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A Filmmaker's Guide to Script Breakdowns (Free Ebook)

Learn how to create script breakdowns, categorize elements, and generate production reports.

How to Create a Script Breakdown Explained

The script breakdown process explained, start to finish

Being able to execute proper camera exposure in photography and video requires fundamental knowledge of what's known as The Exposure Triangle. It consists of three pillars — aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

This is ultimate guide walks you through the key methods to emerge with the knowledge and confidence to elevate your imagery.

You'll Learn:

  • What a script breakdown is looking at over 20 feature film examples
  • What a "script element" is, and how to categorize them
  •  How to identify "hidden" elements that are not so obvious
  • How to turn your script breakdowns into a shooting schedules
  • How to use free script breakdown software to get the job done quicker


What is the script breakdown?

How to break down a script

Common production elements

Formatting a script properly

What is a "Process" element?

From breakdown to budget

More from inside the book

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