Color grading is a critical, yet tedious aspect of the Post-Production process. One of the best tools a filmmaker has to save time without compromising great color grading are LUTs. LUTs are used by both professional and amateur filmmakers for both their convenience and their cinematic effects. Many of the best free LUTs are now generously available on the internet. So we did our research and compiled the ultimate list of the best free LUTs that every filmmaker and colorist should add to their repertoire. Whether you are looking for bold, dramatic LUTs are stylized, vintage LUTs, odds are you’ll find it here.


What is a LUT?

LUT (known as Lookup Table), is a term used to describe a predetermined array of numbers that provide a shortcut for a specific computation. In the context of color grading, a LUT transforms color input values (camera) to your desired output values (final footage).

What is a LUT used for?

  • Increase the speed at which you can color grade
  • Set a predetermined look for a specific visual feeling
  • Use as a reference point to develop your unique style

Best free LUTs

1. 8 Filter Grade Cinematic LUTs

This package of cinematic LUTs from Filter Grade comes with 8 .cube LUTs files and a help file for easy use. The free LUT pack comes with some of the best free LUTs online that are geared toward warmer saturation of orange and teal colors. This is perfect if you’re shooting nature and travel videos.

Cinematic LUTs Pack

Cinematic LUTs Pack

As you can see from the sample image above, this free LUT pack can bring out natural colors and saturation in your shot while making it appear more cinematic.

Premiere pro luts            

2. Free Vintage LUT for Premiere Pro

If you’re a fan of highly stylized color grades you’ll probably be a fan of this free LUTs download for Premiere Pro. This free vintage LUT emulates the vintage look of look of vintage Kodachrome film that you see below.

Kodachrome — Premiere pro LUTs

Kodachrome  •  Premiere pro LUTs

As you can see from the sample image above, this free LUT pack can bring out natural colors and saturation in your shot while making it appear more cinematic.

Color grading luts free    

3. 35 LUTs for Color Grading Videos

If you’re looking for a free LUTs package with variety, look no further than Rocket Stock’s color grading LUT pack. Maybe you’re looking to darken your shadows for a dramatic cinematic look, check out “McKinnon 75” or “Pitaya 15” amongst the free LUT filters. 

If you want to recreate a vintage look reminiscent of film stock, check out “Faded 47” or “Tweed 71” in the free LUT files. To get an idea of the other best free LUTs you’ll be adding to your repertoire with this LUT download, give the video below a watch.

35 Best luts free download  •

The 35 free LUTs come as 3D .CUBE files with a help document for easy installation and use. Whether you’re using Premiere Pro CC, FCPX, After Effects CC, or DaVinci Resolve you’ll find it easy to use these free LUT presets and get the color grading you desire.

Color grading luts free download

4. Lutify Me 7 Free LUTs

Lutify Me’s pack of 7 free LUTs is the best free LUTs pack for anyone looking for a cinematic color grade. They make it even easier by providing a suggested suitability based on the conditions of your shot.

For example, the Hilutite teal and orange LUT is great for shots taken with limited and natural light, but not so much for shots taken in a well-lit studio.

Color grading luts free from LutifyMe

Color grading luts free from LutifyMe

The Hiddenite dark and cold LUT are some of the best free LUTs available for interior shots taken with limited light. It creates high contrast images and creamy highlights for a dramatic look.

Hiddenite dark and cold LUT

Hiddenite dark and cold LUT

The free LUT pack includes five more LUTs in addition to those seen above. And the pack also has a variety of LUTs that are all designed specifically for cinematic color grading.

Free cinematic LUTs

5. 8 Movie Look LUTs

This LUT pack from SmallHD has 8 LUTs that emulate specific movies. The LUT names are parodied from the movies they are based off of such as “Saving Private Damon,” “The Matrices,” and “Life-Giving Tree.” Check out all of the movie type LUTs in the video below.

Free luts download + tutorial

This pack is perfect for anyone who has a specific movie color grade in mind. These are some of the best free LUTs because of its wide range so that you can find the color grade you desire.

Best luts free download 

6. IWLTBAP 10 Free LUTs

This free LUT pack of 10 free LUTs is a preview pack for IWLTBAP’s full 99+ LUT package. They are created specifically for cinematic color grading and contain a range of the best free LUTs online that are created for specific genres and moods.

IWLTBAP Free LUT files

IWLTBAP Free LUT files

Once you download the free LUT files, they are compatible with nearly every video editing software imaginable including Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer.

Best free LUTs online

7. Canon Cinestyle to Rec.709 LUT

Last on the list is a specific LUT created for Canon shooters. This free LUT created by Ground Control Color was made specifically for shots taken in Technicolor CInestyle on Canon. What kind of effects and coloring can you expect from this LUT? Check out the video below for a visual example.

Canon 80D with Cinestyle + Free LUTs for final cut pro

As you can see the LUT brings out the saturation of a show without compromising their naturalistic look. Opt for this LUT if you are a Canon shooter looking for a colorful, yet natural look.


How do LUTs Work?

Still wondering how LUTs work and how they can help your video? Check out our next article in which we dive into how LUTs can immediately make a shot look more cinematic while also saving you time. We also dive into the differences between 1D LUTs and 3D LUTs which is critical to know when choosing the right LUT for your project.

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