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You might be pretty familiar with the filmmaking process, but there’s a chance you still might be asking yourself, “What is a shooting schedule?” That’s okay. Unless you’re on the production side of things, you may have never encountered this term. 

Today, Brent from Sharegrid is going to answer “what is a shooting schedule,” and go through some helpful tips for when you have to make your own shooting schedule. 

Let’s check it out!  

What is a shooting schedule?

A shooting schedule is a plan that every film, tv show, and commercial follows to make sure the production goes smoothly. It's a simple breakdown of the scenes, talent, time, cast, company moves, and day breaks. 

If a finalized project is buried treasure, this is the map to get you there. 

What is a shooting Schedule

The answer to "What is a shooting schedule?"

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Who uses a shooting schedule?

The Director, Cinematographer, and Assistant Director will collaborate on the shooting schedule. It's important all of them to be in sync. 

They can also help one another with the intangibles of each scene. 

Each person brings their previous experience to the table, and they help define what is a shooting schedule for this project. 

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Happy shooting!

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