YouTube has over a billion users worldwide. So it’s essential to make a YouTube channel if you want to build a following. 

But with so many video formats out there, it can be a struggle to know which YouTube video idea is best for your brand.

Well struggle no more! We assembled a list of the 150 most creative YouTube video ideas we could find — from channel collaborations to gaming videos. 

So get ready to tour through ideas that will reinvigorate your brand and leave your viewers wanting more.

And make sure to capture the good YouTube ideas as you go!

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1. Do YouTube challenges with friends

Ready to drink a gallon of milk in under an hour? Or maybe ingest an unreasonable amount of food? It might not be the healthiest choice, but there’s a huge audience for it.

2. Play a game

Video games make good youtube challenges with friends. They also make a youtube channel more collaborative. Film yourself playing your favorite game with friends or other channels and highlight your best moments.

Of all the good youtube video ideas, you might have the most fun with this one.

3. Do a channel takeover

Change makes for good youtube video ideas. Ask a channel with a similar audience --or maybe someone completely unfamiliar -- to make a video for your channel.

4. Have a jam session

If you’re musically inclined, find another channel to jam out with. You don’t even have to be in the same place -- just perform your part and synchronize the videos later.

5. Debate a friend or channel

Find a friend, channel (or multiple channels) with opposing viewpoints, and engage in a civil debate.


Youtube Channel Video Ideas Cheatsheet

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6. Go out and about

Make a video to show a “day in the life”... of you. Plan activities with a few friends -- the louder the personalities the better -- and film all the good moments.

7. Cook together

If your brand is related to food, try cooking with another YouTuber. Find a food choice that reflects your brand, or theirs.

8. Solicit audience collaboration

Go big with your collaboration and solicit videos from your whole subscriber base.

9. Volunteer with other channels

Volunteering can make a YouTube channel contribute to a bigger cause. Find some other channels and combine your YouTube powers for the greater good. Attend a volunteer event together and film your journey.

10. Ask your fans for easy youtube video ideas

If finding good YouTube channel ideas has you stumped, turn to your followers. Make a video to ask your fans for help.  Make writer’s block your conflict, and your audience your solution.  

Vlog Videos

11. Make a YouTube channel intro

A good channel intro can make a YouTube channel very welcoming. Show the world who you are and what your channel is all about.

Since first impressions are everything, this ranks among the best first YouTube video ideas.

12. Share your first video blog

Vlogs are among the most popular YouTube video ideas for beginners. It’s a great way to introduce your personality and worldview. This is a great starting point, but consider diversifying your content as you go. 

But don’t brainstorm your first YouTube video ideas too much -- just be yourself.

13. Host a contest

Setting up a contest for your followers to participate in is a great way to engage with them directly. Hosting contests make for fun and easy YouTube video ideas that are very shareable too.

14. Do a lip-sync

Some of the best YouTube channel ideas come from spontaneity. Next time you can’t resist the urge to sing to your favorite song, film yourself. Who knows what will happen? Lip-sync videos rank among the best YouTube video ideas for one person.

15. Share your views on an issue

You can pull good YouTube channel ideas from the things you feel strongly about. It could be as impacting as global warming or as minor as Pop-Tarts. Even if your opinion isn’t fully formed, sometimes it’s valuable to get the conversation started.

16. Honor someone you admire

Whether it’s Albert Einstein or your grandmother, make a video tribute to them.

17. Answer fan questions

Get a lot of repeat questions from viewers? Answer them into your videos. Chances are, other viewers have wondered the same thing while watching your videos.

18. Share what you bought

Ever get asked “whadja get?” after being spotted with an overstuffed shopping bag? Turn your response into a video.

19. Hello, YouTube!

If finding good first YouTube video ideas has you stumped, just intro yourself. People like putting faces to names. So take some time to reveal the guy or gal behind the curtain, even if it’s just for one video.

Self introductions are among the most popular YouTube video ideas for beginners.

20. Show a collection of something

Find YouTube channel ideas in your own closet. Bust out that trunk of WW2 era stamps and show the world what you got!

21. Tour your space

Show off your house to make yourself more familiar with your audience.

22. Routine video

Show off a particular routine you go through regularly. This can be as simple as showing how to remove your makeup at night, or as complex as building die-cast model submarines.

23. Face a fear

Conflict drives any good story. Mine creative YouTube video ideas from the things that scare you most. Then document yourself facing that fear. Detail the resolution and encourage your fans to face their own fears.

24. Post a response

Saw something on YouTube that you liked, or didn’t like? Response posts have bigger visibility than comments, so make your voice heard!

25. Film yourself reacting

Did the new Star Wars trailer have your jaw on the floor? Well, film yourself while watching it. This will let your viewers experience the trailer with you.

26. Give a hometown tour

Whether you’re from or Nome, Alaska or The Bronx, your hometown is a part of you. Show your viewers this all-important side of you. But don’t forget your parka if you’re in Alaska.

27. Post your opinion

You’re entitled to your opinion. And, darn it, sometimes the world needs to hear it. Turn it into a video and spark some conversation about it.

28. Host a phone tour

Your phone says a lot about you. Show your audience what apps you use, your preferred settings, and maybe even that background image of your cat. Maybe wait until that gnarly crack on your screen gets fixed though.

29. Talk about your job

What do you do for a living? Tell the audience why you chose that field and what your day-to-day is like. Or even talk about why you left a job.

30. Product review

Whether it’s a beauty line or home surveillance systems, people constantly turn to YouTube reviews to find the best option. If a product ties into your channel or brand, show the pros and cons in video form.

31. A second opinion

Two is company. If you have an opinion about something, bring in another person for support or as a counterpoint. This is a good opportunity to collaborate with other channels too.

32. Tour your fridge

Food always makes for good YouTube video ideas. Dive into the farthest reaches of your refrigerator to show off what you’ve been snacking on.

33. Make a photo collage

Relate a story or recent experience with pictures. Find a free photo collage maker and import some photos. The challenge is how to sequence them to tell the story.

Best Of Lists

34. Post a top sports list

Your favorite things make for good YouTube video ideas. If you’re into sports, talk about them. Who are your favorite players and teams?

35. Post a top tunes list

Taste is subjective. Favorite songs are a great vlog topic because it’s so hard to describe why we love the songs we love. You can even create a YouTube playlist that you can link to.

36. Post a top albums list

In the age of Spotify, any album is a click away. Sharing your picks with your viewers might invite some good discussion.

37. Post a top games list

Show off the best and brightest in video games with a top list.

38. Post a top films list

Share the best things you’ve seen recently. This can be especially useful during the summer blockbuster and awards seasons.

39. Post a top TV list

Share the best TV shows or episodes you’ve seen this year. Specificity is key here, so you may want to narrow to a particular channel or streaming service.

40. Post a top TV moments list

Still reeling from last night’s "Bachelor" insanity? Break out your favorite moments.

41. Turn an inspiration into a video

Capture some visual inspirations by making a mood board. First, Google search an image associated with your brand or voice. Then capture the ones that strike you. Choose one of them to turn into a video.

42. Make a ranked list

Mine good YouTube video ideas from ranked lists. Entire channels have been built from them. Find a theme that suits your voice or brand, and make a list of the best examples.


Youtube Channel Video Ideas Cheatsheet

This article took 20 hours to write. Twenty. Needless to say, there was a LOT we couldn’t include in the post. Get access to 150+ Youtube Channel & Video Ideas and get more traffic and higher engagement today (includes bonus content not included in the post).


Education Videos

43. Time lapse video

Often, creative YouTube video ideas come from necessity. Use this format to relay a ton of information in a short amount of time. This is especially good for capturing end-to-end processes like drawing something.

44. Show creative ways of recycling

If you’re into sustainability, you probably enjoy repurposing recycled items. So next time you turn a shoebox into a birdfeeder, get it on camera!

45. Post a PSA

Tell people to prevent forest fires, wear helmets while biking, and the like. Or you can also parody the format by talking about something really minor or mundane.

46. Make an advertisement

YouTube’s True View ads aren’t too expensive. Make one for your channel or brand and show off what you do.

47. Offer financial planning advice

If stocks, bonds, and savings are your game, then help your fans amass some wealth.

48. Offer job interview advice

Interviewing for a new position can be a nerve-racking experience. Help your viewers prepare with some of the handy tips you’ve used.

49. Assembly videos

Whether it's Legos, model planes or Ikea bed stands, film yourself putting something together to help out a viewer doing the same.

50. Show how to make easy gifts

It's difficult to be on a budget during the holidays. So show some off the thoughtful but inexpensive gift ideas you know.

51. Share your screen

Share your computer screen while doing something. It could be sketching something in Photoshop, editing a video, or playing Minecraft. Just find a good screencast app and share away.

52. Post a "how it's made" video

One way to find YouTube channel ideas is thinking about how to show what you do. Your fans already like what you do, so show them how you do it. Inquiring minds want to know!

53. Cliffnote a book

Who has time to read anymore? Break down the plot of a book to help your viewers digest it in minutes.

54. Detail a process

Take a concept that’s difficult to explain and break it down piece by piece. People are looking for these all the time. Especially if they’re visually-oriented viewers.

55. Definition videos

Simple definitions can give you good ideas for YouTube videos. Take some time to break down a word or acronym that’s relevant to your industry or brand.

56. Give wedding planning guidance

Are you a wedding whiz? Share some helpful hints to planning a weddings -- from the type of cake to buy to the color the napkins should be.

57. Show how FX work

If you make videos, show how you achieved a particular effect. If you use special animation, make-up, or prop techniques, show them off!

58. Trivia

Trivia provides a trove of ideas for YouTube videos. Find an interesting factoid or two and build your videos around it. Some channels go really in depth on things you didn’t know.

59. Share a secret recipe

People are always trying to find good recipes to try. Take one that you invented and share it with the world.

60. Detail the timeline of a favorite subject

Everything has a history. Diving into the history of your normal subject matter is a fun way to change up your format and add more context for your viewers.

61. Make a philosophy video

Take your viewer down the philosophical rabbit hole of your topic. This is another way to add context to what you explored in your first YouTube video ideas. And remember, there is no spoon!

62. Make a science video

Turn to the natural world for ideas for YouTube videos. If science relates to your product or brand, break out some of its core concepts.

63. Be a video math teacher

If your brand is related to education, it might be good to teach math concepts. Students turn to YouTube for homework help every day. Be their YouTube tutor!

64. Discuss writers and authors

Find good ideas for YouTube videos from the authors in your field. Make a video biography on some who have contributed to the most to a subject. Even if you’ve got a gaming channel, there’s some great written material on that subject.

65. Detail a useful life skill

Critical thinking might come naturally to you. Consider sharing the ins and outs with your viewers.

66. Show a funny skill

Do you know how to roll your tongue? Or maybe you’ve mastered the art of popping and locking? Show how it’s done.

67. Do a current events deep dive

The world moves so fast that it’s hard to keep track of all the news. Many people scan headlines without reading the article. Dive into a topic for your viewers. People need to know!

68. Discuss historical texts (Plato, Homer, etc.)

Turn to great texts for great ideas for YouTube videos. Whether it’s Shakespeare or The Bible, dive into a historical text and feed your viewers’ minds.

69. Author influences

Find a particular piece of media and dissect which authors or books inspired it.

70. Talk about a filmmaker's influences

Art is thievery. If you like to talk about movies, dive into a particular director to see where they got all their great ideas from.

71. Deep dive on movies / TV

Still reeling from last night’s “Game of Thrones”? Go in depth on what happened, and what might be to come.

72. Deep dive on music

Have a song you’re obsessed with? Dive into everything about it: influences, lyric meanings, and even how it was mixed and engineered.

73. Do a short subject documentary

Find a key figure in your field and dissect their life and art. For example, if you’re a comedian, maybe put the sketches aside for one video and discuss one influence and why they were so great.

74. Show how to make a DIY treehouse

Nothing captivates the imagination like a good tree house. If you’ve built one, show it off.

75. Show how to manage time

There’s never enough time in a day, but you can always manage it better. Show your audience your techniques.

76. Detail an animal’s care and feeding

Our pets are our family. Take some time to introduce your adorable pets and their day-to-day care and feeding.

77. Talk about ecosystems and habitats 

Show off that bird’s nest you found in your shrubs. Or the epic multi-tiered palace you constructed for your cat.

78. Explain how a tool works

Who reads instructions anymore anyway? Show how to use tools or software related to your brand.

79. Talk about climates worldwide

Discussing the weather is small talk. Make it bigger by diving into climate and weather patterns.

80. The Mythbuster approach

Is that old wives tale you keep hearing really true? Find out and share.

81. Discuss a country and its history

Take your viewers to another place and time.

82. Tour your desktop computer

If you’re into computers, show off your specs. But maybe dust it off first.

83. Show how you edit your videos

Take your viewers further into your creative process by showing them how you assemble your edit. Show off the software and workflows you use.

84. Show off an obscure trick

Know a handy keyboard shortcuts or two? Show them off.

85. Lingo videos

Every subject has its lingo. Make a video to keep your viewers in the know.

Download your FREE, printable YouTube channel video ideas ebook (PDF) below.

Comedy Videos

86. Funny prank videos

Prank a coworker and film it. After all, it’s hard not to enjoy a good desk trolling.

87. Feature an outtake video

If you make enough videos, chances are you’ve got some good bloopers. Cut them into a video.

88. Make a comedy sketch

Read up on the art of good sketch comedy or just grab some friends and act out a funny scenario.

89. Do a video parody

A good parody video exaggerates another video’s style for comedic effect. Mimic politicians, influencers, products, movie trailers, and anything well known.

Music-Themed Videos

90. Make a music video

You don’t need a hit single to make a music video. Just find a camera and some creativity.

91. Do a freestyle rap

Don’t just stand there, bust a flow. 

92. Start singing

Pick a song and sing it. And you can ask your viewers which one to do.

93. Give a music lesson

If you’re a real-life guitar hero, share your skill with your viewers who might be learning for the first time.

94. Make a karaoke video

Find a karaoke version of your favorite song and sing along. Just keep monetization off the video.

Special Occasions

95. Make a holiday video

Help your viewers spread holiday spirit by sharing a video that you make.

96. Have a channel birthday

Celebrate the day you launched your channel by making a retrospective of your channel’s best moments.

97. Walk through a haunted corn maze

Brave the horrifying world of corn mazes and film your freak-outs.

98. Make a New Year's reflections video

When a new year approaches, make a video to reflect on the past year. Chart the ups, downs and discoveries you made.

99. Do coverage on big events

If you’re into music, it’s The Grammys. If you like making football content, then it’s the Superbowl. Make a video about a big event in your field.

Gaming & Technology

100. Do an indie games spotlight

There are hundreds of games produced independently each year. Find a good one that lacks the attention it deserves.

101. Share in-game footage

Gaming is huge on YouTube. If you think that no one wants to see you playing your favorite game, think again. Remember, there's a ton of directions you can take your gaming YouTube ideas.

102. Cliffnote a game

Show off everything your viewer needs to know about a game in a bite-sized video.

103. Reveal an easter egg

Did you discover an unexpected secret in your favorite game? Share it with the YouTubesphere so others can discover it too.

104. Show off a mod you made

Mods are modified game elements, usually levels, characters and objects. Show off a cool one you made.

105. Do a mechanics break down

Some games are designed with the more advanced player in mind. If this is you, school some n00bs with your skills.

106. Do a video game re-edit

This classic YouTube format re-edits in-game footage into a creative storyline.

107. Tour through a game

Show off the world of your favorite game with yourself as the guide.

108. Do a video game deep dive

There’s plenty of game reviews out there. Go deeper with a video that dissects why the game’s designer made the choices he or she did.

109. Share a cutscene video

Some people are more into cutscenes than they are the games. Post some from your favorite game.

110. Ponder a shelved game

Ever wondered what Star Fox 2 would’ve been like? It’s always fun to entertain what could have been. Find an unreleased game and speculate.

111. Do a developer deep dive

Gaming buffs love talking about developers. Pick one you admire and break down what makes them so great.

112. Edit an in-game comedy sketch

Take scenes from the game and turn them into comedy gold with your own voice track and funny snippets from the game. 

113. Discuss the game's MVP's

If you can’t beat them, talk about them. Scroll through the leaderboards to find the best players and focus on their talents.

114. Detail how to set up a CPU

Games can look different screen-to-screen. Show how you set yours up for maximum enjoyment.

115. Do commentary while playing a game

Sometimes it’s fun just to hang out and watch someone else play a game. Recreate this experience for your viewers.

116. Deep dive into the history of video games

Chart out all the innovations and discoveries in gaming, from Atari to Nintendo Switch.

117. Show your gameplay highlights

Cut together some of your best moments, including trophies, frag counts, or unlocked achievements.

118. Do a timed run-through

This is when you run through a game as quickly as possible. Other gamers can learn from your moves, or suggest shortcuts.

119. Share your first assessment of a game

Lend a fresh perspective to a new game by describing it as you play for the first time.

120. Deep dive into gaming news and events

Talk about what’s up in the world of gaming, including new games, consoles and expansions.

121. Film yourself playing a game

This is a hugely successful format on YouTube. This is just you, playing a game for the world to see.

122. Review a game emulator

Emulators let you play console games on a computer. Talk about the best games (“ROMs” in emulator speak) out there.

123. Do a game side-by-side

Take two similar games and talk about their similarities and differences.

124. Declare your love for a favorite gadget

Bust out those cool AirPods and talk about why you love them so much.

125. Dish on new processor releases

Processors are always getting faster and faster. Talk about the best ones, how they’re used, and how they’re changing the face of tech.

126. Show off your YouTuber tech

Show off the tools of your vlogging trade, including which microphones and cameras you use.

127. Tour new beta releases for operating systems

Big tech companies usually have beta programs you can join to preview new operating systems. Show off the newest ones to keep your viewers in the know.

128. Deep dive on relevant topics in tech

Hot button tech issues like net neutrality and cyber security are very complex. Break down their core concepts for your viewers, step by step.

129. Join in on the tech gossip

There’s a lot of speculation out there in the tech world, about new products and features.  Join in the conversation!

130. Put your computer to the test

Is your computer super-fast? Or maybe it’s been bogged down by updates? Go into detail to help your viewers assess their own machines.  Use a particularly demanding software to put it to the test.

131. Explore technology timelines

Any piece of technology has its history. Odds are it’s much richer than you even knew.

132. Show off your device specs

Got a cool device? Show off the features.

133. Dish on new graphics releases

Better graphics cards mean better gameplay. Talk about the latest and greatest.

134. Tour a new software beta

If you’re a power user of a particular app or website, show off its beta features before the public release.

Download your FREE, printable YouTube channel video ideas ebook (PDF) below.

Health & Wellness

135. Share tips about losing weight

If fitness is your thing, then share some guidelines you use to maintain your weight.

136. Show how to stretch

Stretching is a vital part of any exercise. Show off the ones you use before your routine.

137. Ramp up to a marathon or race

If you’re prepping for a triathlon, 5K or full marathon, cover your daily exercises building up to it.

138. Show wind-down exercises

Don’t just focus on the  work outs! Show the steps you take to re-acclimate after a workout.

139. Show a home workout

No gym? No problem. Show off useful workouts that can be done anywhere.

140. Post a motivation video

After the honeymoon phase of a new exercise schedule winds down, it can be hard to keep going. Post some words of encouragement to help your viewers stick with it.

141. Suggest good energy foods

Share the diet you use to give you the best workout results.

142. Be a YouTube yoga instructor

Get your viewers off their desk chairs and into Warrior One with a handy yoga sequence.

143. Teach proper workout methods

Workouts can be useless if they aren’t done right. Keep your viewers on track with proper guidelines to follow while working out.

144. Host a health & wellness Q&A

Field health and wellness questions from your viewers and give them personalized insight.


145. Do an old video reboot

Reboots aren’t just for Hollywood. Find an old video on your channel and make it better.

146. Dish on celebrity headlines

Are you a TMZ junkie? Recap the latest celebrity Twitter wars, sightings, and news in a news video.

147. Create a TV pilot

A pilot is an introductory episode to a TV series. They’re made to test the waters with audiences. Make one of your channel for a possible series, and see if your viewers like the format.

148. Share a trip to the great outdoors

Share your adventures with camping, hiking, and anything that takes you into wilderness.

149. Perform magic tricks

Have the David Copperfield in your family work his magic. Maybe he can make an item that’s tied to your brand disappear. Just make sure he gives it back.

150. Show off some drone footage

If you have a drone, show off your best captures. Take it through wilderness, urban landcapes, or even a fireworks display.

Download your FREE, printable YouTube channel video ideas ebook (PDF) below.

Wrapping up

Don’t confine yourself to just one style of YouTube video. Get creative with the YouTube video ideas you adopt for your channel. And keep a close eye on what other channels are doing.

Remember, all of these video ideas have been done before. But they haven’t been done by you.

So use our list of video ideas for YouTube to think about what will work best for your voice, and what you can feasibly shoot.

Don’t forget to keep our YouTube Channel Ideas List handy if you ever get stuck in the future! And, as always, let us know in the comments below which ideas you use (or if we missed any).

For further reading, check out how to make your YouTube channel even more watchable with catchy intro and outros.

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