From feature films to explainer videos, stock video sites are on the rise. Instead of depleting funds to capture a few shots, filmmakers and creative agencies are turning to stock footage sites so they can get back to the fun stuff.

Whether you’re a filmmaker or an agency crafting an explainer video, here’s a list of the top 16 best stock video sites to use for your branded content needs.

Stock Video Sites

1. Pond5

Millions of videos.

With a new video added literally every second, Pond5 is one of the leaders of the stock video industry.

Being used by ABC, NBC, BBC, Pond5’s video library is not only comprehensive, but also easily searchable.

Best Stock Video Sites - Free Stock Videos - Pond5 - StudioBinder

Operating on nearly any budget, you can filter by resolution, FPS, and speciality video like 360 VR. Sites like Pond5 reverse the old reputation ‘stock video footage’ carried.

stock video sites

2. Dissolve

Dissolve’s searchability by ‘theme’ sets them apart from the stock footage world.

With themes like “Handcrafted,” “Symmetry,” and “Gooey, Glassy, Glow”, Dissolve's stock footage allows you to tap into the heart of your branded content to find clips.

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3. Filmsupply

While agencies by and large consume stock video footage the most, Filmsupply makes an appeal to traditional filmmakers.

Best Stock Video Sites - Free Stock Videos - Filmsupply - StudioBinder

Get the royalty free videos you're looking for by using the shot detail filter. Search by framing, camera movement, and camera speed to make your next film pop. If you have a precise shot list, this should be your first stop as you sift through stock video sites.

stock video footage

4. RocketStock

Recently acquired by Shutterstock, RocketStock offer the typical array of video effects and after effects templates that will elevate your premium stock footage.

Their video element packs tailored to their clips makes it easy to put polish on your stock video footage to make it feel within the world of your project.

Best stock video

5. Artgrid

Artgrid is a serious contender in the stock video footage game. They have an annual subscription plan with unlimited downloads.

The fees range between $25 to $50 per month ranging from HD to RAW/LOG clips.

Best Stock Video Websites for Filmmakers - Artgrid

stock video sites

6. Story & Heart

Story & Heart is a different kind of stock video site.  With an emphasis on "story-driven" footage and curation, their mood-based search engine surfaces clips based the feelings you wish to convey.

Best Stock Video Sites - Free Stock Video - Story & Heart - StudioBinder

A lot of the footage on Story & Heart has a more "cinematic" feel.

best stock videos

7. Adobe Stock

Adobe is a leader in industry editing software. They’re also one of the top stock footage sites.

Best Stock Video Sites - Free Stock Video - Adobe Stock

Giving 35 percent of each sale to the stock video producers, you can feel good about your sale. While not exactly stock footage, you should take a look at their wide array 3D assets.

royalty free videos

8. iStock

iStock’s is one of the top stock footage sites. Quality above all, it’s been around the longest of the modern stock video sites.

Best Stock Videos Sites - Free Stock Video - iStock - StudioBinder

Instead of paying per clip, you can buy credits which can be put towards videos as well as their photos.

Its search system isn’t as intuitive as others, but veteran stock footage buyers know how to navigate it for their branded content.

stock video sites

9. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is squarely one of the best stock video sites and arguably the most popular. Pricing is scaled to stock video resolution. Shutterstock has some of the most affordable stock photos and bundle their content for smart pricing. They even offer Shutterstock free footage promotions from time to time.

stock video footage

10. Distill

Popular with creative agencies, Distill has the high quality, royalty free videos you need for your branded content.

Best Stock Video Sites - Free Stock Video - Distill - StudioBinder

By joining their mailing list, you can get 10 free HD stock videos delivered to your inbox every 10 days.

Stock videos

12. Getty Stock Images

Getty Stock Images is featured just about in every current new story you’ll find. They’re great for their coverage of events with celebrities and recent news stories.

In editorial, you can search by Fashion, Entertainment, News, and an archive with coverage of smaller events like graduation ceremonies. If you can't get a celebrity to appear in your branded content, Getty is a first stop stock video site.

best stock video websites


The power of comes through its ZAP request.

Simply input what you’re looking for and they will search the rest of the stock footage sites for exactly what you’re looking for. Having a branded content script handy can make your search even more precise. 

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14. 123RF

123RF makes stock footage a team sport by giving your agency a centralized login so you can create lists, share, and license footage as one company.

They offer monthly and yearly stock video subscriptions, and are particularly great if you’re constantly on the hunt for branded content.

stock video sites

15. VideoBlocks

If you’re bouncing around stock footage sites on the daily, VideoBlocks' subscription-based business may be for you.

Forging the classic model of selling videos individually, VideoBlocks uploads fresh video and audio weekly to keep their stock footage site worth it. If you're churning out branded content weekly, be sure to check out VideoBlock.

free stock video

16. Pexels

Looking for a free stock video library?

Best Stock Video Sites - Free Stock Video - Pexels - StudioBinder

Then Pexels may be your answer. While offering affordable stock photos, Pexel's stock video site provides twenty second or so clips to fill the gaps in your next film or explainer video

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