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What is a Meet Cute - Featured

What is a Meet Cute? 4 Ways to Write Them in a Screenplay

From romantic comedies to dramas, many films require a scene where the future love interests meet. There’s love in their eyes, even if one or both of them don’t realize it yet. This is the meet cute, and if you’re writing a script with a romantic plot, then you need to know how to answer, “What is a meet cute?” It's often regarded as a cliche staple of romantic genres but it can be much more than that. Let's look at some meet cute examples from movies that elevate these scenes beyond the cliche. Then we'll talk about the four ...

How to Use Color in Film 50 Examples of Movie Color Palettes - Featured

How to Use Color in Film: 50+ Examples of Movie Color Palettes

A filmmaker is a visual artist. To be a great visual artist you need mastery of the color palette. Many of the greatest Directors, Cinematographers, and Production Designers have extensive backgrounds as visual artists themselves. There are many ways to use color in film. We’re going to break down the key approaches as well as offer you a free E-book. The ebook is an excellent tool for better understanding the use of the color in film, and how to master it. (more…)

Pre-Code Hollywood and the Most Risque Pre-Code Movies-Featured

What is Pre-Code Hollywood? The Most Risque Pre-Code Movies Explained

From 1929-1934, Hollywood produced some of the 20th century’s most progressive films. This period of time — and the films that were made within it — is widely known as Pre-Code Hollywood. But what is Pre-Code Hollywood? It was more than just a few years in cinema history — it was a liberal shift in culture. We’re going to look at the history of Pre-Code movies and how it was shut down. But before we get into the Pre-Code examples, let’s remind ourselves of the period’s general history. (more…)

What is Technicolor - Featured Image

What is Technicolor? Definition and History Explained

What is Technicolor? Whether you knew at the time or not, you’ve probably seen a Technicolor movie. If you’re trying to recall an example, just think, color, color, color. Technicolor changed the course of cinema forever with bright and bold visuals, saturated to the point of near-surreality. We’re going to look at some examples of Technicolor in films like The Wizard of Oz and The Godfather but, first, let’s check out a quick video to see where it started. (more…)

What is a Motif in Film Visual Motif Definition and Movie Examples - Featured

What is a Motif? Definition and Examples for Filmmakers

Motifs are a great way to reinforce the theme of your project. Understanding how to build motifs that work requires strong attention to detail and a clear game plan. But what is a motif? Looking for a clear motif definition? Need motif examples in film? All these questions and more will be answered as we dive into the patterns and symbols that can bring depth to your work. (more…)

What is Surreaism - Featured Image

What is Surrealism? Definition and Examples for Filmmakers

What is Surrealism in film? To understand the best Surrealist films, we need to know the basics of the term. You can probably imagine what "realism" might be — strict adherence to reality. Surrealism takes the "rules" and expectations of realism and turns them on their head; logic and reason need not apply. Filmmakers have embraced this freedom and creative expression for almost a century and produced some of the most fascinating work along the way. Let's define Surrealism and take a closer look at some of the best Surrealist films. (more…)

Breaking The Fourth Wall - How to Break it with Impact - Featured

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Definition, Meaning and Examples

We’ve all seen a film or TV show breaking the fourth wall. It’s hard to miss, and that’s why breaking the 4th wall is a really big filmmaking decision that can polarize your audience. Is your project right for this technique? If so, when should you do it? We've included plenty of breaking the fourth wall examples, and three tips to help you decide whether this cinematic technique is right for your project.  (more…)

The Neo Western and the Best Modern Western Movies - Logan Video Essay

The Best Modern Western Movies of All Time — Neo-Westerns Ranked

The Western is the quintessential American film genre. From the 1930s to the 1960s, American cinemas were filled with cowboys saving towns and fending off outlaws. While the classic Western may have gone out of fashion, it didn’t disappear completely. Instead, it morphed into what we know as the Neo Western. Let’s see what separates movies like No Country for Old Men from classic Westerns as well as rank the best modern Western movies for you to watch next. (more…)

What is New Hollywood The Revolution of 1960s and ‘70s Hollywood - Featured

What is New Hollywood? The Revolution of 1960s and ‘70s Hollywood

What is New Hollywood? There’s a scene in Orson Welles’ The Other Side of the Wind that can answer that for us. It shows a group of young directors going to the home of a Hollywood Golden Age titan to express their admiration. This scene shows what the Hollywood New Wave was really about; an unwavering appreciation for Film that inspired these filmmakers to take it in a new direction. Essentially, New Hollywood was American cinema reborn by the Film School Generation. (more…)

What is Persistence of Vision Definition of an Optical Phenomenon - Featured

What is Persistence of Vision? Definition of an Optical Phenomenon

Whether you’ve heard of the persistence of vision or not, if you’ve ever seen something move on screen or even in a flipbook, you’ve experienced it. Answering what is the persistence of vision is second to knowing how to your advantage as a filmmaker. (more…)

What is Mumblecore - Featured

What is Mumblecore? An American DIY Film Movement

Starting in the early 2000s, mumblecore helped keep independent filmmaking afloat amongst a growing slate of big-budget blockbusters. But what is mumblecore? How did it begin, and what’s the state of it now? Anyone who is a fan of the Duplass brothers will want to keep reading because we’re diving into the history and influence of the mumblecore film movement.  (more…)

What is Bollywood - Featured

What is Bollywood — Top Examples from India’s Movie Industry

There is no film industry in the world that is more prolific than that of the Indian cinema. Each year, upwards of a thousand films are released in India. Unlike Hollywood, Indian cinema encompasses different languages from a swath of regions, the largest of which is those of the Hindi-language from what we now refer to as “Bollywood.” But what is Bollywood? Is it just the Hindi-language sector of India’s movie industry, or is it something more? We’re going to look at the world of Indian cinema with a special focus on Bollywood, first by defining the industry, then by ...

Aspect Ratio in Film and Video - What is Aspect Ratio - Header - StudioBinder

The Definitive Guide to Aspect Ratio [with FREE Aspect Ratio Calculator]

With so many places to debut your videos, getting the correct aspect ratio has become critical to your project’s success. But it can be tricky to understand. (more…)

Dogme 95 Rules Manifesto and Films of a Radical Experiment - Featured - StudioBinder

Dogme 95 — Rules, Manifesto and Films of a Radical Experiment

By the 1990’s, filmmakers worldwide were starting to resent the direction that cinema was going in. From Hollywood to Bollywood to nearly every other “wood” in between, big-budget movies were taking over the landscape of film. In response, Danish filmmakers Lars von Trier, Kristian Levring, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, and Thomas Vinterberg created Dogme 95, a radical film movement that intended to strip cinema of the technical effects that it was becoming reliant on. (more…)

3 Types of Irony in Film - Verbal Irony, Dramatic Irony, Situational Irony - StudioBinder

3 Different Types of Irony Every Storyteller Should Know (with Examples)

⌂ OverviewVerbal IronySituational IronyDramatic Irony We encounter irony every day: in our favorite movies, TV shows, and in our own lives. Most people have a general understanding of irony but there are also a lot of misconceptions about it. For example, were you aware that there are 3 different types of irony?In this article, we're going to define irony in all its variations. Whether you're writing a short story or a screenplay, irony can be a powerful storytelling tool. You'll be able to recognize the different types of irony and understand how they work. The next step is to carry ...

What is German Expressionism in Film - Header

What is German Expressionism in Film? Defining the Style

When countries are at war, every industry within them is also under attack. Or at the very least, is vulnerable to change. After WW1, German films became stranger and quite a bit darker. The control of the government banning foreign films also aided to their isolation. From there, German Expressionism was born. But what is German Expressionism in film? Let’s find out. (more…)

A Filmmaker’s Guide To Shooting In The Rain

A Filmmaker’s Guide To Shooting In The Rain

We know shooting in the rain can be tricky. Our friends at Zacuto have provided a handy 9-step guide on how to effectively prep for shooting in the rain. (more…)

Mastering the Movie Color Palette: Denis Villeneuve

Over the course of nine feature films, Denis Villeneuve has shown himself to be one of contemporary cinema’s leading filmmakers.Known for his intense dramas, Villeneuve often allows his environments to act as extensions of his characters. Much of this is accomplished through color choice.Here’s how Denis Villeneuve uses color theory to enhance the narrative. (more…)

Soviet Montage Theory — Definition, Examples and Types of Montage - Feature - Studiobinder (1)

Soviet Montage Theory — Definition, Examples and Types of Montage

Soviet Montage Theory is one of the most technically influential film movements of all time. In this article, we’re going to define what Soviet Montage Theory is, then break down the five different types with examples from Russian cinema history. (more…)

French New Wave Films - Header

French New Wave Films: A Curated List and Their Iconic Directors

The French New Wave of cinema, or La Nouvelle Vague, was one of the most important film movements of all time. In this article, we’re going to rank the best French New Wave Films based on four criteria: Acting, Story, Directing and Style. But before we jump into the ranking, it’s important to know what the French New Wave is.This is our list of the best French New Wave films, including work from the critics of Cahiers du Cinema and the directors of the Left Bank. (more…)