Utilizing mediums like fog, haze, and smoke in a shot has various benefits. Visually, it can give your scene depth and imbue it with motion as the haze moves across the screen. Tonally, fog and haze can add a layer of mystery that is perfect for horror, thriller, and dramatic stories. But fog and haze machines can be expensive to rent and difficult to get right.

Using fog overlay templates is a great way to introduce artificial fog in a natural way during post-production. In this article, we’ll give you two resources for fog overlay templates for both video and still photography.

Fog overlay freedownload

21 Free Fog Overlay Templates for Video

If you’re looking to add a bit of fog texture or haze to your video footage look no further than the Premium Beat fog overlay template pack. The bundle includes 21 free 4K fog overlays. Adding some of these free fog overlay templates can create a mysterious tone in a scene or add to the atmosphere of a shot. The subtle haze overlay can also add a layer of depth for cinematic effect.

21 FREE Fog Overlay templates

All of these free fog overlays were shot organically with real haze and fog. The result is a natural and realistic looking fog that can be easily added to your video. This is a fantastic resource to use templates in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X.

Free fog overlay Photoshop download

20 Fog Overlay Templates for Photos

Maybe you’re looking to add a fog texture or haze overlay to your still photography. If so, then this next template pack is for you. This fog overlay template package by Pixelbuddah contains 20 high resolution overlays designed for still photos.

The package comes with a variety of free fog overlays for photoshop so you can implement haze and fog as subtle or as prominent as you desire.

Fog Overlay free download samples

Fog Overlay free download samples

A fog effect can have varying applications depending on the photo. When used with nature photography, fog can add an element of atmosphere and freshness. When used with city shots or high contrast photos, fog can have a mysterious and enigmatic effect.

Fog overlay free template bundle

Fog overlay free template bundle

This pack of fog effect overlays can be used in a variety of images from natural landscapes to cityscapes. Applying the template is as easy as dragging your desired overlay over the photo and switching its layer mode to “Screen.” Download this pack of fog overlay templates from Pixelbuddah.

Free fog overlay Photoshop templates

Photoshop Fog Overlays by Brusheezy

For a large variety of fog effect overlays to choose from, check out the library at Brusheezy. The site has pages of different fog overlays to choose from. Even if you’re looking for similar textures like a mist overlay, transparent fog overlay, haze overlay, or smoke overlay Photoshop friendly template, you’ll find it here.

Fog Overlay Template Bundle

Fog Overlay Template Bundle

Most of the pages include free fog overlays for Photoshop that are easy to download and just as easy to use. These free fog and smoke overlays for Photoshop will help add the depth, mystery, or grittiness that you desire in your images.

Free fog overlay templates

Free Fog Texture and Mist Overlay Pack

This free fog overlay pack is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit more realistic texture and depth to their still images. The fog overlay Photoshop pack is free to download with attribution and comes with 8 free fog overlay files.

Fog overlay Photoshop example

Fog overlay Photoshop example

Using the free fog overlay files in Photoshop is an easy process. Once downloaded simply open your photo in Photoshop.

Then go to File > Place Embedded. Here you will choose your desired free fog overlay that you want to apply. If the fog overlay isn’t adjusted to the size of your image, simply resize the overlay and confirm.

Next, in the layers panel, find the blending mode dropdown menu. Here, you’ll select the “Screen” option. You can also adjust the opacity of the fog overlay PNG to be more or less transparent.


The Best Free After Effects Templates

Templates are a great resource because they can both save time and add a level of production value you may not have previously had. In our next article, we dive into the best After Effects templates that are available online for free. From LUTs to animation to lens flares, check them out in the next post.

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