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Script Breakdown Software – StudioBinder Video Film and TV Production Management Software

Easily create script breakdown sheets.

StudioBinder’s elegant scene breakdown interface has all the robust breakdown sheet software capabilities you need. Import screenplays. Create script breakdown sheets. Assign scene elements. Export. Print. Share.

File away that old script breakdown sheet template made in Excel or Word. It’s time to retire the clunky film production scheduling software of yesterday.

Script Breakdown Sheet Template Select and Tag – StudioBinder Video Film and TV Production Management Software

Select-and-Tag Elements for a Blazing Fast Workflow.

Breaking down a script has never been this efficient. Import your screenplay from Final Draft, and preview the scene in script format. After that, select-and-tag elements such as props, costumes, set dressing, special effects, and more.

When breaking down a script, the ability to view the scene breakdown as a screenplay brings much needed context to the process. Every element is underlined in industry-standard script breakdown colors for convenience.

Need to customize script breakdown categories or colors? No problem. Need to add missing scene elements? You can do that too.

Script Breakdown Version History – StudioBinder Video Film and TV Production Management Software

Script breakdown software that keeps versions in check.

We understand a lot of effort goes into breaking down a script. StudioBinder's enterprise-grade version control makes sure you never lose your progress.

When uploading a new version of a script, the stripboard and breakdown sheets are automatically backed up. If you ever need to roll back to a previous version, you can.

Script Breakdown Software Team Collaboration – StudioBinder Video Film and TV Production Management Software

Invite Collaborators to script breakdowns.

Film production scheduling software has traditionally forced a solo desktop workflow. Yet, that does not reflect the collaborative nature of a production.

Since StudioBinder is in the cloud, collaborators can be invited to edit scene breakdowns or add comments. Grant access permissions to view all scene breakdowns, or specific scenes. The choice is yours.

We made the collaborative nature of breaking down a script a defining part of our film scheduling software workflow.

Print Script Breakdown Sheet Template Report Style – StudioBinder Video Film and TV Production Management Software

Print-friendly script breakdown reports.

A conventional script breakdown template is simply not print-friendly, often resulting in far too much whitespace.

StudioBinder exports script breakdown sheet PDFs in a more efficient “report” layout so there is no need to waste paper, ink, and printing time.

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Assign elements to scene breakdowns.

Screenplay Icon


Preview scenes in script format for added context.

Select Breakdown Element Icon


Highlight and tag elements in a scene.



Swap between versions of script breakdown sheets.



Print paper-friendly script breakdown sheets.



Collaborators can view and edit script breakdowns.


Join thousands of companies modernizing their film scheduling workflows.

StudioBinder replaces dated script breakdown software, makes it collaborative, and is free to get started.