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We provide customizable solutions for commercial, editorial and studio videographers to better manage their shoots, all in one place.

Solution Icon - Call Sheets


Create & send personalized call sheets and track RSVPs.

Solution Contacts and Lists


Manage and send messages to models, clients, crew and more.

Solution Icon - Shot List and Storyboard


Robust and fully customizable shot list builder.

Solution Icon - Collaboration and Production Calendar


Drag-and-drop interface to plan and schedule multi-day shoots.

Solution Contacts and Lists


Create beautiful storyboards and fullscreen presentations.

Solution Icon - Collaboration and Production Calendar


Collaborate and comment on tasks, files, and production calendars.

Creating content on a recurring basis is often full of inefficiency — long email chains, follow-ups, endless text messages, file versioning, documents lost in emails. It goes on. The solution quickly becomes “hire someone,” but the inefficiencies remain. We address the inefficiencies.

Branded Content
company video production

“StudioBinder is easy to use, and sophisticated enough for complex productions.”


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Contact Management

Manage talent and crew details

Manage contact details for crew, talent, clients and background talent. Stay organized by creating custom lists for talent, vendors, film crew, models, and more.

Send branded emails from StudioBinder and keep your cast and crew in the loop.

Photo and Film Production Contact List - StudioBinder Photography and Film Crew List Software
Solution Icon - Shot List and Storyboard
Shot Lists & Storyboards

Visualize your shots

Put away the shot list and storyboard template. Add shots, specify shot sizes, types, movements, lens, gear and more.

Upload images and you’ve got a storyboard! Specify number of columns and every aspect ratio from 4:3 to 2.39:1.

Create multiple lists for various scenes or camera setups.

Print and share you work with teammates.

Shot List Template and Storyboard Template Builder - Create Online Using StudioBinder
solution call sheet

Create, send and track call sheets

It's a call sheet, not a spreadsheet. Select from industry-standard film, video and photography call sheet templates. Add personalized call times, and upload attachments with ease.

Collaborate with teammates, and get digital approvals before sending.

Send mobile-friendly call sheets. Track delivery status, views and RSVP's.

Create Call Sheet Online - StudioBinder Video Photo and Film Call Sheet Template Software

Elevate your brand

Work with prominent brands, clients and talent? Set a new standard of innovation and sophistication at your organization. Send intuitive, beautifully designed call sheets that can be viewed online, or as branded PDF files.

Need custom call sheet designs or co-branding? Contact us.

Filming on Location - Insert personalizard crew parking notes on call sheet template | StudioBinder

Personalized Experience

One size fits all

Traditionally you’d make call sheets for everyone in your production. This means a cluttered document that requires the recipient to go fishing for details relevant to them.

StudioBinder personalizes every call sheet to the recipient. This means less information overload, less confusion.

Emails Include:

  • Tailored call times, parking details, and private notes.
  • Designed to highlight personalized details.
  • Easy-to-read. Personal. Elegant.
icon callsheet sms
Call Sheet RSVP Confirmations

Track call sheet delivery effortlessly

Put an end to late night texts and calls asking “Did you get the call sheet?” We track the view counts and delivery status of every call sheet sent. At a glance, you'll know exactly who didn't view their call sheet, so you can follow up more efficiently. You now have total visibility and delivery insights.

icon callsheet online

24/7 access to the latest version

icon callsheet RSVP

Personalized emails with RSVPs

icon callsheet sms

Call times sent as text messages

icon callsheet pdf

Industry-standard, print-friendly

Call Sheet Confirmation and Distro Sheet - Track Call Sheet Distribution with StudioBinder

“If you want a stress-free production experience, StudioBinder is the way to go. It’s intuitive and makes the whole process so much more efficient.”


solution collaboration
Calendars, Tasks & Files

Collaborate better.

Invite teammates, create production calendars, add tasks, deadlines, comments, files, and get more done, faster.

Upload and share release forms, deal memos, client specs, briefs, mood boards and more. 

All files are versioned for easy roll back.

Manage Task Cards with Teammates - StudioBinder Film Production Project Management Software for Corporate Video and Studios - StudioBinder Film, TV & Video Production Project Management Software

Plan videoshoots with a production calendar

Get a birds-eye-view of progress, and share it with editorial teams and clients.

Production Calendar for TV Film Video and Photography

File Sharing

Backup and share files in the cloud

StudioBinder is the production office that goes where you go. Upload with 256-bit file encryption for added security. Easily share production documents with your team.

Scritps ·  Creative Briefs  ·  Client Specs  ·  Contracts  ·  Budgets  ·  Schedules & More

File Sharing Video Production Management Software

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