Stock transitions have been used over and over again and has led to video editors avoiding transitions to avoid making a stale video. However, thanks to the power of the internet and generosity, some creators have put together some extremely unique, creative, and sometimes colorful transitions that can add some life to your edits. From edgy, digital glitch transitions to ink splash transitions to travel video transitions, this list has a transition for you. 

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1. 24 Free Video Transitions - FILM CRUX

FILM CRUX free video transitions

Let’s start this list off with a pack of some fundamental transitions that can be used in a variety of videos. This pack of 24 free transitions from Film Crux contains transitions like blurs, spins, warps, glitches, whip pans and more. 

These are great for travel videos, commercial videos, and even short films. Using the transitions is as easy as downloading the pack, dragging them into your Premiere Pro presets folder, and dragging the transition file onto a transition layer. 

Best video transitions

2. Travel Film Transition Pack 

FREE video transitions for Travel Videos

If you’re looking for transitions specifically for a travel video, look no further than this pack of transitions created by travel filmmaker Austin Newman. In the pack, you’ll find the following transitions: Luma Fade (in & out), Quick Zoom w/ Motion Blur (in & out), Smooth Spin W/ Motion Blur, and Smooth Warp Transition. To see these transitions in action, check out the video above. 

Best video transition effects

3. Textured Transitions for Premiere Pro

15 FREE Premiere Pro Textured Transitions  •  Free for Adobe Premiere Pro 

This pack of textured free video transitions by PremiumBeat is perfect for overcoming the often overused stock transitions of Premiere Pro. The colorful, textured transitions create a unique look that, when matched stylistically to a short film, can elevate an opening or closing credit sequence.

The pack comes with different styles to choose from standard wipes to torn paper to scribbled pencil.  This textured pack of transitions stylistically falls somewhere between witty indie film and light-hearted comedy. 

Transition effects in video editing

4. 16 Free Circle Transitions

Circular free video transitions

The circle transition is a more modern take on the classic radial transition. With 16 different circle transitions to choose from, this pack is a great addition to anyone editing a travel, commercial, or event video. The dynamic circle transitions help create an upbeat edit that is great for any video with quick cuts from shot to shot. 

Simple video transitions

5. Ink Splash Free Video Transitions

Video transitions premiere pro + Free Ink Splashes

Are you confused one what an ink splash transition is? Don’t worry because you’ll know when you see it. The ink splash is a recognizable transition used for character introductions are title sequences. Traditionally, these were rather laborious to accomplish. 

Today, using ink splash transitions is made quick and easy with this transition pack by PremiumBeat. Skip all of the tedious masking and layering in After Effects by using this pack of preshot ink splash transitions.

Cool video transitions

6. 10 Free Freeze Frame Transitions 

Free video transitions for freeze frames

Music videos are commonly created by piecing together various performances from different scenes. If you’re editing a music video and looking for a creative way to transition between these different shots, check out this pack of free video transitions. 

These transitions allow you to carry over a freeze frame of a subject over to another clip with different color and hue changes. Using these frame transitions does require some masking, so check out the video tutorial above if you plan to use them in your project.  

Adobe premiere video transitions

7. Glitch & Distortion Transitions

ERROR  •  Premiere video transitions

This pack of glitch and distortion transitions titled “ERROR” is great for any video editor looking to add a bit of digital edge to their edit. The pack comes with 5 different transitions: Block Distortion, Horizontal Pull, The Shaker, Time Glitch, and Total Chaos. When used with high action videos, these transitions can create an edgy, high energy edit. This makes it perfect for things like sport highlight videos and workout videos.  

Premiere video transitions

8. 20 FREE Smooth Transitions Pack

Free video transitions premiere pro

If edgy transitions isn’t what you are going for then check out this pack of smooth transitions. This pack comes with 20 basic, but smooth transitions like Luma Fades, Smooth Zooms, Lens Distortions, and Smooth Slides. The less stylistic transitions are great for travel videos in transitioning from drone shots to handheld shots. Once you download the pack, check out the video tutorial above on how to import and use them in your edit. 

Video transition effects

9. 18 Free Animated Gritty Textures

FREE Animated Gritty Textures  •  Free Elements for Premiere

Colorful, textured, dynamic. If these words got you excited, this pack of free video transitions is probably what you’ve been looking for. With 18 different styles to choose from, this pack of colorful, textured transitions will add some life to your edit. 

The pack of transitions was literally made by scanning different textured materials in various positions to create the DIY animated look you can see in the video above. Each file lasts about 5 seconds and also comes with still versions. These transitions are an easy way to add quality animation to your video. 

Video transitions premiere pro

10. Action Wipe Transitions

Action Wipe  •  Cool video transitions

Like the Circle Transitions Pack we listed above, this pack of Actin Wipe Transitions is a modern take on the traditional wipe transition. The action wipe transitions are great for transitioning to an establishing shot of a cityscape or landscape. They can also be used on text for an animation like reveal of a word, title, or phrase. Once downloaded, check out the video tutorial above by the creator of the transitions Chung Dha. 

Video transition effects for AE

11. Clean Transitions for After Effects 

Video clip transitions pack for After Effects

This pack of seamless transition is the first on our list of After Effects transitions. The pack includes 100 transitions with sound effects for each. The transitions can even be manipulated in After Effects to play longer or shorter in duration. Once downloaded, check out the video tutorial above on how to use the transitions pack. 

Cool video transitions for download

12. 20 Free After Effects Transitions 

20 Video transition effects

Next on our list is this pack of After Effects transitions by Moysher on Motion Array. The transitions pack requires no plug-ins and can be used at 4K resolution. The transitions are simple and great to used for anyone who is new to After Effects and editing. 

4K Video transition effects

13. Motion Island Transition Pack for AE

25 Free Simple video transitions

Once downloaded, you’ll receive a pack of 25 After Effects transitions for free. Take a look at the video above to check out the 25 different types of transitions you’ll be able to use. All transitions are also 4K resolution for your high-resolution video footage. 

Video transition effects for download

14. Plexus Transitions for Final Cut Pro

Best video transition effects for FCPX

If you’re more of a Final Cut Pro X editor, you’ll love these next few transition packs. This Plexus transition pack includes 16 different PLexus transitions for a dynamic edit. These FCPX templates require no plug-in and are easy to use once downloaded. 

FCPX video editor transitions

15. FCPX Glitch Transitions

Glitch Transitions Final Cut Pro Templates

Looking for something a bit more futuristic or sci-fi-y? You’ll love these FCPX glitch video transition effects. Whether you’re editing a music video, ssi-fi short film, or commercial, these glitch transitions are a great way to spice up your edit. The pack contains 10 different types of glitch transitions that are easy to use in FCPX. 

FCPX video clip transitions

16. Fast Zoom Transitions

Best video transitionsfor dynamic edits

If you’re looking for dynamic free video transitions and a whole lot of them, look no further than this fast zoom transition pack. With a whopping 94 zoom transitions to choose from, it will be difficult not to find the quick zoom transition that will add just what you’re looking for to your edit. They’re great for music videos, commercials and travel videos that are high energy and fast paced. 


Types of Editing Transitions in Film

Transition templates are a great way to save time while adding quality to your edit. But different transitions have different functions. To learn more about the different types of editing transitions in film, check out our next article in which we look at everything from visual to audio transitions. 

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