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We have two free options for you! Make a storyboard online with StudioBinder's Storyboard Creator, or download a free Photoshop storyboard template pack below.

Free Video Storyboard Template

What is a Photoshop Storyboard?

A photoshop storyboarding template is a graphic layout that sequences illustrations and images with the purpose of visually telling a story that can also be altered in Adobe photoshop. A photoshop storyboard communicates how a scene will play out and is used for movies, television, music videos, and commercials. 

A storyboard template or storyboarding software can make the process of assembling and sharing a storyboard much easier. 

Preview and download 60+ free storyboard templates, ideal for video, film, TV, animation or simply pitching a story. Available for Photoshop, Powerpoint, Word, or as a PDF.

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Photoshop Storyboard Templates

Whether shooting a movie, online video or commercial, a good Photoshop storyboard template will make it easy to communicate your vision with clarity. Need shot inspiration? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots & Angles

StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 2 Frames

2-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template

StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 3 Frames 2.40

3-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template

StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 3 Frames

3-Frame Vertical with Checkboxes

StudioBinder Storyboard Template - 6 Frames

6-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template

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Create a storyboard online

Tired of templates? See how to create a storyboard online without Photoshop.

Photoshop Storyboard Example

With a storyboard creator you can create a professional storyboard in the cloud, collaborate, and share storyboards, like the one below:

Types of Storyboards Supported: 

Photoshop Storyboard • Animation Storyboard  •  Video Storyboard  •  Movie Storyboard  •  Film Storyboard  Powerpoint Storyboard  •  Comic storyboard  •  Commercial Storyboard

"StudioBinder has the best Photoshop storyboard templates I’ve found online."

Gabriel Hardman, Storyboard Artist for Interstellar and Inception


More Storyboarding Resources

There's more to a good Photoshop storyboard than how it's laid out. Explore these essential articles to take your work to the next level.


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