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StudioBinder Film Scheduling Software - Stripboarding vs Movie Magic Scheduling


A shooting schedule that's stacked in your favor

Production plans can change a dozen times a day. With StudioBinder's intuitive stripboard interface you can adapt to changes on the fly.

Import scripts and specify each scene’s cast, shoot locations, and estimated prep and shoot times.

Drag and drop scene strips to reorder. Building a shooting schedule doesn't have to eat up time.


Import any file type

Even if you started your project in a different program, you can switch over to StudioBinder without losing any of your work.

All major file formats are compatible, including PDF, Fountain, TXT, and Final Draft, and importing couldn't be easier — just drag and drop.

StudioBinder Film Production Scheduling Software - Team Collaboration


Schedule your days automagically

Automatically turn your shooting script into a shooting schedule with a click in StudioBinder.

Auto-order scenes by shooting location, interior/exterior, day/night or a plethora of unique combinations. Customize however you want.

The software also auto-schedules your days based on either page count or estimated shoot time.

StudioBinder Film Scheduling - Script Import Formats


From shooting script to shooting schedule

FDX, FOUNTAIN, PDF, TXT, XML — whatever the acronym is, whatever screenplay software or file format you use, StudioBinder’s film scheduling software will automatically import scene details and parse all the metadata you need when scheduling a production.

Got a new version of a script? No problem — reimport the new script to sync the changes across your shooting schedule and every other StudioBinder production management feature.


See it in action

Take a tour of StudioBinder's film scheduling software. Explore a sample shooting schedule below.

"StudioBinder places many of the tools you would need when managing a video production into one central place without the need of creating multiple excel, PDF & doc files. Information can be quickly updated, distributed & viewed minimizing any miscommunications."

Editor, NewsShooter


Share professional production reports securely

A production report isn’t a book report, so let’s stop treating it like one.

StudioBinder generates the Shooting Schedule, One Liner, DOOD Report, and other scheduling reports automatically. Just share a link.

Since your shooting schedules and reports live in the cloud, your team will always view the latest and most accurate version. 

Want to print or save as PDF? You can do that, too.


Film scheduling made for teams

Film scheduling, like filmmaking and every step of the production process, is collaborative. We made it easy to share stripboards with other crew members and executives.

This is the cloud — we can work together to be more effective and efficient. Easily update “view” or “edit” permissions. Add comments.

Create. Share. Track. Collaborate. StudioBinder gives you total control.

StudioBinder Film Scheduling Software - Team Collaboration
StudioBinder Film Scheduling - End-to-End All-in-One Production Management Software


Spin off call sheets, sides, breakdowns, shot lists, and more

StudioBinder automatically adds your scene details, cast, and location info to call sheets, breakdowns, shot lists, and sides.

What used to require multiple days and multiple apps now only takes a couple clicks in your central all-in-one production solution.


Create auto-daybreaks

Day breaks can be added to your schedule manually, or automatically with just a click.

Adding day breaks to your shooting schedule can be done automatically based on the number of pages or hours worked.

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