FREE Movie Poster Template for Photoshop

Looking for a free movie poster template for photoshop? We've created two versions for you! The first one is ideal for a movie poster with a dark background, and the latter is ideal for light backgrounds.

Movie Poster Template - Dark - with Image
Movie Poster Template - Light - With Image

Made with Adobe Photoshop

The .psd file includes a clean workspace to create a beautiful movie poster efficiently.

Free Movie Poster Template Photoshop Adobe Creative Suite

This movie poster template was designed in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite

Free Movie Poster Template - Adobe Photoshop - Without Mac

A free movie poster template with the essentials

This free movie poster template isn't just easy to adjust text and swap images, but it provides the proper margin space and font sizes that match industry standard movie posters. It's designed in Adobe Photoshop to provide ultimate flexibility and speed.

Movie Poster Template Includes:

  • Standard poster dimensions and  commonly used typfaces
  • Clean workspace to easily adjust text, images, etc.
  • Laurel leaves for awards and honorable mentions

How to Use the Movie Poster Templates

How to Make a Movie Poster - Free Movie Poster Credits Template - Social

Learn more about the nuances of movie poster templates in our companion post How to Make a Movie Poster Credits Template.


  • The history of movie posters
  • Proper billing block hierarchy to fill out in your movie poster template
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