featured - StudioBinder

All the common walkie talkie lingo your production crew should know.

22 Things Every Working Production Coordinator Should Know - Social Image - StudioBinder

A cheat sheet with everything a working production coordinator needs to know.

Cinematography Techniques - Social Image - StudioBinder

Elevate your scene with these highly effective cinematography tips and tricks.


How to Create a TV Show Pitch Bible That Sells - Featured Image - StudioBinder

Plan out your entire series before your next pitch meeting.

asting Websites-Social-StudioBinder

Go to the best casting websites to find the talent you've been looking for.

How to Write a Compelling Logline (with a Logline Examples) - Featured - StudioBinder

Discover the secret formula behind the best loglines for your project.

FREE Feature Film Script Coverage Template - Featured Image - StudioBinder

Create a story report with our free script coverage template.

The Best Creative Brief Template For Video Agencies - Free Creative Brief Template Download - StudioBinder@1.5x

Give your clients a crystal clear vision of the project before cameras start rolling.

How to Shoot a Music Video (with FREE Music Video Script Template) - Featured - StudioBinder

Draft the perfect music video script with our free template.

Best Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcasts - Featured - StudioBinder

The best list of filmmaking podcasts to take your storytelling to the next level.

Top Mood Board Apps of 2017 for Video Production [with FREE Template] - Social Image - StudioBinder

Get the inspiration flowing with an easy-to-use mood board template.

8 Essential Tips for Prepping an Awesome Craft Services Table - Social Image - StudioBinder-min

The most thorough shopping list sheet that you need for the craft services table.

30 Short Film Ideas You Can Actually Produce

Get the juices flowing with our free short film ideas PDF.

How to Write Exciting Explainer Explainer Videos That Convert (with FREE Explainer Video Script Template) - Social - StudioBinder

The secret formula behind every excellent explainer video.

How to Write a Film Treatemnt Like the Pros - Social Media - StudioBinder

Start transforming your vision into a great film with this template.

150 Creative YouTube Ideas to Build Your Brand - Social Media - StudioBinder Production Managment Software

A comprehensive list of YouTube ideas to help you brainstorm new content.

How to use an av script template - social media - studiobinder

Free AV Script Template

This AV Script Template helps structure your ideas and prepare them for production.

How to Write a Story Outline (FREE Template) - StudioBinder - Feature

This story outline template will help you plan out the structure of your story.

Dan Harmon Story Circle Can Help You Shape a Better Story - Featured - StudioBinder

Improve your storytelling with the Story Circle worksheet.

Character Arc Structure - The Story Speedometer - Cover - StudioBinder

Make your characters and story more compelling with our Story Speedometer worksheet.


Crew Deal Memo Template Free Download - StudioBinder

Finalize the terms with your crew before starting your shoot.

Download Film Actor Release Form Template - StudioBinder

Secure your actor release forms before distributing your project.

Download Film Location Release Form Template - StudioBinder

Get permission before commiting to your next shooting location.

FREE Model Release Form Template Download PDF - Featured Image - StudioBinder

Cover your bases to use client photos for your portfolio.

FREE Photo Release Form Template Download PDF - Featured Image - StudioBinder

Give full consent to your client to print your photos.

How to Fill Out SAG Exhibit G - A Complete Step-by-Step Guide - StudioBinder - Featured

Keep track of all the hours your SAG actors work.

How to Make Your Own Production Company Business Plan - Social Media - StudioBinder Production Managment Software

Map out the future of your production company with our free business plan template.

Best Adobe Story Alternatives - StudioBinder - Header

Adobe Story Comparison Chart

How does Adobe Story stack up with other screenwriting alternatives?


Essential Music Video Credits Format Guide - Exit Intent - StudioBinder Production Management Software

Elevate your next music video with these music video credits.

Mastering the Movie Color Palette - Ridley Scott - Social

Color grade your video with this cinematic LUT pack inspired by Ridley Scott films.

Best Lower Thirds In Premiere - StudioBinder Production Management Software - Exit intent

Exceed expectations with these elegant and intuitive lower thirds templates.

Download Free Film Credits Order Template and Worksheet - Featured - StudioBinder

Understand the proper opening and closing credits hierarchy.

Movie Poster Template Free Download - Social Image - StudioBinder

Create a compelling movie poster with our free Photoshop template.

The Ultimate Guide to an EPK Template (with Movie Press Kit Samples) - Featured - StudioBinder

Get your project noticed and easier for press to cover your film with our free EPK template.

Best Stock Music Sites for Video Creators - Social Image - StudioBinder

Find and compare the best stock music websites that's ideal for your project.

Dazzle Your Clients With These Awesome Stock Video Sites - Featured - StudioBinder

Compare the best stock video websites and find the best one for your project.

Youtube Intro Templates You Need For Your Channel - Social Media - StudioBinder Production Management Software

Grow your Youtube subscribers with better intros and outros

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