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2-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template

This template is simple, but robust. Ideal for highlighting detailed frames with only two boards per page.
Template Includes:

  • Set Plan and General notes for each board
  • Project, Scene, Shot and Page count
  • Camera Angle checkboxes and Lens notes
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 2 Frames
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 3 Frames 2.40

3-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template (most flexible)

Perhaps most flexible layout with an expanded description area, and plenty of bleed space around frames so you have space to add more notes. Comes in 3 aspect ratios.
Template Includes:

  • Project, Shot, and Page count
  • Expanded notes section
  • Includes Aspect Ratios  for 16:9, 1:85:1, and 2:40:1

3-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template (with checkboxes)

Similar to the template above but with added checkboxes for the most common camera angles. 
Template Includes:

  • ​Camera angle checkboxes
  • Project, Shot, and Page count
  • Expanded notes section
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 3 Frames
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 6 Frames

6-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template

Need to squeeze in as much as possible per page? This is shot list template for you. It includes 6 frames per page with a compact notes area.

Template Includes:

  • 6 Frames per page!
  • Custom areas for scene, shot, and size.
  • Compact notes for every frame
Gabriel Hardman

“One of the best storyboard templates I’ve found online.”

Gabriel Hardman, Storyboard Artist for Interstellar and Inception

StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 2 Frames - Landscape

2-Frame Landscape Storyboard Template

Ideal for scenes where you need larger frames to highlight more details or present to clients.

Template Includes:

  • Elegant left-aligned boxes to jot frame specs
  • Huge storyboard frames
  • Tons of space for notes

3-Frame Landscape Storyboard Template

This versatile storyboard template includes the most notes per board. Ideal for complex scenes that need more room for descriptions and elaboration.

Template Includes:

  • 3 Frames per page
  • Checkboxes for Shot Size
  • Huge notes area for every frame
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 3 Frames - Landscape
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 2 Frames - Landscape

3-Frame Landscape with Set Plan

This is comprehensive storyboard template, and a favorite for cinematographers. Comes with a set plan box to sketch overhead schematics for talent and equipment.

Template Includes:

  • Set Plan box for overhead schematics
  • Boxes to specify shot requirements
  • Plenty of note space

6-Frame Landscape Storyboard Template

This shot list template features 6 frames per board and all the essentials. Great for cutting back on paper waste, and maximizing real estate.

Template Includes:

  • 6 Frames per page
  • Compacted specs and notes areas
StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 3 Frames - Landscape

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