How to Write a Memorable Pilot Script 

The pilot script is the building block for your entire series. People have to read it and be able to see the potential moving forward. So how can you make your pilot script stand out in the crowd? 

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How to Write a Pilot: EPISODE 3

What makes your pilot script great?

The best pilot scripts set incredible expectations for what is to come from a series. But, how can you manage those massive expectations while still putting forth something with great characters and emotional hooks? 

You have to be an incredibly skilled writer to craft a well-written pilot. TV studios buy hundreds of shows a year, but only a handful make it to air, and even less make it past the first season. 

A pilot script is a valuable tool. Not only can you use it to get an agent or manager, but you can also use it as a sample when staffing season comes around.   

So what will make your pilot scripts memorable? 

Here's everything you need:

This happens...but...therefore...this happens.

Sure, that might seem crazy, but every successful tv pilot script follows that format. You need something to happen, the characters to pivot, that pivot causes a reaction, and then they have to deal with it. 

Yeah, it's going to take a lot of work. But we know you're up to the task. There's a lot to do when you're writing a tv pilot script, but you can handle it. Check out our third episode in the series and then get writing! 

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Learn about story outlines and film treatments

Nothing is scarier than staring at the blank page. whether you're sitting down to write a tv pilot script or a feature film, you haveto get the words on the page. It's easier with a plan. That's where the story outline comes in. Check out this article and attain success by planning your next masterpiece.     


  • How to balance story beats in each act
  • Why your script needs to begin with a bang
  • What your set pieces look like on the page

Think about your favorite films and TV shows. Are their stories simple? Complex? Writing is a duanting task, but it doesn't have to be. A Film Treatment frees you up to experiment outside of the script page and get your story solid before you write. If you want some help outside the article, try our FREE FILM TREATMENT TEMPLATE!  


  • Why a treatment is a great marketing tool
  • How all 3 Acts come together
  • Get a FREE Film Treatment Template

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