Ep3: Film Blocking

Filmmaking Techniques - Film Blocking Tutorial and Techniques - Featured - StudioBinder

Ep4: Camera Movement

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Filmmaking techniques: Blocking for directors

How directors and cinematographers work together to block actors in a scene.

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How directors block actors:

In our third episode on Filmmaking Techniques in visual storytelling, we look at another visual element needed to enhance the story: film blocking

Film blocking is not only about where your actors stand, but it's also about directing your audience's eyes to where you want them to look, and what you want them to feel. 

In this episode, we'll explore the filmmaking techniques that directors employ to plan and execute their film blocking. You want the audience to understand the tension and deeper meaning of each frame. 

We break down the 3 factors to guide your film blocking decisions:




Watch the video to learn the filmmaking techniques that take visual storytellers deeper into the script. Watch as they ask themselves, "How can blocking actors accentuate the story?"

What is your film blocking communicating?


The first filmmaking technique for blocking actors is space. It can be hard to dictate relationships without words. You can say a lot about characters, and their relationship, by placing them near or far. We'll examine how master filmmakers get so much subtext across without saying anything. That's the beauty of film blocking. 


So you know how far apart you want to block your actors, but how do you get the audience to pay attention to specific elements on screen? This filmmaking technique will allow you to point the audience's eyes through placement of the characters throughout the scene. Every camera angle can be focused through squares, circles, and triangles. Trust us, we did the research on film blocking. Shapes matter! 


Learning how to film block is crucial to becoming a master filmmaker. Every director works with actors and actresses to block the way they stand and move in scenes. But the great directors use the filmmaking technique of blocking subjects in nuanced lines to represent the character dynamics in a scene. Mastering these visual techniques will take you to the next level. 

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Read more about film blocking.

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  • Highlighting action over dialogue
  • Camera placement for drama and comedy
  • How to set up the rules of the world
Rules of Composition - How to Show Deeper meaning in a Single Frame - StudioBinder

If you're going to block characters dynamically, you need to know what's in the frame and in focus.


  • Tell a second story in every scene  
  • Lean on your set designers 
  • Move your camera to accentuate the character    

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