Elements of Composition in Photography Art and Film StudioBinder Ebook

The Elements of Composition in Art, Photography & Film (FREE Ebook)

A comprehensive and accessible guide for artists, photographers and cinematographers looking to master the elements of composition.

We'll cover over a dozen elements of composition like lines, shapes, balance, and including various compositional techniques within each. 

Composition in Art

With these elements of composition in your repertoire, your vision be will clearer

Every image tells a story. While writers use words, artists, photographers and cinematographers tell their stories through images. The language used to tell stories through images is composition.

This complete guide walks you through many of the major elements of composition in art, photography, and film as you learn this new language.

You'll Learn:

  • The definition and purpose of composition and framing
  • Various elements of composition and relevant techniques
  • How the combination of these elements can elevate a composition
  • How each of these compositional elements work in art, photo & film


What is Composition?


Focal Points


Lines & Shapes


Textures & Patterns


Space & Depth


What is Composition

Composition explained

The elements of composition are broad categories and considerations artist include when composing an image.

And while studying these elements individually, the real skill in mastering compositional elements is how they are combined for maximum effect.

We'll cover all these elements and some of the relevant techniques artists use within them. Instead of a set of rules, these are more like inspirational guidelines to help you manifest your vision.

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Elements of Composition

Why composition matters in imagery

Finding your own voice and personality as an image maker is a common goal. 

Whether you obey or break the "rules" of composition, knowing what they are and how they work is important. To master your medium, knowing the previously established boundaries and expectations is just the beginning. 

Choosing a subject and a color palette still leaves a number of considerations on the table. It's only when you have a firm grasp of composition and how it works can you fully express yourself. 

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Composition in Art

Compositional elements and techniques

Focal points, lines, shapes, space, balance, color, contrast, and tone are just some of the elements of composition covered in this volume.

Within each of those compositional elements are specific techniques that will aid in your quest for the perfect image. For example, how you divide an image between positive and negative space. Or why certain color combinations work best to create contrast.

No artist, photographer or cinematographer brings these compositional elements and techniques into every piece. But once you've got them internalized, they'll come out in your work automatically.

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