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Looking for a script breakdown sheet template ? We have two options for you! Either download the breakdown template below, or use StudioBinder to tag your elements and generate breakdown reports online.

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Peek Inside the Script Breakdown Sheet Template

Download an industry-standard breakdown sheet template with cast & element legends.

Script Breakdown Sheet Template - Color Legend - StudioBinder
Script Breakdown Sheet Template - Cast List - StudioBinder
Script Breakdown Sheet Template - Stack - StudioBinder

What's included in this script breakdown sheet template?

Our script breakdown sheet template is fully customizable and can be expanded to fit most any production.


  • Breakdown Elements Legend
  • Print-friendly Script Breakdown Sheet
  • Built-in dropdowns for quicker populating
  • Cast list legend to reference on breakdown sheets

Create Script Breakdowns Online

StudioBinder's script breakdown functionality. Learn more here

How to Tag Elements when Breaking Down a Script

Tagging elements in traditional breakdown software

Best Practices for Script Breakdown Sheets

Print Script Breakdown Sheet Template Report Style - StudioBinder Video Film and TV Production Management Software

Learn more about the nuances of filling out a script breakdown sheet template in our companion post Breaking Down a Script.


  • How to format a script prior to breaking down a script
  • What constitutes an "element"
  • Most common element categories and edge cases
  • How to input script marking into a breakdown sheet
  • How to generate a stripboard
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Create a script breakdown easier with StudioBinder

Creating scene breakdowns in a spreadsheet means a lot of repetitive data entry, hundreds of sheets, and human error.

Enter StudioBinder. We make the process much faster, easier and enable you to transition naturally from breakdowns to shooting schedules to call sheets, shot lists, production calendars, and more. 

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Easily create script breakdown sheets online.

Import scripts. Tag elements like props, wardrobe, and cast. Create breakdown summaries and DOOD reports in a snap.

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