What Is a Foley Artist - Featured - StudioBinder

What is a Foley Artist? How They Bring Movies to Life

One of the main reasons I personally love cinema is because it transports me to a world outside of my own. One of the ways it does that best is by manipulating sounds. I don’t know about you, but when I open a door at home, it does not sound like it does in the movies. And my footsteps are not nearly as epic. Foley artists bring the most mundane tasks to life. So, what is a Foley artist and what do they do? (more…)

What is ADR in Film - Featured - StudioBinder

What is ADR in Film? Will it Save or Ruin Your Film?

If you’ve ever been on a set, you know how important it is to stay quiet when the 1st assistant director signals action. Unfortunately, there are some sounds that can’t be controlled. Planes overhead, unexpected cast or crew coughs, or even car horns, all contribute to the need for re-recording sound. So what is ADR in film and are there any other reasons you might want to use it? (more…)

Film Credits Order Hierarchies - with Free Film Credits Template - Feature - StudioBinder

The Ultimate Guide to Film Credits Order Hierarchy (with Free Film Credits Template)

How do you decide film credits order? Do you always have to put the director first? Do you list in order of celebrity? Pull names from a hat? (more…)

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Color Grading vs. Color Correction Process for Video: A Complete Guide

We’ve all seen films with an eerie green or chilly blue tint that drives home the tone of the project. These different atmospheres, and many more, stand as monuments to the film and video coloring process. It takes a good amount of research and practice to control images with advanced precision. What's the difference between color grading vs. color correcting? And what other color processes can filmmakers use to tell their stories? (more…)

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Video Sizes & Formats (FREE Template)

Instagram videos are key to successful branding. But that also comes with its own challenges. Like ... what's the proper Instagram video size? What's the best Instagram video format? What are Instagram video dimensions?In this post, we'll go through each component of the Instagram video format and explain the best practices for the app. That way, you can avoid common pitfalls of video size for Instagram and use the app to its full potential. If you're a videographer, photographer, cinematographer, or designer, this post is crucial. (more…)

Soviet Montage Theory — Definition, Examples and Types of Montage - Feature - Studiobinder (1)

Soviet Montage Theory — Definition, Examples and Types of Montage

Soviet Montage Theory is one of the most technically influential film movements of all time. In this article, we’re going to define what Soviet Montage Theory is, then break down the five different types with examples from Russian cinema history. (more…)

What is VFX - VFX Definition and VFX Meaning Explained - With VFX Examples

What is VFX? Defining the Term and Creating Impossible Worlds

Thanks to movies and television, we’ve all experienced fantastical worlds that could never exist on our Earthly plane. Even if we don’t typically enjoy the fantasy genre, we’ve definitely seen these effects in action — whether in cinema, commercials or even video games. This post explores how to create these worlds using visual effects. So what is VFX? How and why do filmmakers use it? We’ll explore VFX by defining the term with epic examples from some of your favorite films. (more…)

The Best Lower Thirds Templates - Header

The Best Lower Third Templates for Premiere [FREE Download]

U sing lower thirds in Premiere can add crucial context to your videos. But there’s a plethora of creative lower thirds to choose from out there. It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t worry. As with any part of video producing, just focus on what’s right for your project. And keep in mind some tried-and-true principles of creating lower thirds in Premiere to stay on track. Prepare to be inspired by the great examples we found. And, because we’re so darn nice, we also designed a free lower thirds template just for you. So download and get started on ...

How to Add VHS Effect to Video - Featured Image

How to Add VHS Effect to Video — Tutorials & Effect Downloads

When making a movie, whether small or large, it can always be fun to add an additional effect over the shot. You either do this for aesthetic, atmospheric, or plot reasons, all depending on the context you put it in. VHS effects are among the most popular, as can be seen in so many online photographs and phone apps. Today we’re gonna learn how to add VHS effects to video, how VHS video effects can be utilized, and some popular VHS filter options that you can add into your next project. (more…)

Best Green Screen Background Video - Featured Image

Best Green Screen Background Videos — 4K, HD, & Royalty-Free

Whether you want to make YouTube videos or short films, a green screen can take your project to the next ...

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60 Best Movie Songs Of All Time — Top Needle Drops, Ranked

From 2001: A Space Odyssey to pretty much every Edgar Wright film, some of the best films of all time have effectively used needle drops to take their films to the next level. This list runs through the best movie songs of all time, and as you go through the scenes, you will find they all have one thing in common. They all enhance what’s happening in the scene. (more…)

How to Make Green Screen Video - Featured Image

How to Make a Green Screen & DIY Green Screen Hacks

Green screens are often associated with big budget Hollywood movies. Action, sci-fi, and fantasy films rely heavily on massive green ...

What is Music Licensing - Featured Image

What is Music Licensing — Different Types and How to Get One

If you have ever heard a well-known song in a movie, then it (most likely) means that the song was ...

What is Cross Cutting - Featured Image

What is Cross Cutting in Film — Definition and Examples of Parallel Editing

Cross Cutting is a highly effective editing technique that can greatly improve the quality of any film or visual work. ...

How to make a movie Trailer - Movie Trailer Maker - Header - StudioBinder.jpg

How to Make a Movie Trailer that Grabs Attention

Everyone loves a great movie trailer. They help create a buzz about your project. They entertain crowds as stand-alone, short-form tidbits of cinematic excitement. And, if you haven't even made a full film, a well-executed trailer can lead to successful financing. (more…)

Best Sound Editing - Featured - StudioBinder

Best Sound Editing — 10 Oscar-Winning Movies Ranked (2020)

Sound editing is a fundamental building block that adds another layer of intrigue and awe in any film especially your favorite ones. From foley artists recording in a studio, to gathering sounds in the woods (more on this soon), sound editing requires a level of exactness and imagination unrivaled by most artists. Sound is just as much of a world builder as anything else, and luckily, these creative craftsmen (and women) are celebrated. This post ranks the Academy Award winners for Best Sound Editing from the last 10 years. (more…)

Best Sound Mixing - Featured - StudioBinder

Best Sound Mixing — 20 Oscar-Winning Movies Ranked (2020)

For many viewers, Best Sound Mixing is often overlooked by all of the other categories at the Oscars. But it is a highly technical craft that is also incredibly creative. Mixing is the process of matching audio levels of every single sound in order to make the film sound seamless, realistic, and sharp. Sound mixers add their touch to the story. Movies that require a ton of sounds in a single scene, (music, explosions, even unique ways to capture silence), demand a kind of precision and artistry not always appreciated by the typical movie-goer. This post ranks the Academy Award ...

Inception VFX Breakdown - Header - StudioBinder

Inception Special Effects: Explosion Animation in the Paris Cafe Scene

Inception is widely regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time, in large part due to the special effects. Can you build the special effects from Inception scenes with your home setup?In today's post, we’re going to show you how we recreated the VFX explosion animation in the Paris cafe scene from Inception. See how we approach lighting, sound effects, set design, and slow-motion to create a similar visual product for a fraction of the cost. (more…)

What is Post-Production — Featured — StudioBinder

What is Post-Production? A Quick Rundown & Why Trust Matters

There are a ton of professionals involved in Post-Production, and trusting each other probably matters more in 'post' than any other time in the filmmaking process. These are the final steps and they’re the glue that holds the movie together, literally. So, what is Post-Production, who’s involved, and what should you consider before it begins? Let’s take a look. (more…)

What is Raid Storage - Featured - StudioBinder

What is Raid Storage? Options to Safeguard Your Project

Whether you’re new to editing or someone looking into more storage options for your workflow, RAID storage might be a viable option. It may be a little overwhelming at first, with all of the options it offers, but RAID has become one of the more reliable systems that exist for creators alike. So what is raid storage, and why might you consider it? (more…)