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Also included: a televsion coverage template.

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What's included in this script coverage template?

Our film and television templates are fully customizable to fit all of your story report needs.


  • Separate feature and television coverage sections
  • Comprehensive ratings pages
  • Individual summary and comments pages

Best Practices for Script Coverage

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Learn more about the nuances of script coverage in our companion post A Complete Guide To Script Coverage.

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  • How to format a script coverage template
  • What goes into script coverage?
  • Script Coverage Jobs and Salary
  • Script Coverage services like The Blacklist and Reddit Screenwriting
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Make script coverage easier with StudioBinder

Knowing what kind of script notes to include in a story report can be confusing.

Enter StudioBinder. We make the process of coverage simple. Our easy-to-navigate script coverage template allows readers to write thorough script notes and provide executives the vital information they need to green light a project. 

StudioBinder Film Production Script Breakdown Sheet Template and Online Builder - Desk

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