Casting websites have forever changed the production process.

It used to be that the aspiring actor, with their trusty headshot in tow, would make the rounds to casting offices, not quite sure what to expect.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, actors now have an abundance of online resources to find legitimate casting opportunities.

Here’s a look at some of the best free casting websites out there.

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Top Casting Websites For Actors And Directors - Exit Intent Half Page - StudioBinder

Most Modern Casting Website

1. Backstage

Backstage sits at the top and for good reason. It's the ultimate database for finding your talent quickly and efficiently, packaged as a very intuitive one-stop casting website.

You can filter by age, gender location, and even union status. But it also acts as a kind of casting streamlining tool. You post a job, and immediately get seen by 250,000 actors looking for jobs like yours. Message and manage your talent selections all in the site.

Cast your next project with Backstage

It's also great for actors looking to find jobs. We really can't recommend this all-in-one tool enough. 

"Classic" Casting Solution

2. Actors Access

Actors Access is a casting website built around “The breakdown.”

No, no, not the emotional state after spilling hot coffee on yourself.  A breakdown is a notice that casting offices release to agents containing important information about the production. 

This includes a synopsis, character descriptions, proposed locations and the principal production staff.

Casting Websites-Actors Access-StudioBinder

Actors Access is a premier source for casting breakdowns.

Actors Access is definitely at the top of the list. As it so happens, Actors Access is owned by Breakdown Services Inc, one of the premier breakdown distributors in the industry. 

Because of this, Actors Access is one of the best casting websites for both actors and casting directors.

Actors Access offers every service the actor and casting director could want.

This includes the ability to upload and maintain headshots, resumes, and reels.

And yes, it is free to create an account.

Here’s what it includes:

  • 24/7 access to breakdowns.
  • The ability to upload 2 photos, a resume, and a size card.
  • A Slate Shot, which is a seven-second video clip of an actor introducing themselves.
  • There are no monthly maintenance fees for Actors Access, but keep in mind, any additional profile elements must be purchased.
  • $10 per photo
  • $22 per minute of video
  • $11 per minute of audio
  • $5 for an additional Slate Shot

Actors Access also offers a service called Showfax, which allows members to browse sides for upcoming projects.

One of the things you need to have at your audition is script sides. A script side is very simply a portion of your script. You normally need these for two reasons:

  1. To print out the pages you will record on a specific shoot day.
  2. To print for actors to have a sample scene to perform in an audition.

Creating script sides traditionally used to be a hassle, and would require you to search through your script to find out which scenes have which roles, and then you need to specify which pages you wan to print out — all of this eating up valuable time.

Now, it is much easier to create script sides when casting:

Creating casting sides with StudioBinder

For instance, if we were casting Mia (Emma Stone) in La La Land, we might want to just have actors audition using the coffee shop scenes. Check out our script sides for the Mia/Coffee Shop auditions below:

StudioBinder script sides for actors

As you can see, there are no hanging pages or portions of scenes. Make sure to print and bring those script sides with you to your audition. 

Free Casting Call Website

3. Casting Frontier

When discussing the best free casting websites, one has to mention Casting Frontier.

Casting Websites-Casting Frontier-StudioBinder

Casting websites like Casting Frontier streamlined the distribution of materials.

Casting Frontier is often thought of as one the premier innovators of digital casting tools.  

Now back in the old days of Hollywood, acting auditions were grueling for both the casting directors and the actors.

Casting directors were pulling their hair out trying to ship audition materials across the country.

And the actors themselves were burning through money on high-quality headshots.

Then in 2006, Casting Frontier launched iSession, a digital platform that permitted casting directors to upload audition materials to their clients.

The move was revolutionary and helped to make it one of the most revered casting websites for both actors and casting directors.

With Casting Frontier, members can submit to casting calls for commercials, TV shows, feature films as well as print and digital content.

Here’s what the free account includes

  • 1 headshot
  • An online resume
  • Limited direct casting submissions.

Now, if you want further options, you’ll have to upgrade to a higher membership level. 


$75.99/year (or pay monthly for $12.99/month)

It includes the following:

  • 5 headshots
  • Unlimited headshot changes
  • Unlimited direct casting submissions
  • Link to a website
  • Voice reel
  • Online Resume

$95.99/year (or pay monthly for $17.99/month)
It includes the following:

  • 50 Headshots
  • Unlimited headshot changes
  • Unlimited direct casting submissions
  • Digital video reel
  • Link to a website
  • Voice reel
  • Online Resume

Although the free membership doesn’t include some of the bells and whistles as the premium, it’s still an effective means of getting your materials seen on one of best casting websites in the industry. 

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Top Casting Websites For Actors And Directors - Exit Intent Half Page - StudioBinder

Enterprise Casting Website

4. Casting Networks

Like Casting Frontier, Casting Networks Inc. began as a software company in 2002 with the objective of streamlining the casting process.

Let’s be honest, the communication, paperwork and talent scouting involved in casting is enough to make anyone cower under a table.

Casting Websites-Casting Networks-StudioBinder

Casting Networks offers customizable multimedia profiles.

Casting Networks Inc. sought to change all that and became the first system to put the entire casting process online.

With customizable multimedia profiles and access to new jobs posted daily through their Talent casting portal, this casting website is consistently at the forefront of casting solutions.  

Casting Networks Inc. does offer a free account, but there is a catch.

In order to register for free, you MUST have agency representation.

Without representation, there is a $25 annual fee.

Although not spending money is always preferable, Casting Networks inc. does offer members a lot for $25.

Here’s what the membership includes:

  • A free first photo and unlimited updates to resume and digital size card
  • Profile searchable by Casting Directors and Agents
  • Personalized URL to your online resume 
  • (
  • Access to new Casting Billboard projects daily
  • Access to sides, directories, photographers and acting coaches.

Even if you don’t have an agent, Casting Networks Inc. is definitely a site to consider when outlining your casting goals. 

Casting Website for Theater

5. Playbill

One of the joys of going to the theater, besides the performance, is being handed one of those nifty yellow production pamphlets.

Casting Websites-Playbill website-StudioBinder

Casting Websites like Playbill thoroughly vet and update their postings daily.

Of course, you’re probably aware of Playbill and it’s pamphlets, but the company provides so much more to actors.

This casting website is a free resource with daily updates on jobs and acting auditions.

Although the website doesn’t have a submission portal, most of the listings do provide contact information for the production teams.

Plus, Playbill vets their postings thoroughly, so you know that the job you are applying for is legitimate.

Crewing and Casting Website (In One)

6. Mandy

Of all the best free casting websites out there, Mandy is probably the most known outside the industry.  With over 3,500 daily live job postings, the site is a useful resource for casting opportunities.  

Casting Websites-Mandy Website-StudioBinder provides posts for actors and technicians.

It's also one of the most versatile casting websites in this list. The site caters not only to actors and performers, but production crew, technicians, screenwriters and production vendors as well.

Mandy also hosts a community forum and noticeboard where actors can ask questions and share tips with one another.

Casting Websites NYC

7. NYCastings

If you’re in the New York City area, NYCastings is a free, worthwhile casting website.

Casting Websites-NYC Website-StudioBinder

Some casting websites like NYCasting offer actor advice columns.

Besides offering the ability to search for jobs, post resumes and casting notices, the site also provides an agency directory, industry news and offers acting classes.

There’s also an advice section where contributors address matters including headshots, actor release forms and breaking down a script.

Registration is free, but to take advantage of some of the sites more in-depth services, you’ll have to become a member at $11.95 a month. 

SAG-AFTRA Casting Website

8. iActor

If you’re a SAG-AFTRA member, you can also take advantage of the online casting process. 

Casting Websites-SAG Website-StudioBinder

SAG-AFTRA maintains an enormous database of casting materials. 

SAG-AFTRA provides a service called iActor.

With iActor, SAG-AFTRA makes its approximately 160,000 members available to top casting directors.

It’s no secret that top talent agents and casting directors prefer to use SAG-AFTRA members.

With iActor, industry professionals can easily search through the organization’s immense database of resumes, headshots and other casting media.

iActor tends to be one of the first stops for industry productions, and through SAG-AFTRA membership, individuals gain a significant advantage to non-guild members.  

Because of this, it’s definitely worth your time looking into SAG-AFTRA membership eligibility.

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Download & Compare The Top Casting Sites of 2020

Download a FREE, printable casting websites comparison chart (PDF) by entering your email below, and we'll send it to you!

Top Casting Websites For Actors And Directors - Exit Intent Half Page - StudioBinder

Casting Cautionary Tales

Be cautious with casting websites

As with many things in the entertainment business, one needs to approach free casting call websites with the same caution they would anything else.

First, "free" doesn't necessarily mean 100% free. Many sites do provide premium solutions for a price. In many cases, these offerings are well worth the price tag, but just don't be surprised when you hit a limit of some sort. Like most things, nothing is really ever "free."

Secondly, be mindful that not all free casting websites have a strong vetting process. It’s important for actors to be mindful of where and to whom they are submitting materials.

Here are some casting website warning signs to watch out for:


If you come across a notice that reads, “Earn $500 per day as an extra, no experience required,” chances are the offer is too good to be true.

Promises like these are red flags for casting websites and should be approached with caution.

For example, the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actor's Guild) rate for extras in Los Angeles is $148 per day. And that’s the rate for due-paying members. Non-union jobs often pay much less.

You can find more information about daily acting rates on the SAG-AFTRA website.


As much as you may not want to hear it, legitimate casting websites do not guarantee fame and fortune.

Now, of course, they want to provide all the helpful resources they can, but also know it’s irresponsible to promise something so uncertain.

Whether they’re free or paid, be aware of this when you’re navigating casting websites.  


Yes, legitimate casting websites and agencies will occasionally cast last minute, but often require an actor to submit a headshot and resume in advance of the actual audition.

Be wary of postings that do not follow this procedure.  


Production companies in major markets use established casting agencies to acquire extras for their shows.

These agencies do not advertise on Craigslist, in classified ads, or through someone handing out fliers on a street corner.

If a posting on Craigslist claims to be representing NBC/UNIVERSAL, for instance, it’s probably not something you should pursue. 


For most roles, a specific look is required.

If a free casting website claims a role would be right for anyone, chances are it’s right for no one.

Make sure that any opportunity you pursue has a clear picture of what you would be auditioning for.


If you see a post that reads, “Wonderful casting company hiring in abandoned, haunted warehouse after 11 pm,” then run away!

Casting Websites-Walking Dead-StudiBinder

Legitimate casting agencies will never hide their identity. The Walking Dead (2017)

Major market agencies will never hide their identity, or be available in the wee hours of the night. Or hang out in an abandoned warehouse for that matter.

Vague contact information is usually a good test of whether something is a scam or not.

Ultimately, legitimate casting agencies have legitimate websites.

If you’re uncertain about a casting website, enter their web address into Who Is Hosting This.

By using the service, you’ll be able to see when and by whom the site was created.

If this is a reputable casting agency, you should have no trouble connecting the people on the website to actual people in the industry.

You can also search for complaints about the company through organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

Wrapping up

More casting websites

The convenience of casting websites like Backstage and Actors Access has revolutionized the way actors and casting directors navigate the production world.

Although there are limitations on some of the free-service memberships offered by these sites, they are excellent starting places to familiarize yourself with the casting process.

Joss Whedon once said, “Casting is storytelling.” Without casting the story would not exist. It’s that vital reality that makes casting websites so important to the individual and the arts as a whole.  

But why stop there? Gain insight into the production process by learning how filmmakers direct actors.

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Top Casting Websites For Actors And Directors - Exit Intent Half Page - StudioBinder
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  • Matthew Vasiliauskas is a graduate of Columbia University. His work has appeared in publications such as Conjunctions, Berlin’s Sand Literary Journal, Chicago Literati and The Pennsylvania Review. Matthew currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


  1. Casting Networks and Casting Frontier are two of the biggest rip offs to hit the acting industry in decades. It is well acknowledged that they gouge actors and make it FAR more expensive to maintain profiles that they MUST use because Casting Directors get incentives to use these sites, so practically everything runs through them. An illegal monopoly in many ways, Actors at my agency have been refusing to use it and there hasn’t been much pushback yet. I urge all actors to push back against this gouging.

  2. This – “Keep in mind that not all free casting websites have a strong vetting process. It’s important for actors to be mindful of where and who they are submitting materials to.” – goes both ways.

    Our production wound up casting a registered pedophile. There are others. They’re all OVER the casting sites you mentioned and if you’re not aware how to spot inconsistencies and behavioral cues child talent gets harmed and your production is destroyed. Not to mention bipolar and schizophrenic actors, and male actors who routinely harass female and male talent and crew. Actors risk nothing. Productions are risking everything. Millions of dollars. So stop making talent sound like little vulnerable lambs. They’re not. A substantial number are predators.

  3. Good list but $75 per year is a bit too much considering so many actors are struggling to pay bills. Mandy had become a bit of a joke too since they got bought out by a new company. You have to be a paying member to apply for the castings. Come on. I’ve been using and it’s free but the castings are mostly non-union extras and hardly any lead roles for features or tv. But it’s free so who am i to complain about it.

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  13. Very useful article, and very relevant. At Bubblegum Casting, we are the longest running children’s talent agency in Australia. Our locations are Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. It’s important to recognise the transparency of an agency before applying and make sure you know how to tell who’s legitimate and who isn’t. Wish more people were aware of how to tell the difference!

  14. but most of these aren’t free.. you have to pay to submit to a role or even to create an account.

  15. You can’t say that about all networks, I think there are some good out there. These days a lot of it should be about self-promotion anyway, everyone’s on tiktok, youtube, Instagram etc. There are other ways and means, a few sites allow free casting such as Bleavr and other talent websites. I do think that people need to be a bit wiser to scams though as you point out but equally need to be keeping an up to date profile themselves.

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