Indie filmmakers on YouTube hand out their expertise like candy. It’s cheaper than film school, and it’s awesome. But the number of channels that exist can feel daunting. So we’ve sifted through a ton and come up with a list of the best filmmaking YouTube channels by category, to better fit your interest. Let’s dive in.



& Filmmaking Channels

Tips from Indie Filmmakers on YouTube

1. Film Riot

With almost 1.5 million subscribers, Film Riot is the leading resource for filmmakers at any level. The comedic tone combined with invaluable information makes this a go-to.

Visual storytelling by Film Riot

2. StudioBinder

How could we not put StudioBinder on the list? I can’t help but be super proud of our channel because it covers...well...everything. From David Fincher's directing style to a free Filmmaking Techniques masterclass, it’s an impressive filmmaking resource. 

StudioBinder's video essay on Quentin Tarantino  •  Subscribe on YouTube

3. Every Frame a Painting

While this channel saw its end in 2016, it boasts a ton of video essays that demonstrate the importance of a shot to drive the narrative. It’s perfect for directors looking for inspiration or just to boost their creativity.

Hone your craft with this unique, highly informative channel

4. Now You See It

Learn some narrative building tips, and how to tell a better story. The channel has no shortage of fun film analyses from the movies you know and love.  

Now You See It  •  Video essays abound

5. Filmmaker IQ

This filmmaking YouTube channel belongs on the list because of the way it delivers its content. It educates its audience on different film techniques by setting them in the context of film history. It’s a channel devoted to helping filmmakers learn the basics.

Watch how Hollywood creates impossible worlds

6. Indie Film Hustle

Hacking the film industry, one video at a time. The channel delivers on cinematography techniques, camera reviews, and even screenwriting tips.

Get your hustle on and learn it all

7. Cinemark

A channel to keep you in the loop with the actors you love. Interviews take over the channel and it's a great resource to learn acting and filmmaking tips right from the horse’s mouth.

Cinemark's dual focus: informative and entertaining

8. Premium Beat

A royalty-free music website with a YouTube channel that focuses on tutorials from motion graphics, video production, to even editing

Free stock music, editing tips, and more


Video Production channels

Hands on learning and gear review

9. Philip Bloom

One of the “bigger” indie filmmakers on the scene. He has a pretty crazy following, which makes sense considering the quality of his content. He uses his everyday life to video and review what’s around him, which makes for a pretty inspirational channel.

Philip Bloom's combo camera tutorial

10. Peter McKinnon

With almost 6 million subscribers, is he even indie anymore? Either way, it’s no wonder his channel has blown up. He delivers some unique low budget hacks on successful shooting. He also has a ton of knowledge in the post production arena.  

Peter McKinnon's channel is informative and entertaining

11. Indy Mogul

Awesome for the indie filmmakers on YouTube. With over 1200 tutorials devoted to making you a better filmmaker, you’ll have plenty to sift through just from this one channel. 

Watch Indy Mogul

12. Wolfcrow

Great filmmaking YouTube channel for DPs. Cinematography videos from films you love. Learn camera angles and camera movement to become a better cinematographer.

Watch Wolfcrow

13. YCImaging

Ran by Chrystopher Rhodes, who seems to get better with each video, this filmmaking YouTube channel does a great job with its actionable content.

Watch YCImaging YouTube channel

14. DSLRguide

This channel is awesome for any level filmmaker. Its goal is help you become a better filmmaker, plain and simple. Their tips range from how to make your videos look more cinematic, to how to make a music video on a budget.  

Tips, tutorials, and advice from real filmmakers

15. Parker Walbeck

Learn how to shoot better transitions with this indie filmmaker. His channel boasts a ton of insightful videography techniques to rev up your skill set.

Parker Walbeck's YouTube Channel: Transition tutorials and much more

16. Kai W

Kai’s unabashed opinions and professional experience in the field make his channel a leading resource for gear addicts. You’ll discover the latest camera lenses, drones, cameras, and more. 

Kai W's YouTube Channel: Hands on and "how-to's" 

17. DSLR Video Shooter

This channel boasts best gear reviews and provides solid tutorials to level-up your videos. 

Caleb Pike teaches camera techniques

18. Tom Antos

Tom’s channel provides advice for the gear head, and those who want to learn more about cameras, and which kind to use for what. From more advanced videos to novice, this channel is definitely a solid source of information.

Indie filmmaker talking indie setups

19. D4Darious

Indie filmmaker shares tips on cinematography, directing, and sometimes even screenwriting. With over 400k followers, his channel is building fast, and if you watch some of his tutorials, it's no wonder.

Low budget filmmaking tips and advice

20. Aputure

A YouTube channel (and blog) that is dedicated to video and film lighting. The channel boasts some pretty cool content like how to light character intros to aging characters with light. Check it out below. 

Learn lighting with Aputure

21. The Slanted Lens

This is a fun one. Jay P. Morgan teaches lighting, photo and videography techniques with a sense of humor and includes regular gear reviews.

Check out the Slanted Lens

22. Filmmakers Academy

This channel deserves a mention somewhere on this list. Even though they don't have hundreds and thousands of subscribers, the channel has strong content. Their educational videos provide filmmakers at any level with practical craft-oriented knowledge.

Learn filmmaking and get access the Hurlblog

23. Dave Dugdale

A great filmmaking YouTube channel for gear lovers. Dave educates his subscribers on camera gear, while also keeping it interesting and informative for the newbie. Check him out below. 

Dugdale digs in to everything camera related

24. Deity Microphones

This filmmaking YouTube channel is the ultimate go-to for all things audio. Tutorials for setting up mics or any type of audio recorder are well done and provide substantial information for your next project. 

A Deity Microphones tutorial

25. CookieOptics TV

This is great because you learn directly from the best cinematographers. World-renowned DP’s share their experiences through direct interviews. 

Learn cinematic techniques from the pros

26. Potato Jet

Less about tutorials and “how-to’s” with more of a focus on camera reviews. Latest cameras, camera tech, all reviewed to help you make better decisions for your next project. 

Watch this video from Potato Jet

27. Shutterstock

A YouTube channel for filmmakers and all video creatives. From graphic design to lighting sets, this channel gives provides plenty of tutorials to meet your deadlines.

Learn new techniques

28. Grip Tips

A ton of tips and how-to’s on how to light a set.

Join Dave Donaldson and gain basic, invaluable knowledge on gaffer/PA/grip/lighting related topics.

Everything grip

29. Neumann Films

This filmmaking YouTube channel has an awesome cinematic look. And what’s even better is that each video tells us how they achieved that look. There is a focus on frame rates and color grading. And if you’re into gaining real technical knowledge, you can even pay for some of their more in-depth content. 

Incredible tutorials on NF

30. The Film Look

A channel devoted to helping the aspiring filmmaker give their films that “film look,” while consistently providing substantial tips on cinematography while on a budget.

The filmmaker's utility pouch by The Film Look


post production

best channels for video editors

31. Cinecom

A film YouTube channel that encompasses video editing and video production. Premiere Pro and After Effects tutorials for days and a ton of tips on how to get the most out of your gear. 

All the editing tips you'll ever need


This filmmaking YouTube channel (and blog), is a robust resource for all things video and editing. It an incredible resource even for the video professional, a leader in video collaboration and review. 

Learn useful editing techniques with

33. Justin Odisho

Justin Odisho puts out content nearly every single day. He’s wild and we love it. He has some of the best videos exploring Premiere Pro and After Effects, and how to use common transitions that appear in popular videos today.

Justin Odisho's post-pro tutorials set the bar

34. Kaptainkristian

This film YouTube channel provides a ton of video essays on animation, VFX, comics, and filmmaking.

Video essays focus on post, but have something for everyone

35. Sonduck Films

This YouTube channel avoids the fluff. They get right to the point and save you time. They post weekly tutorials on filmmaking, photography, graphic design, and motion graphics. 

Learn mo graphs with Sonduck

36. RocketStock

A filmmaking YouTube channel with After Effects templates for video editors and other filmmakers. 

Tutorials and free templates for your editing needs

37. This Guy Edits

Industry editor who has cut for James Cameron, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, and James Franco.

The channel gives both creative and technical editing techniques

From a working editor's mouth

38. Film Freak (Zach Ramelan)

Some indie filmmakers on YouTube go it alone, but Zach Ramelan’s content is so good, he’s a contributor to multiple blogs. His personal channel is a combination of editing tips, DIY tricks, and more.

Learn some DIY tricks from Zach Ramelan's channel



on craft and inspiration

39. Lessons from the Screenplay

Definitely my top 3 filmmaking YouTube channels out there. Michael Tucker’s video essays, dissecting the scripts from some of your favorite films, is both educational and inspiring. He also launched a podcast and a blog. 

Check out LFTS's video essays

40. Film Courage

Another favorite of mine comes from Karen Worden. This channel provides some pretty inspiring content. Karen interviews professional working writers in the industry and dives into craft but also their experiences as a writer. Insightful and inspirational. I found my current writing instructor through Film Courage. It’s worth a watch.

Find writing classes and tips on Film Courage

41. The Writers Guild Foundation

Keeping you updated on what’s going on in the foundation and in and around Hollywood. Helpful for the working writer and also those trying to eventually gain membership. 

Stay in the loop with the WGA channel

42. The Script Lab

This filmmaking YouTube channel delivers on weekly content from interviews with writers, film educators, and other filmmakers. 

Learn about sequences with The Script Lab

43. Robert McKee

If you’re McKee fan, or have read his popular “Story,” chances are you’re already familiar with this channel. A famous screenwriting lecturer, McKee brings that content to YouTube. 

Learn story from Robert McKee

44. FAST Screenplay

Content driven through a step-by-step screenwriting system from the producer’s perspective. Definitely worth a look. 

Get prompts and tips from FAST Screenplay

45. Selling Your Screenplay

A small channel that’s content primarily consists of interviews. Working writers in the industry give insight into how to sell the screenplay.

Listen to interviews with upcoming screenwriters

New channels and resources seem to emerge everyday, if you have a channel you love, that we missed, add them in the comments below.

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