Filmmaking blogs have made it easier than ever to access high-level film production knowledge (and cheaper too!). But keeping track of which blogs to follow can be overwhelming.
So we’ve curated a list of the best filmmaking blogs by category so you can discover exactly the right blog that fits your interests in two shakes. Let’s jump in.


filmmaking blogs & storytelling

resources for independent filmmakers

1. Film Riot

This one stands out because of its comedic spin. Learn every filmmaking topic under the sun from the hilarious Ryan Connolly. Film Riot's YouTube channel is equally impressive.

2. StudioBinder

We had to put ourselves on the list. StudioBinder has gained some steam over the last year.  

Our articles and video essays provide technical insight into craft, as well as quick tips for aspiring writers and filmmakers. StudioBinder also provides a ton of free filmmaking templates, free masterclasses, and even an all-in-one production management software. Watch the videos on StudioBinder's YouTube channel.

Check out StudioBinder's blog and free masterclasses

3. Filmmaker Magazine

One of the leading resources for independent filmmakers. Posting roughly 8 times per week, Filmmaker Magazine interviews the very best in the industry, and provides a ton of DIY hacks. 

4. Criterion Collection

I lied. This might be my favorite. When you’re craving an interesting read and a break from the technical, their weirdly perfect taste on classic and contemporary films makes this blog a permanent bookmark. 

More on Criterion Collection

5. IndieTalk

IndieTalk is a great resource to connect with others on specific topics you want to learn more about. The site boasts multiple forums on screenwriting, cinematography and more. The forums serve to connect filmmakers, giving and receiving advice for those on a budget. 

6. Fandor

Fandor is a fan favorite, or maybe it’s just mine. Interesting reads on topics you haven’t thought of. Read articles that analyze films you’ve actually seen, or discover ones you haven’t.

7. Film Independent

One of the most reputable sources for anything indie films. Their blog often features tricks and tips for writers, while also giving update on what's next in their world. 

Film Independent

8. Indie Film Hustle

We love Indie Film Hustle for well, it’s hustle. With a handful of posts per week, they provide some of the best hacks for those on a budget, or those just learning to make films.

Indie Film Hustle

9. Raindance

It’s one of England’s largest independent film festivals but also boasts an impressive blog for indie filmmakers looking to make it. With filmmaking articles of how-to-tricks, it’s an incredible resource for any level filmmaker. 

10. Filmmaker IQ

They’re currently going through a website change, but this blog is a great resource for anyone looking to get their hands dirty. Dive into their video essays, and expert blogs when they’re up and running again. I'd recommend following their YouTube channel as well. 

11. Filmmaking Stuff

It’s literally in the name. It’s a bunch of...filmmaking stuff. From screenwriting tips, to producing hacks, it’s a fun blog that’s an easy read. They even have a podcast.

12. Hope for Film

From the world of accomplished film producer, Ted Hope, this is a great resource for filmmakers who desire advice from someone who has actually done it. Hope’s credits include Adventureland and 21 Grams

Ted Hope established Hope for Film

13. Filmmaker

This is a great combo platter. Get advice from filmmaking peers in’s forums, but also read articles with quick tips on filming on a budget. Their site recently is experiencing some issues, but check back periodically for some great content. 

14. Lights Film School

Lights Film School is another online learning space that has a blog titled, “Indie Filmmaking Blog.” Pretty straight forward. This one is great for any stage filmmaker looking to learn more. They also have an online filmmaking program.

Check out Lights Film School

15. Stephen Follows

An analytical approach to studying the film industry. Promoting articles titled, “Is a Delayed Release a Sign That a Movie Will be Bad?” to “What Percentage of Actors will Perform Nude?” this blog is by far, one of the more interesting ones.

16. Reddit: Filmmakers

It’s hard to know where to put Reddit on this list. The types of information you’ll get depends on who you’re talking to. But I do know it’s a great space to share and connect with other filmmakers. A community of those with similar cinematic interests to get advice, or give advice to.

17. Premium Beat

Premium Beat is a great resource for multiple artists. While the site is primarily a royalty free music website, its blog yields a ton of great advice for filmmakers and video creatives. 

Premium Beat tutorials


Your go-to for everything school related.  Film school reviews, application tracking, and you can even connect with other students.

19. Learn About Film

What’s in a name? Tom Barrance teaches filmmaking, making it accessible to everyone. There is a focus on film education for youth, and youth organizations, but any aspiring filmmaker who doesn’t know a ton, could benefit from a skim. 

20. Mentorless

This is a great filmmaking blog because it’s designed with the storyteller in mind, while also strengthening craft. It provides creative inspiration while also giving technical advice.

21. HowtoFilmSchool Blog

Welcome to the classroom. From set etiquette to lighting techniques, this is a solid filmmaking blog because its content is both educational and highly practical.

22. Make Film Teach Film

A resource for indie filmmakers on a budget, while providing access to various screenwriting/filmmaking workshops.

23. Student Filmmakers Website

An educational resource for all level filmmakers. It brings together working professionals, film professors, students, and aspiring filmmakers. They’re fairly ambitious in their output, pushing out about 14 posts per week.

24. Independent Magazine

For over forty years, this magazine has been a stable source of information for activists and filmmakers. 

25. Filmmaker Freedom

This is one of the most unique, well thought-out filmmaking blogs. It doesn't provide any gear reviews, or get into the technicalities of filmmaking, as it does personal filmmaking stories. And It's completely devoted to helping you make films that matter to you. They also provide one-on-one coaching to assist in building your filmmaking career.

26. Startup Filmmaker

This one sets itself apart because it takes a deep dive into topics that matter to the veteran filmmaker, while also being aware of the aspiring filmmaker. It highlights the latest trends in film distribution, it also helps the early filmmaker trying to get distribution for the first time. Founder, Stacey Parks also has a ton of incredible filmmaking courses.

27. Film Crux

An interesting filmmaking blog to take your skills to the next level. From learning more about anime infographics to lighting techniques.

28. Preston Kanak

A behind-the-scenes blog from Preston Kanak, a professional filmmaker in the biz. His industry insight is invaluable and his video tutorials are helpful for any level filmmaker. 

Meet Preston Kanak

29. Film Studies for Free

A filmmaking blog founded in 2008 by Catherine Grant, Professor of Digital Media and Screen Studies Birkbeck, University of London. It’s as if a film studies syllabus was laid out for a semester, and these are the accompanying videos.

30. Jon Reiss

Through his company, HybridCinema, Jon Reiss filmmaker and author of Think Outside the Box Office uses his blog to help other filmmakers achieve success. His blog seems to focus on helping filmmakers and companies engage audiences and learn more about distribution. 

31. Digital FilmMaker Magazine

A guide to helping indie filmmakers make films with a low budget. You can even submit questions to a professional filmmaker. 

32. DIY Filmmaker

A filmmaking blog from Brooklyn-based filmmaker, Sujewa Ekanayake. He makes, distributes and promotes his own movies within the industry, and is just super inspiring. Check him out.

33. DVXuser

Similar to Reddit, in that it’s an entirely free resource for everything filmmaking. It’s an online community for filmmaking with countless forums to discover. Keep in mind, it’s more of a space to connect - if you want well-crafted articles on filmmaking, look elsewhere.


video production blogs & gear

product reviews, tips, and more

1. Philip Bloom

Based in London, Bloom is an award winning filmmaker. His blog is known for discussing articles on camera equipment, and DSLR filmmaking. He also has various workshops/masterclasses.

Philip Bloom: cameras and the human eye

2. Noam Kroll

Noam Kroll’s blog reflects an experienced filmmaker living in Los Angeles. His posts are often deep dives into cinematography, directing, and editing. He’s a great resource for any filmmaker looking to get better or learn the ropes. 

3. Cinema5D

Covers the latest in DSLR tech, and everything cinematography. They provide reviews and community engagement. And they’re pretty prolific with about 10-12 post per week. 

4. Planet5d

Articles and posts focus on nearly every aspect of digital photography and filmmaking. But they’ll also keep you informed about the latest DSLRs, with a more tech focus, educating their audience on the best smartphones. 

Videography tricks and techniques

5. John Brawley

With a long list of credits as a DP, Brawley provides readers with a ton of technical advice, camera reviews, experience, and even lighting setups. He was also one of the earliest users of Blackmagic’s Cinema Cameras, (if you remember those).

6. Vincent Laforet

He doesn’t post as often as some of the other blogs. But they are usually very technical, with insanely valuable information. This one could also fall under best post-production blogs as well.

7. The Hurlblog

Lydia and Shane Hurlbut created the blog to educate and inspire filmmakers. Their years of experience in the industry makes for a reputable and reliable blog. Product knowledge and articles on the latest film technologies make this blog an invaluable resource. 

Rig tutorial

8. Videomaker

Your guide to creating and publishing amazing video content. A video production blog dedicated to educating about every aspect of video. 

9. DSLR Video Shooter

This is a great video filmmaking blog for those looking to master video production. Free camera tutorials, gear reviews, and more. 

Learn new camera setups

10. Cinematography Database

This filmmaking blog is for the DP. It covers critical camera releases and news, and even talks about how to get work as a cinematographer.

11. ProVideo Coalition

A solid video production blog as it covers production and post pro hacks, while consistently giving gear reviews at every level. 

12. Chung Dha

Chung Dha provides a plethora of personal and professional experience. From photography tips to camera reviews and tech tutorials, the blog hosts substantial information and is pretty impressive.

13. Fenchel & Janisch

Grateful for the translation, because this German based, rather young blog, puts out some incredible stuff. From camera and product reviews, to time-lapse tutorials, anyone interested in video production will probably learn something new.

14. Video & Filmmaker Magazine

This is a great resource for independent filmmakers because it provides guidance through the entire video production process. There a ton of articles on how to fund your script, and even tutorials and reviews of some of the best products to capture your intended vision. They’re pretty consistent with about two posts per week. 

Learn lav mic tips

15. Filmmaking Lifestyle

If you want to learn how to start a successful video production company, this might be your blog. Even if you’re not feeling that ambitious, this filmmaking blog goes above and beyond giving tips to just be more business minded. 

16. MobileMovieMaking

This online filmmaking magazine shows you how to shoot video with tablets and smartphones. Get creative and stay well within your budget.

17. MicroFilmmaker Magazine

A resource for low-budget creators with a focus on equipment tips, and an entire section devoted to product reviews.

18. EntreFilmmaker

Career hacks for DSLR filmmakers. The blog provides productivity hacks to make you a better filmmaker. 

Learn a few career hacks

19. Shutterstock

Shutterstock’s blog offers info on topics ranging from photography to animation, to even making corporate videos. It’s a solid video production blog for creators looking for technical tips. 

20. Aputure

Your go-to blog for lighting equipment. They also boast events and “light this location” contests. Their YouTube channel is also great for hands-on lighting tutorials.

Learn lighting with Aputure

21. Wistia

A leading blog for video creatives looking to learn more about the production process from podcast creation to film. Other blog categories include marketing and product updates. 

22. Nino Film Blog

Reviews on gear and softwares for filmmakers. It also provides international workshops and meetups for those interested.


post production blogs

resources for the editor

1. Insider

The ultimate blog for post professionals. Their articles steer clear of theoretical advice and dives into detailed editing best practices. 

2. Johnny Elwyn

With more of a focus on color grading, editing, and tech, Johnny Elwyn’s blog is one of the better post blogs out there. He helps the aspiring filmmaker with plenty of “how-to” posts. 

3. VashiVisuals

This is a blog from a Los Angeles-based editor named Vashi Nedomansky. He’s managed to gain over 11,000 facebook fans, and after visiting the site, it’s no surprise. He deep dives into the art of editing with examples from your favorite films. 

4. RedShark News

This one keeps up with the latest product news and trends, but with a focus on post production.

5. Prolost

Stu Maschwitz’ creation - a filmmaker’s blog focusing on visual effects. While he only posts about once a month, it’s usually highly practical, giving hands on expertise in the VFX sector.

6. The Blast (RocketStock Blog)

The go-to source for anyone interested in motion graphics. This blog specializes in After Effects tutorials  and VFX inspiration. They also offer free motion design assets. 


Screenwriting blogs

resources for the screenwriter

1. John August

From Big Fish to his Scriptnotes podcast, John August’s personal success may be a good enough reason for any aspiring screenwriter to get on board with this one. 

Learn from a seasoned veteran

2. Film Courage

Echoing their inspiring YouTube Channel, Film Courage's blog is another avenue to access. Working writers and other industry professionals give their two cents and insight into how to become a better writer. 

3. Screencraft

Known for its reputable screenwriting contests, Screencraft also has a blog dedicated to making you a better writer. With consistent announcements regarding new contests, take their opportunities to get your stuff out there. 

Learn how some screenwriters broke in

4. Go Into The Story

One of the better screenwriting resources. Scott Myers, a screenwriting professor at the University of North Carolina gives advice and how-to posts to inspire creativity and sharpen craft of the aspiring screenwriter.

5. Lessons from the Screenplay

Okay, so I know this is a YouTube channel, but the amazing Michael Tucker now how has a blog! Am I the only one excited about this? Honestly, I probably would’ve put his YouTube channel on this list regardless.  Michael has consistently given us excellent content, breaking down and analyzing screenplays with such depth and precision your only option is to get better. 


This is a great blog that covers the fundamentals of screenwriting. It comes from the mind of John August, and it's a site where you can ask anything screenwriting related. 

7. The Black List Blog

A filmmaking resource that celebrates the art and craft of screenwriting. Tips and tricks, posting several times per week.


film & tv industry blogs

industry news

1. IndieWire

IndieWire is the perfect meeting ground for filmmakers and fans. It is a well rounded blog that provides info regarding upcoming film festivals and must-see films. But it also includes posts that dive into festival strategy, distribution, and more. 

2. Variety

The big one. A recognizably, credible source of entertainment news, focusing on the motion picture and TV industry.

Variety features biggest names

3. The Wrap

A great place to visit when you want the latest updates on your entertainment and media news.

4. MovieMaker Magazine

Probably one of the most read film magazines. This best-selling independent movie mag engages filmmakers and movie lovers alike. It provides resources for not just those interested in making movies but also those into the business side of things.

5. Women and Hollywood

I love this one. This site has to be one of the more ambitious blogs out there. It covers industry news, interviews with women directors and writers killing it in the industry, and also awesome guest post articles any and everything filmmaking. They even have a podcast. 

6. Film Slate Magazine

Commentary on film, TV, both indie and Hollywood.

7. Cult Critic Film Magazine

Created by industry professionals, focusing on the business and art sides of indie filmmaking. 

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  • Alyssa Maio is a screenwriter from New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles. She works as a copywriter here at StudioBinder.


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