Everyone knows YouTube monetization is difficult. It can take years to build up your followers and to monetize the content you create. The YouTuber salary fluctuates and is never consistent. And then there are YouTube payment hurdles. But if you ever wondered how to make money YouTube, you’re not alone.

So how can you actually earn money with video?

Well, There are three key ways your channel can make you money right now.

Let’s jump in.

Table of Contents

Everything you need to know YouTube monetization.

YouTube's rules for video monetization

YouTube's partner program

Adsense account


Six formats of Youtube Ads

The Yellow $

How much do you get paid per 1000 views?

How much money do Youtubers make?

When does Youtube start paying you?

Find your target audience

Use SEO to attract new views



Paid endorsements

How do I find companies to collaborate with on videos?




YouTube Sponsor button


IndieGoGo & Kickstarter

Final Thoughts


Wrapping Up

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So you want to earn money with YouTube? First things first. There are some rules set up by the website that regulate who can and cannot make money. 

These rules only cover advertising, but they can also affect how many people see your videos and if they click on them.

Let’s take a look at YouTube’s policies.


Rules for YouTube Video Monetization

In January of 2018, YouTube released new rules on which content was available to earn money with videos. These are big changes, so heed the rules before moving on.

Youtube Payment Rules:

  • Your content is advertiser-friendly.

  • You created the content or have permission to use it commercially.

  • You are able to provide documentation proving you own commercial rights to all audio and video.

  • Your content complies with YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube’s Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines.

  • YouTube reserves the right to disable monetization for accounts that do not follow our guidelines.


I get it. Tell me how much money do YouTubers make!


The YouTube Pay Chart you don’t want to be on.

The YouTube Partner Program

I’m ready to start my career in YouTube! I want that YouTuber salary. Well, not so fast.

The Youtube partner program controls and tracks all advertising applicants. So if you want to consistently earn ad revenue from your videos you'll need to join the program.

But there are a few numeric hurdles.

YouTube mandates that your channel must have 4,000 watch hours over the past year and 1,000 subscribers before you can even apply for advertising privileges.


YouTube pay chart: Not the Average Youtuber salary.

But who keeps track of this stuff? 

Get a Google Adsense Account

Technically speaking, you’re not being paid by YouTube directly. You’re being paid by Google Adsense. What happens is that Adsense aggregates your views and then will direct deposit you funds on the 21st of each month.


 YouTube pay chart: Not the Average Youtuber salary.

Okay, got all that? Now let’s get that lucrative YouTuber salary and earn money with video!

Atop the call sheet, certain key crew members may have their phone numbers visible to answer questions and trouble-shoot.

This list can include anyone, but it almost always includes the First Assistant Director (1st AD), Second Assistant Director (2nd AD), and Unit Production Manager (UPM).



YouTube Ads have been created to appeal to the buyer’s target audience. They’re chosen based off your video’s topic, fan demographic, and where they are in the world. 

The biggest question is “Does this brand want to associate itself with me? ”

Hopefully they say, “Yes!”

Now you’re ready to earn money with video via their advertisements.

There are six formats of YouTube Ads

YouTube Ad Format




Display Ads

How-to-Make-Money-on-YouTube-YouTube-Monetization-How-much-do-Youtubers-get-paid-Youtube-Salary-Display Ad Format -4

Appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. For larger players, this ad may appear below the player.


300x250 or 300x60

Overlay Ads

How-to-Make-Money-on-YouTube-YouTube-Monetization-How-much-do-Youtubers-get-paid-Youtube-Salary-Display Ad Format -4

Semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.


468x60 or 728x90 image ads or text

Skippable Video Ads

How-to-Make-Money-on-YouTube-YouTube-Monetization-How-much-do-Youtubers-get-paid-Youtube-Salary-Display Ad Format -4

Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose. Inserted before, during, or after the main video.

Desktop, mobile devices, TV, and game consoles

Plays in video player.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

How-to-Make-Money-on-YouTube-YouTube-Monetization-How-much-do-Youtubers-get-paid-Youtube-Salary-Display Ad Format -4

Non-skippable video ads must be watched before your video can be viewed. These ads can appear before, during, or after the main video.

Desktop and mobile devices

Plays in video player. 15 or 20 seconds in length, depending on regional standards.

Bumper Ads

How-to-Make-Money-on-YouTube-YouTube-Monetization-How-much-do-Youtubers-get-paid-Youtube-Salary-Display Ad Format -4

Non-skippable video ads of up to 6 seconds that must be watched before your video can be viewed.

Desktop and mobile devices

Plays in video player, up to 6 seconds long

Sponsored Cards

How-to-Make-Money-on-YouTube-YouTube-Monetization-How-much-do-Youtubers-get-paid-Youtube-Salary-Display Ad Format -4

Sponsored cards display content that may be relevant to your video, such as products featured in the video.

Viewers will see a teaser for the card for a few seconds. They can also click the icon in the top right corner of the video to browse the cards.

Desktop and mobile devices

Card sizes vary

Even if you’re ready for ads, you need to hold for a beat. You want these ads to actually work for you. They may not if your channel got labeled with the “Yellow $.”

 Your content can affect YouTube money per view.

What’s the “Yellow $?”

The yellow dollar sign is YouTube’s way of letting advertisers know that the content of your videos may not be suitable for all audiences. Think of it as them tagging you as an R-rated movie. It may sound cool, but it limits who wants to work with you.

Bad language can affect YouTube money per view.  

YouTube payment is hard enough. You can reduce the risk of your video’s getting the Yellow Dollar Sign by avoiding the following:

  • Shocking Content: Everyone loves a surprise, but YouTube doesn’t prioritize it.

  • Profanity: This can alienate viewers and advertising. Consider a “bleep” button.

  • Misleading or Explicit Thumbnails: Don’t be clickbait!

  • Controversial: Taking a stance is okay, but try to limit public outcry.

All of these points will make it prohibitive to make that YouTuber salary. Now that we’re through that, and you’ve passed all the tests, it’s time to rake it in.

You think you know how do you make money on YouTube, right?


How much do YouTubers get paid per 1000 views?

The average youtuber salary is between $1.50 and $3 per 1000 views, depending on their audience. Yes, I know that’s not the YouTuber salary you thought, but welcome to the real world. The YouTube pay rate is very low. But look at the numbers as a YouTube pay per view…

The YouTube pay per view is .0015 to .003 cents per view. That's a low number...but it can add up.


YouTube Pay Chart. This is not the average YouTuber salary

When does YouTube start paying you? 

Google Adsense won’t cut you a check for under $100. So make sure you get those views up! It can take time. Keep releasing videos and your YouTube pay rate should steadily rise.


Is Youtube a career?

I’m bad at math. How much MONEY do YouTubers make?

Here’s the bad news: To make around $100, you need to accrue around 50,000 views.  That’s not a great Youtube pay rate. Especially when you consider that YouTube said 99% of all users who monetize with ads only made around $100 in their first year.

That’s not the answer to “How do you make money on YouTube?”

So how can you become part of the 1%? 

Find your target audience.

When you’re creating content for your business you might try to extend your reach to grab everyone. That can be a fatal flaw. Instead, focus in on who you’re creating content for and make sure you service their needs. It will help you, and your brand, stick out.


Want to make money on YouTube? This YouTube pay chart tells you who to target!

Advertisers want to associate themselves with  brands that have specific audiences so they can target that audience with ads. The more you narrow your view, the easier it will be for them to understand why they should invest ad space into your videos.  

That’s when YouTube starts paying you.

But what if your video views plateau and seem like they’re not growing?  

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Use SEO to attract more views.

Chances are, at some point in your YouTube career you’ve felt like you can’t find new customers. You know that’s hurting your ad revenue and you want to fix it. But the problem might not be your videos. It’s probably their titles and tags.

Attracting new views is all in what you put in the title. If you optimize your video titles for search engines then your content will be easier to find.


SEO can boost how much a Youtuber make per view!

Easier to find videos + great content = more subscribers.

Video Monetizing on ad revenue alone is way too daunting of a task. You’re going yo have to think outside the box for other ways to make your YouTube career pay off.

Or maybe, you need to sell what’s inside the box. 

Unboxing videos maximize YouTube money per view.  




It can take a long time to acquire the number of active users and commenters it takes to make any money from advertisements. That can become frustrating. Especially when only a limited amount of YouTube payments come in. But there are other ways to make cash and get your brand awareness out into the world.

Like paid endorsements. 

Paid Endorsements

Paid endorsements for products  like sponsorships or brand deals are lucrative ways to support yourself and your channel.

In a recent Variety documentary, it was revealed that Bella Thorne gets paid up to $65,000 for a brand-endorsed Instagram and anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 for sponsored Stories on both Instagram and Snapchat.

Wait, how much money do YouTubers make?

How much do YouTubers get paid?!?!

Okay, so you’re not Bella Thorne. But think about what your video’s brand is and what companies may want your expertise when it comes to endorsement.

If you have enough viewers, maybe you can charge more. Ideally, you’re building a relationship. As your viewers grow, so should your endorsement paychecks.

How do I find companies to collaborate with on videos?

Reach out to companies and see if they’d be interested in teaming up with you. If they cover the nominal costs of making your videos maybe you can work something out.

See who’s using the same hashtags as you. Skyscrape competitors.

Overwhelmed at who to contact? Use FameBit.

What’s FameBit?

FameBit helps connect creators with advertisers  so they can team up. They use a complex algorithm to track views, demographics, and your channel’s market share.  

SB Avatar Circle

“Powered by data, we built the best in class tools to connect brands with the right creators, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience and inspires action.”  -- FameBit

At the end of the day, the most important lesson with all of this is to be authentic. Consumers and viewers know when you’re phoning it in. Find companies and products you love and it’ll be easy to talk about them to a wide audience. 

Speaking of wide audiences, our third key for YouTube Video Monetization is going straight to the fans to float you for a while.




It can be hard to ask for money, no matter your situation. There’s a fine line to walk with fans. You can’t be desperate but it’s nice to get help. Crowdfunding is an incredible way to make money from the content you produce while simultaneously coming off as a professional and not a novice. 

There are lots of strategies to get your Crowdfunding game up to snuff. You can offer exclusive videos, giveaways, merchandise, and even early glimpses of content to incentivize people to buy.

There are several websites for you to consider when you’re crowdfunding.

The first one is right in front of you; YouTube.

Video Monetization: CHAPTER 4.1
YouTube Sponsor Button

YouTube recently added a button onto the bottom of some videos that reads “SPONSOR.” The button corresponds to a feature they’re calling “Sponsorships.”

The great thing about using the YouTube Sponsor Button is that it’s right there on the video. You don’t have to link away or get people to go to another website.


How do YouTubers make money? Sponsorships. 

The benefit to having the button on your page is that it gives you a high conversion rate for people that have seen the video to people who will throw you a few dollars.

Another perk is that you can make a very cool badge that can attach to your sponsors’ name on YouTube so everything knows they’re a supporter. You can target them in the comments and make sure you reply to them as well.

That’s all great. But what if you want to go off site?


You made the videos. Now you want to earn money for them. Patreon allows you to speak directly to the fans. They pay what they think you’re worth.

How do YouTubers make money? Patreons. 

The best thing about Patreon is that there is no term-limit when it comes to accepting donations. That means people can sign up to donate monthly. You can ALWAYS get new people. That gives you elbow room for word of mouth to grow.

What if you need a big money push now?

There’s an app for that.

IndieGoGo / Kickstarter

Most people think of these websites when it comes to making movies, TV show, or products. But your video content is your product. If you can come up with an energetic campaign and pitch, these sites are a great place to make money.


How do YouTubers make money? Targeted campaigns

The downside with these sites is that you have a limited amount of time to raise a goal amount. On Kickstarter, if you don’t make your goal you lose all the money promised.

These sites should be used sparingly and efficiently. Our advice is only to set them up if you already have a massive amount of regular viewers and followers. 


How do YouTubers make money? Crowdfunding.

But let’s get back to the original question posed in the post.  




Wrapping Up

Our recommendation on how to make money on YouTube is not to focus on one of the keys above, but to try a mixture of the three.

So, do you make money on YouTube? The answer is “yes.” But for most people it’s not as much as they think/want. The important thing is that you hang in there and spread your strategy out over all three of the keys.

Continue to create great content and the money will come.

How to Make Your Youtube Channel Stand Out

So that’s how to make money on YouTube. Now that you know how to monetize your videos, it’s time to get creating. We have a post that covers how to make a YouTube channel that stands out. Seems important if you want to Monetize YouTube videos.

Adding followers will help woo advertisers, sponsors, and product placement in no time at all. We can’t wait to see where it takes you.

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