e live in an era dominated by shareable content, and one of the fastest growing platforms for this kind of content? YouTube. That’s why every day countless people want to know how to make a YouTube channel. 

Starting a YouTube channel isn’t that hard, but laying the groundwork for an effective one, that will reach your target audience and cut through all the noise? That’s hard. 

But don’t worry, this post is going to help you on your journey to do just that. We have five easy steps to help you figure out how to make a YouTube channel that will engage your audience, release content regularly, discover it’s own voice, and most importantly get subscribers. 

Let’s get started!

How to Make A YouTube Channel That Stands Out in 5 Simple Steps

1. How to make a YouTube channel

It seems obvious, but the first thing you’re going to need when starting a Youtube Channel is.... drumroll...  an account on YouTube. Let's get this easy stuff out of the way first.

YouTube makes setting up an account easy with this simple walkthrough for how to start a YouTube Content Channel.

It’s simple if you have a Google account and should only take a few minutes.

One of the first things to do once you've created a youtube channel is give it a name. What's in a name? 

Well in this case, quite a bit. Your channel name is your first chance to define what this channel is going to be, and how you're going to connect to your audience. 

It seems like almost everyone and everything has a YouTube page these days. There’s even a channel that lets you watch bears fishing 24/7. Seriously. Bears. Fishing. Truly, there is something for everyone. 

What does this have to do with you and how you make your YouTube channel? 

Well whatever your channel content is going to be, there is someone out there who will be into it. The name you choose is one of the key ways they will find you. 

Seems obvious, sure, but don't miss the chance to make sure your YouTube content is seen by your audience!


This is your first real opportunity to get creative so pick a channel name that POPS!

Personal branding with YouTube content is vital to building an audience. The name should help reflect the kinds of content you’ll be promoting on the site. This is all part of your personal journey and personal story within the website.

You’re the captain now!

So let's say you’re starting a Youtube channel about gaming, you could pick something like “The Re-Spawn Zone.” Maybe you're passion is cooking you’re starting a Youtube channel about how to make some of your favorites. Try a pun like “Egg-celent Hor D'oeuvres.”

Using the title to indicate your intention and passion behind your YouTube content is a critical first step in setting the tone.

How to Make a YouTube Channel - The Top YouTubers

Impress us with your YouTube channel hilarity

Plus, when people subscribe to your channel, they should know EXACTLY what they’re getting. The name of your channel is your promise to them that you’ll deliver. If you want to know how to be a successful YouTuber, a key lesson is delivering on your promise when it comes to content.

Here’s a link to the Top 25 Most Subscribed YouTube channels just to help hammer home the point. And that list can help bring us to the next important step in how to make a youtube channel with your voice. 


2. Create a YouTube channel with your voice

Where does your unique voice fit it? And more important where do you find it?

If you’re making a YouTube channel, then you think there’s an area of the internet that’s missing something.

That means you better have done some research besides “How to be a YouTuber” and “How to make a YouTube channel?” Why?

Because let's face it: the YouTube content competition is fierce. There’s something out therefor everyone... like those fishing bears!

Don’t go deep into developing your “How to Crochet Pigeon Sweaters” channel only to find out someone has the market cornered.

How to Make a YouTube Channel - Crochet Pigeon Sweaters

There is a YouTube Channel for everything.

The other main reason to check out the competition is to see what they’re doing right. Why?

Because it’s important to understand what works for other people and bend it to your will. The same goes for what’s going wrong. If you see a channel you hate, figure out why. What do you hate about it?

Now make sure never to do that. Understand your competition. Find your niche. Or niche within a niche. 

Once you've got a name, and a voice you're ready for step three.

Documentary Filmmaking - How to Make a Documentary - Production Calendar

StudioBinder's production calendar is a tool that can help you schedule all your YouTube content

Every shoot benefits from better planning, so this means you should create a shooting schedule.

Many YouTube Channels aim to release one video a week. As your viewer base grows, you’re going to want to make sure they’re always coming back for more. The launch of your next video should be something your fans expect. The longer you keep them waiting, the less likely it is you’ll hold onto them.

That means shooting a lot in the beginning and having a backlog of videos to release as you go. Always stay ahead of the curve and try to be a few days or even a few weeks in advance.

That way if you have an off-week or something happens you still have content ready to go.

How to Make a YouTube Channel - Casey Neistat YouTuber

What If Your YouTube Channel is about being a YouTuber? Meta.  


4. Where does good YouTube content come from?

So we mentioned coming up with god content, and there is a lot more to that than just deciding to do it.

Beyond continuing to master your craft, you can also put some time into episode concepts. A great way to come up with more awesome video concepts for your channel is to check out our comprehensive post with 150 Youtube ideas.

Maybe some of these ideas will help you generate your own new ideas!

And while we're talking about other YouTube channels and YouTube culture, don't forget this next tip...


Everyone knows a great way to lower your self-esteem is to read the comments section of anything. The phrase “Never Read the Comments” is now part of everyday language.

Even my grandma knows what it means. She also posts the meanest comments.

How to Make a YouTube Channel - Wicked Witch of the East

The Wicked Witch of the Comments

But as you start your own YouTube Channel, it’s important to engage with fans and viewers. So what do you do about that old "never read the comments advice"?

You disregard it! In actuality if you can develop a thick skin, you SHOULD read the comments!

The “comments” section is a place to get instant feedback from the audience. You can also discover trends based on the kinds of content you post. It’s possible people will have more reactions based on one thing than another.

Test your audience and see what they love.

I bet it’s puppies.

How to Make a YouTube Channel - Boo Buddy Dog

Sign me up for any YouTube Creator Channel About Puppies

You’re going to have to navigate past trolls once in a while, but that’s what putting yourself out there is all about. Take Taylor Swift’s advice and “shake it off.”

How to Make a YouTube Channel - Taylor Swift Shake it Off

Taylor Swift has one of the most popular YouTube Influencer Channels.

It’s important to remember that the reason to make a YouTube channel is that you believe in the message. Maintaining a YouTube channel takes time and effort. Can it come together over night? 

No. In fact, it may take years for you to build up the trust and respect it takes to be a vocal member of the YouTube community.    

There may be bumps in the road but crafting the most popular content will take time and thick skin. 

It’s worth the time and effort.


5. Look for YouTube creator partnerships

Congratulations, you made it to step five. By now you nailed the channel title, got on a great production schedule, generated interesting content ideas AND engaged with fans. What's left? 

Create YouTube creator partnerships!

Like we mentioned in the opening, YouTube is full of people trying to gather followers. In fact, billions of people are producing YouTube content at this very moment. How can you partner up with them to get to the same results?

Think of this as your “Unlikely Animal Friends” of the YouTube Channel. Just because you’re not exactly alike doesn’t mean you won’t jive.

How to Make a YouTube Channel - White Tiger

These two would have a popular YouTube Channel.

If you can find a like-minded channel or host, reach out and talk about collaborating on a video together. It could be mutually beneficial.  It's a great way to attract new followers and free promotion for you and them.

The more followers and subscribers, the more views you’ll get. You’ll be able to turn those views into ad revenue, and that’s how to make money on YouTube.

Up next

Now you're ready to build a YouTube channel with your voice, so what's next.

Monetizing it. 

You've likely wondered about how to make money on YouTube, and how much YouTubers make. The quick answer is it varies. But it can be quite a lot. 

Check out our next post on how to make money in YouTube for more on this part of the process. 

We'll see you there!

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