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Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and noticed a subtle change in depth of field that revealed some new detail in a scene? That’s a rack focus. 

Today we’re going to go over the rack focus. We’ll cover how to do it, how to use it, and why this camera move should be on your next shot list.

The Best Rack Focus Examples in Film


What is rack focus?

A rack focus is the filmmaking technique of changing the focus of the lens during a continuous shot. The term can refer to small or large changes of focus. If the focus is shallow, then the technique becomes more noticeable. When a shot “racks” it changes the depth of field from one object in the frame to another.


Rack focuses require a "focus puller" to help the cinematographer accomplish this camera movement because it's such an ordeal to turn the focus ring and be precise. 

Rack Focus Shot in Film - Best Camera Movement and Camera Angles - Header - StudioBinder

Basic rack focus definition and example. 

The Rack Focus: Creative Examples of Camera Movements & Angles

1. What’s a focus puller?

Because racking focus is an art-form, on a professional set there’s a job called “focus puller.”

That person works in tandem with the Cinematographer and Camera Operator to pull the focus ring for certain shots.

They “pull focus” from one part of the frame to the other because the DP needs to keep the camera steady, and/or complete the camera move. 

The first AC is in charge of this rack focus example

The rack focus is usually done by the First Assistant Camera and they turn the lens’ focus ring to pre-marked positions on the camera. 

Most importantly, the first AC has lots of responsibility on set, so if you’re shooting a film, it’s extremely important to have a great camera crew that comes prepared.

Racking focus takes lots of patience and practice.

Are you ready to learn focus pulling? 


2. How to rack focus?

Let’s think back to the rack focus definition and plan it out. In order to rack focus, you first have to determine which objects you’ll move between. If your camera has a manual focus, mark on the lens where the focus should be between each shot.

Then do your camera move and slowly pull focus at the same time. 

Focus pulling is an art form. Let your rack focusing shine.

Racking focus is not easy, but it’s a skill anyone can master. Therefore, you better get practicing! The better it looks the more professional the outcome. It can be the calling card for you as a director.

​​​​These guys help take you through the rack focus Definition and How To rack focus. 


3. Why rack focus?

The reason to rack focus is simple; you want to help direct the audience’s attention to something in the scene. Therefore, the rack focus shot can be crucial to pointing out details to the audience.

Focus Pulling tells you where to look.

It could be to someone else in the scene. Or Racking Focus to create tension. You can even change the tone of a scene. The rack focus is a nifty tool that allows you to be completely in control of what the audience takes away from that scene.

Pull focus!

Unlike other camera moves, the rack focus is able to be incredibly specific. It’s almost like directing a spotlight onto a detail.

So, how do you add the rack focus to your next shot list?


4. How to shot list a rack focus shot?

So, you’ve set up a neat scene where you want to rack focus between two crucial objects in a scene? What do you do now? You need to put it in a shot list so your DP can anticipate and prep. Therefore, you may want to get coverage of each shot, in case the rack focus doesn’t work out in the edit.

Add your rack focuses and storyboards to your shot list.

Specific camera movements matter too. Are you going to rack focus while completing a dolly move? Or maybe it’s just a traditional pan-and-rack?  

You want to capture all these crucial details in your shot list. With StudioBinder, these details are already listed as options, so you only need to check their boxes. This allows you to create creative combinations that make your movie come to life.

The Only Shot List Template You Need — with Free Download - Add new shot

Your signature rack focus is only a click away.

Collaboration is fast and efficient. Send your shot list to the DP with the click of a button. The best part? We let you start shot listing for free. This gives you more time to think about the intangibles.

For example, what can you learn from some of the most poignant rack focus examples?  


5. Rack focus examples

The rack focus is super useful because of its ability to quickly show what your characters are going to face in the immediate future.

In this clip from Tron: Legacy, the rack is used to emphasize the danger ahead and the showdown in the arena.

Film Jeopardy: The answer is, “What Is rack focus?”

Casino Royale uses the rack focus in a number of ways. Sometimes its a quick rack shot to tell you a poker hand is a loser. Other times it’s a seamless transition between Bond’s signature martini. It can even help us identify James’ next love interest. 

Focus shot, rack focus shot.

The Host uses this long hallway to rack focus back and forth between the main character and the world he’s trying to inhabit. We follow his eyes and the rack focus lets us know who we should watch as they saunter down the hallway.

It’s a measured, nuanced way to direct us without the labor of cutting back and forth between different camera angles. The rack focus shot helps balance this mood.

This rack focus shot is brilliantly executed.

Jean-Marc Vallee crushes the rack focus in Young Victoria. Check out this video compilation of the rack focus shots in this film.

Directors lean on the rack focus because of how it illuminates information. 

We’re rack focusing all over the place here. 

Rack focus shots are used to highlight the opulence of Victoria’s kingdom. And we’re able to dissect the relationships of who’s who at the table.

We can tell who’s eavesdropping, plotting, and gossiping because we can seamlessly shift perspectives. And one busy person rack focusing all over the place.

Because the rack focus shot is exploited here, we can tell the director has total control over the tension in this story.

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