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Production management made efficient.

Creating content on a recurring basis is often full of inefficiency — long email chains, follow-ups, endless text messages, file versioning, documents lost in emails. It goes on. The solution quickly becomes “hire someone,” but the inefficiencies remain. We address the inefficiencies.

StudioBinder - agency2
StudioBinder - agency
“I really like the platform. It’s easy to use, and sophisticated enough for complex productions.”
Chris Bell, Bell Media Group

Manage talent and crew details.

Standardized for the Production Unit

  • Add crew, assign roles, email and phone.
  • Contacts are automatically bucketed by department.
  • Save favorite contacts into lists for easy re-importing.

Cast & crew can confirm details

Communicating with cast & crew to attain their contact details is time consuming and invites error. We provide the option to request selected cast & crew to submit their details. This saves you the effort of emailing them individually and ensures accuracy.

Works Internationally

StudioBinder supports international date formats, celsius vs. fahrenheit, and a 12 vs. 24-hour clock, and phone formats for over 250 countries.

StudioBinder - Manage talent and crew details

They’re ’call sheets’, not spreadsheets.

Say goodbye to antiquated spreadsheet templates, tiny fonts, and jam-packed layouts. We’re automating the grunt-work of creating a call sheet, so you can create them faster, and they can be utilized better by your talent and crew.

  • All addresses become map links.
  • Weather details are generated automatically.
  • Hospital search locates the nearest hospital and all relevant contact information.
StudioBinder - They’re call sheets, not spreadsheets

One size does not fit all.

Traditionally you’d make call sheets for everyone in your production. This means a cluttered document that requires the recipient to go fishing for details relevant to them.

StudioBinder personalizes every call sheet to the recipient. This means less information overload, less confusion.

  • Tailored call times, parking details, and private notes.
  • Designed to highlight personalized details.
  • Easy-to-read. Personal. Elegant.
StudioBinder - One size does not fit all
StudioBinder - Add Private Notes to the Call Sheet

Add Private Notes to the Call Sheet.

Want to remind a cast or crew member something on the big day? Just add a private note, and the recipient will see a reminder note right below their call time. Don’t get stuck in prolonged text messages or email chains.

Create beautiful call sheets in the formats you need.

Email digests for people on-the-go

Call sheets are distilled into a personalized email that highlights key details for the recipient — their call time, parking details, and private notes.

Download PDFs

We attach a traditionally designed call sheet PDF to every email, personalized with the unique call time and private notes of the recipient.

View Online

The most up-to-date call sheet can always be found online. That way you can make “invisible” changes without versioning and sending out a new PDF.

StudioBinder - Create beautiful call sheets in the formats you need

Track as call sheets are viewed and confirmed

Ever wonder if a call sheet was received? Had to ask, “Did you get the call sheet?” Say goodbye to the uncertainty.

Talent & Crew Confirm with One Click

Recipients don’t need to sign up to confirm their call sheet. They just click the “Confirm” button in their email. Done.

StudioBinder - Track as call sheets are viewed and confirmed

View Read Receipts and Confirmations

Follow Up Smartly

Track the percentage of recipients that viewed and confirmed their call sheet. Drill down to a user-level to see exactly who didn’t. Resend call sheets with a click.

Call times and phone numbers are prominently displayed for efficient follow ups.

StudioBinder - View Read Receipts and Confirmations

Elevate Your Brand

Work with prominent brands, clients and talent? Set a new standard of innovation and sophistication at your organization. Send intuitive, beautifully designed call sheets that can be viewed online, or as branded PDF files.

Need custom call sheet designs or co-branding? Contact us.

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“If you want a stress-free production experience, StudioBinder is the way to go. It’s intuitive and makes the whole process so much more efficient.”

Siddhart Ganji, Head of Production, Replay Collective

Securely backup & share production files

StudioBinder is the production office that goes where you go. Upload with 256-bit file encryption for added security. Easily share production documents with your team.

  • Scripts
  • Schedules
  • Client Specs
  • Presentations
  • Budgets
  • Contracts and more
StudioBinder - Securely backup & share production files

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