Free Film Location Release Form Template

Download the Film Location Release Form Template, FREE.

Planning to secure a shooting location for a film project? Download this location release template for peace of mind.

  • Standard, professional legal formatting.
  • Customizable areas are conveniently called out in red.
  • Based on popular location release form by Indy Mogul.
  • Brief enough not to intimidate owners, but specific enough to cover most production needs.

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All the text you should customize is conveniently highlighted in red for quicker turnarounds.

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Learn Best Practices for Securing Film Locations

How to Secure Film Locations with Free Location Release Form Template - StudioBinder - Featured-min

There's more to securing a location than a release form template. Read our post on How to Secure Film Locations:

  • Pro Tips on when you should secure a location release.
  • How to pitch a property owner (with pitch script!)
  • The logistical factors to consider before securing a location.
  • A section-by-section explanation of the location release form template, and how it protects you.


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