Ep3: Film Blocking

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Ep4: Camera Movement

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Filmmaking Techniques:
Color Theory In Film

How directors and editors work together using color theory in film to accentuate the story.

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How can I accentuate my movie color palette?

In our fifth episode on Filmmaking Techniques and visual storytelling, we look at another critical element to the story: color theory in film. 

If you want to deepen your frame, you can utilize color psychology in film to direct your audience's emotions and desires. 

In this episode, we'll be exploring the ways that directors access a movie color palette and exploit color theory in film to get their message across. We'll dive into specific filmmaking techniques that the masters utilize to get their story's tone and heart across to the audience. 

We break down the 3 factors to guide your film color decisions:




Get ready to bring your color theory in film to the next level. Watch the video to become an expert in color psychology and get your movie color palette ready for your next project. 

What does film color really communicate?


What colors belong in your movie color palette? How can you set the mood of a scene by only tweaking the colors present on the screen? That's where the hue comes in to play. We'll show you the filmmaking techniques behind creating a fantasy world, dystopia, and even how to accentuate the real world so your movie's story pops as it meets the eye. 


How can you get the hues on screen to match the tone and mood you want for the story? Look no further than saturation. We examine the film color theory you can use to manipulate the saturation of a scene, or entire film, to fit any story. What if your movie takes place in the past, or even the distant future? Don't worry, we have the answers.


Having trouble communicating your film's message because the images on the screen are too bright, or even too grim? You're in control of your color psychology. Get your movie color palette right! We'll show you the filmmaking techniques behind handling your story's brightness. You'll be well on your way to a professional, polished look for you next feature.

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A great movie color palette is achievable with  thought and care. Dig into color psychology and master it. 

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Go deeper into color theory in film!

More about film color theory and color psychology!

How to Use Color in Film- Over 50 Examples of Movie Color Palettes-Featured

Ready to become a color theory in film expert? Think you have what it takes to lead the industry in color psychology? Want your movie color palette to be incredible? This post will take you step by step in creating your next project. Let your colors shine! 


  • What your movie color palette says about your story 
  • Challenge color psychology by subverting tropes
  • Utilize film color theory to punctuate cinematography 
How to Use Color in Film - Ebook Preview - StudioBinder - Hero

Are you making a movie or TV show and unsure which color palette makes sense for your project? Check out our free e-book on film color theory to take your visual storytelling to the next level. 


  • How specific colors set the mood
  • Why color psychology matters for character arcs  
  • Go deeper into movie color palettes 

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