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Grab Your Free Actor Release Form Template

Before you can exhibit or distribute your film, you'll need to secure actor release forms. Grab your free release forms below.

  • Secure rights to use image and likeness.
  • Standard, professional legal formatting.
  • Customizable areas are conveniently highlighted
  • Includes an actor release form for minors.

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Peak Inside the Actor Release Form Template

All the text you should customize is conveniently left blank or put inside fields for you and the talent.

Film Actor Release Form Template - Pre-Fill the Common Fields - StudioBinder
Film Actor Release Form Template - Fill in Variable Fields - StudioBinder
Film Actor Release Form Template - Talent and Producers Signatures - StudioBinder

Also Includes Actor Release Form for Minors

Minors require guardian signatures and additional information so we included a form for convenience.

Actor Release Form for Minors - Front - StudioBinder
Actor Release Form for Minors - Page 2 - StudioBinder

Learn Best Practices for Securing Actor Release Forms

The Complete Guide to Actor Release Forms - StudioBinder Featured

Learn more about securing the rights to your film with an actor release form in our Complete Guide to Actor Release Forms:

  • Learn about "Image and Likeness," and secure your rights.
  • When an actor release form should be signed
  • Who should sign an actor release form.
  • A section-by-section explanation of the actor release form template, and how it protects you.

Get your free actor release form templates here

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Disclaimer: We love to provide resources and templates to filmmakers. Just please remember, this article should be construed as informational, not legal advice. StudioBinder does not provide or offer legal advice to its readers. StudioBinder, its editors and authors will not be held responsible for any legal issues the reader might encounter based on the subjects found in this post. As always, we recommend you consult a legal expert for advice on release forms and agreements. This disclaimer assigns you, our readers, all responsibility for your own decisions.

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