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No need to mess with a shot list template in Excel or Word. This template was made in Google Drive.


Ultimate Shot List Template - StudioBinder

Ultimate Shot List Template

Ideal for short form film projects and photoshoots. This shotlist has all the essentials so you get in and get out quickly.

Includes customizable drop-downs so creating a shot list is as easy. Also includes formulas to automatically calculate shoot times per shot and a “Template Options” sheet for customization.

Best Practices for Shot Lists & Storyboards

The Only Shot List Template You Need - With Free Shot List Template Download - StudioBinder

Learn more about the nuances of these shot list templates by reading out companion post The Only Shot List Template You Need.


  • What's on a shot list?
  • How to fill out a shot list?
  • Breakdown of shot list teminology and shot sizes.
  • Shot list pro tips and more.
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“StudioBinder's shot list presentation mode gives a visually pleasing way to view your shot list. You can scroll through the thumbnails really easily and it's perfect when giving a presentation to a Director or a studio.”

Matt Komo Filmmaker

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Create a shot list easier with StudioBinder

Creating shot lists in a Excel or Word means a lot of repetitive data entry, layout finagling, and human error.
Enter StudioBinder. We make the process much faster and easier. Learn more.


“One of the best shot list templates I've found online."

Keith Burgess, Filmmaker, Santa Monica, CA

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Solution - Shot List and Storyboard

Showcase your vision with elegant shot lists and storyboards.

Create robust and customizable shot lists. Upload images to make storyboards and slideshows. 

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